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Voyager Back-Up Monitor


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While on our last trip this Fall, our Voyager monitor stopped working. We had a new vehicle battery installed and I think the monitor may have been plugged into the 12V outlet when this battery change occurred, but I am not certain of that. I do know the last time it worked was prior to the battery change and the first time it wasn't working was after the battery change. The battery change may have had an impact on the monitor malfunction. I checked, and replaced, the fuse in the 12V power cord but that did not solve the problem.


I don't know where to get service but I would think there is somewhere I could send the monitor and the power cord for repair service or replacement. I have looked on the internet and found nothing about repairing these units. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks!



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Yep, the fuse is in the male part of the plug that inserts into the 12V female socket of the tow vehicle. The monitor seems not to be getting any power. The unit will not turn on. The problem may be with the cord for all I know.

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I emailed the manufacturer and they called me back today. They informed me that our Voyager wireless back up camera system (I use it as a rear view mirror when driving) is no longer in production. They can still be purchased in the marketplace but that won't be for much longer.


At any rate, I will be shipping my receiver/monitor back to the manufacturer (you might want to put this in your contact list if you have a Voyager back up camera system, as installed by Oliver):


ASA Electronics

2602 Marina Drive

Elkhart, IN 46514

(800) 688-3135

Extention 528 for technical support ( I spoke to Ron)

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Hi Doug,

Is your Voyager system called the Wireless Observation System? Did the manufacturer say why they were stopping production? Jam49


Yes, that is the system we all have, as far as I know.


They are discontinuing the wireless system due to insufficient demand. The demand is for the wired system in motor homes rather than the wireless system for travel trailers or fifth wheels. It is unusual for travel trailers and fifth wheels to have these systems, but common for motor homes.

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