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  1. I totally agree. Using the front hitch I can get the Oli within a couple of inches most times on first try.
  2. Plus it doesn't show every finger print.
  3. First of all, I was looking at the file system on my USB drive. I put it back in my Jensen and it started to play and locked up all button. I could not stop it. I have never had the deck lock up before. So I went back to my 2020 Oliver manual for the Jensen manual to see how reset the the deck. I noticed when I found the manual the part number was JWM40. My deck is a JWM41. So I download the manual for the JWM41. Food for Thought, the manuals that Oliver includes may not be the exact model that you have. What I found in the new manual was some info of some filesystem specs. Note these limits mayor may not work on differing models. I was going to contact directly to get the specs on my model, but now I do not have to. Maximum number of file folders: 512 Maximum of file folder levels: 12 Maximum number of MP3 files: 999 Maximum file name characters: 32 Maximum ID3 tag characters: 32 I have setup 2 USB drives. One with less than 999 MP3 files. The other with file names and ID3 tags larger than 32 characters. I am going to test this over the next 8 days of camping. I want to see what type of problems I run into with larger names. The other just to make sure it does not lock up. I am not going to do random on either drive. I just what it to play from beginning to end with it's own sorting pattern.
  4. Topgun, How are you storing the MP3 files. In multiple directory structures, or all files just put on the USB drive without any directory structures? Every stereo (car or home) I have purchased in the last 13 years, told you how many total gigs that you can use, also how many directories/ files the stereo could handle. This seems like the Jensen technology is from around 2010-2013 the way it acts,and they tell you nothing of the parameters for the files systems. I have stereos that could only have 256 files or 512 files in a single directory, but might allow 64 directory structures with a total of 8 or 16 Gigs. The last stereo I bought in 2021 will do what ever a NTFS file system will handle on a SD card. with the limitation of 128gig, I believe. I am not sure, but I think I put around 500 files per directory structure and filled up a 16gb USB drive with a fat32 files system. On the Jensen I do playback in random mode. I'm going out next week for 8 days. I thing I will try to play around with some file parameters and start by stay under 6gb and see what happens.
  5. Topgun, I like the Idea of the small USB drives. Great work around. I will give it a try. It is really weird when the Jensen hits its limit and just makes weird digital noise and is just stuck their. I have a strange thing that happened a couple of times. We always listen to music from the USB. The Oliver has been in the RV port (in storage) and the Jensen has turned on a few times by itself and playing music from the USB.
  6. I saw a Oliver going southbound on I-5 just North of Eugene around 3:15 in the afternoon. The TV was a Van. I didn't see a number on the back. I got so excited seeing a Oliver on the road, that wasn't following me in the rear view mirror. I waved as I passed, but I'm sure the guy thought I was another strange Oregonian
  7. When you get it fixed, please post the results. I think it would of benifit to the community.
  8. For my self, I am not fearful of propane, just have a respect for it. My father was a serviceman for propane installs and service of propane appliance. I grew up with a respect of propane, and being cautious with propane. I'm always making sure line connections are good and lines are in good condition, and try to be cautious with everything I do . I am more worried about the propane lines running under the trailer that they could be nicked by rocks/road debris , or rubbing and wear of the lines in a moving vehicle/TT. I don't like cooking right next to the trailer, because of the grease splatter. That is what picnic tables are for. I also carry a small table to set the grill/stove on if a picnic table is not available. I am just as respectful of the 2 burner propane stove in the camper. With all of the electrical things in the trailer, a leak anywhere could be dangerous. ( always makesure you have good ventilation when cooking inside. When I was is my mid 20's. I came home one night and smelled Natural gas outside of the house (1953 home). I was unable to determine where the leak was at, and I didn't enter the house. I contacted public service from the neighbors, within 20 minutes a technician arrived. About 1.5 hours later they were tearing up the street with large equipment. They had a 20 foot section of the street torn up to replace a section of main line pipe. They then ran a new feed line from the street to the house and meter. It was an older subdivision, and they checked the rest of the subdivision and found no other leaks. We had multiple leaks in the street and across the yard. They started digging at 10PM and finish by 7AM the next morning. I was the talk of the neighborhood that week. Safety first.
  9. John, I am truly sorry the health conditions are forcing the sell of Mouse. You have been a great source of information on this forum. You have imparted and great deal of wisdom and innovations to the Oliver world. To whoever get Mouse, they will get the best maintain Oliver on the market, with a lot of great innovations. I hope you will still stay active on the forums. I think your asking price, is right on. The market is very soft right now with the being flood of stick built trailers, the inflation, and unsure economy, I think people are a little gun shy. You and your wife will be in my prayers.
  10. Strong backs, and untrained minds
  11. I never trust the tire shops. I re-torque the lug nuts after everytime they do tires work. I also recheck pressures. I have had lugs stripped out from over torque. I have lost a custom lug nuts at $18 a piece because they didn't even torque them. Over inflation on my TV and TT tires are the norm. Most times they inflate the cars just fine.
  12. Max Burner, The MicroAir Easy touch RV T'Stat has a very colorful display and seem intuitive. Hope it functions great.
  13. I did mention a Camp Chef Ranger 2 burner. This one is from Cabela's https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/camp-chef-ranger-ii-2-burner-stove . This model has the regulator in the hose line. I removed the regulator and hose and put on a quick disconnect male fitting, so I could run a quick disconnect hose from the Oliver quick disconnect directly to the grill. We use Cast iron skillets for all of our cooking inside and out. The link you had above goes to a Camp Chef Rainer 2burner. This model uses the bottles and it is high pressure and will NOT work with the Oliver quick disconnects low pressure fittings. Some people do carrier an extra propane bottle, or hook directly into one of the Oliver tanks. Then you can use a high pressure propane line directly to the stove.
  14. We use a Weber Q1200 (it runs hot), and a Camp Chef Ranger 2 burner. Both without regulators. I had a old aluminum stand for the old 2 burner Coleman camp stove, that I made a pine butcher block top that sits on the stand. It can hold the Weber or Camp Chef stove.
  15. Congrats and wishing you many happy years of traveling/camping
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