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Backup/Observation Camera on the back of trailer; What to get?


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I am wanting to get a rear view Camera.  I know that Oliver sells the Furrion Vision S,  The Furrion seems to be the defacto on RV/trailers.  I have talked with other friends with non-Oliver campers.  So far a common themes are connection issues, large lag of video.   Before I just go out and spend the money on a Furrion I want to make sure it will actually work properly.   What is everyones  experience with their Furrion?

I also saw another camera, Haloview. Has anyone installed a Haloview on their Oliver?  Some of Haloview products have a installation much like the Garmin where the Camera communication antenna is wired to the front of trailer, to shorten the distance and interfering walls to talk with the monitor.  This greatly decreases lag times and stops connection issues/dropped signal.

What other brands has anyone used?  successfully?

I would prefer to not to have to do a hardware from the cab monitor all the way back to the camera. I am also driving an older Ford SuperDuty without the newer camera solutions.


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Early 1999 Ford F250 SD 7.3L Diesel 

2020 Elite II Twin -  Hull # 648

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