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  1. Susan, Sorry, I didn't define what I saw. It was the Honda 2200i. After I posted this I then remember all the power that was turned off during the start of the fires. What ever these stores had are probably gone.
  2. I get surprised at what I can't find. We were given eggs also weekly during the first couple of months of Covad. but I couldn't find a roll of toilet paper, and we make it here locally. We were down to the last 1/2 roll of TP, then I was blessed to find a six pack on the shelf. Right now I am thankful that I still have a house, and it is no longer raining ash and burnt pine needles. I am truly thankful for the rain last Friday and I can breath air that is not smoke filled and dangerous. I think it will be awhile that I complain about the continuous rain in Oregon. Now I can go bac
  3. Susan, It was a couple of months ago, but I believe I saw them on the shelf at Coastal in Eugene. Maybe call all of the Coastal in Oregon. Thanks, Bob
  4. I don't own a Ollie yet, but very, very interested. I would love to come see some Ollies and meet some of you great people. Larkspur, CO (Jellystone) is centrally located, with great major highway access. I have been to the renaissance festival there. Fort Stevens is also a beautiful place, with some great history around it.
  5. Thanks everyone that have replied. I have learned a lot already. I live in Oregon, So I am a long way from the factory in TN. I have yet to see a Oliver around Oregon, but I am sure there are some. I am starting to think Oliver may be the way to go for my Wife and me. I am 4 years from retirement. We started with a tent trailer and then graduated to a 1978 GMC 4108 35' Greyhound bus conversion. We loved the traveling and camping, it almost caused a divorce, I spent several years working on it and not paying attention to the family. Both of us are looking forward to getting back
  6. About a year ago we started looking a trailer trailers. It became obvious that the wood framed trailers are pretty much junk. If I buy something I want it to last many years. This is why I started looking at Airstreams. Air streams are not with out their flaws, but they are not junk. I happened across an add for Oliver a month ago, and the thought that it was interesting. I really like the 23-25 twin beed setup of Airstream and I saw Oliver had a similar setup with the 23ft. I have done a few searches, but have had problems gathering the info. I am sure some thread has already cover
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