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  1. Did YOU cause Ollie to shine so beautifully? If so, what did you use? Thanks.
  2. Hi Sherry, Steve, and Pete. Good to hear from members of the"Original 47." Time flew by and now both granddaughters have graduated from high school. They wanted to go camping before they leave for college. Such wonderful memories camping with the grandkids and Revilo. I am most fortunate to "still" camp in the driveway. Everytime I go outside to leave in my truck to go wherever I am going, I pass by Revilo. I am always going inside and enjoying sitting there. It brings me such joy to pretend to be camping, and dreaming of the next opportunity to take Revilo out for a
  3. Hi Steve. This is Jam49 - original and still owner of hull #44 - my beloved Revilo. Going camping with granddaughters at Palmetto State Park in Texas next week.
  4. Hi SnowlakeMike. I am not an electrician under any circumstance! Several years ago my seven pin connector was not working properly and I was afraid to pull Revilo to an RV dealer to get it fixed with lights not working properly. I asked many questions and then bought a new plug. I took pictures and carefully noted how it was hooked up. So far so good. I disconnected the faulty plug and installed the new plug according to my notes. Again, so far so good. Until I tested the turn lights, etc. Hmmmmm. And the lights worked. But the right turn light turned on the left turn
  5. I will see if I can find the WD40 garage door lube at the Home Depot close by. Thanks for the info.
  6. I can only share the description from a Camping World ad for its Cyclone 360. A breeze rotates the vent to follow the wind which creates a vortex that pulls up odors up and out so the odors don't enter the rv. (Paraphrased). Mine is not a Cyclone 360 but it works on the same principle. I can only say that I am very happy that I installed the metal vent. The plastic works equally as well according to the reviews I have read but I preferred the metal over plastic. The vent totally pulls the smell out of the rv. I love that the smell is gone but the noise it makes as it turns in th
  7. John, I read with great interest about the rv composting toilet wondering if I should update Revilo with one. I have a stand alone composting toilet that I used on a piece of property that had no electricity or running water. When I have time, I love to read about the different topics even if it doesn't apply to me currently. There are so many wonderful educational topics and comments on this forum. I did start a new mod topic concerning the vent. Thanks for all the information that is shared here.
  8. Quote #71371 in Composting Toilet post from Don concerning the slight smell to give proper credit.
  9. "...the slight odor associated with the regular RV toilet have been the only things I’ve struggled with as an Oliver owner." To rid Revilo of the light toilet smell, I had a METAL Venturi air vent installed. I love this mod because the air is always circulating and removing the odor. I have had it installed for a number of years and recently had all vents on the roof resealed to keep up with general maintenance. It makes a slight noise as it is turning but I haven’t figured out what minor fix to make to keep it quiet while sleeping or just enjoying being inside. Has anybody else i
  10. the slight odor associated with the regular RV toilet have been the only things I’ve struggled with as an Oliver owner. I am not sure whether to post a reply to the "slight odor" here or post in mods. Please move to New topic, mods, or leave it here - whatever is appropriate. To rid Revilo of the light toilet smell, I had a METAL Venturi air vent installed. I love this mod because the air is always circulating and removing the odor. I have had it installed for a number of years and recently had all vents resealed as a keeping up with maintenance. It makes a slight noise as it is tur
  11. Version #2251 which most closely resembles the standard key lock version 3. It only has one keyhole on the bottom right of the lock. Good to hear from you too.
  12. Hi Sherry. I have the standard white rv lock with remote key fob that I installed myself but had a little trouble finetuning the fit. ( A mechanic I am not) This was in December, 2010. About this same time, I looked for somebody with fiberglass rv experience to install the silver bubble insulation inside the cabinets of Revilo. (One of the best decisions I have made to insulate the cabinets above.) Anyway, back to the topic of discussion. I did find an individual who could install the insulation and fix the lock so that it would open and close with ease. He did an excellent
  13. Hello to everybody. Sure miss everybody that I have been so fortunate to meet in person and also to those who I have met online. It is still my opinion that RV people are some of the nicest people in the world! I am so glad the Oliver forum is still active. Best wishes to everybody. Jam49
  14. Hi Paul, You caused me to be curious about the type of windows that are in the Olivers. I found a sticker still on the outside that said HEHR. I searched on the internet and it came up rv windows. Hope this helps. Jam49
  15. Comment deleted. Will search again through posts. Such wonderful info shared here.
  16. jam49


    As I got out to inspect the damage, I glanced at the thermometer in my truck and it was showing around 105 degrees. I wonder what the pavement temperature measured. The roadside assistance person said it might have been the heat that caused the blowout because he had been on other calls to change tires that had no other obvious reason for the blowout. I don't recall but there may have been discussion earlier on the forum about heat, tires, and blowouts. I had called the factory about a month ago with some questions I had. Others I have talked to said that my trailer has the heavy duty a
  17. I aired up my truck tires then Revilo's tires and away I went. I purposefully waited until around six o'oclock in the evening because it was so hot. I am so thankful I heeded the advice of others on this forum to keep my speed around 55 mph when pulling my trailer because I heard an extremely loud bang, the truck jerked to the right, and I could see Revilo go down! The shredded tire knocked and ruined the metal vent by the right tire. I truly believe that the only reason I didn't loose control and turn over was the safer speed I was driving. I called USAA for roadside assistance. After a so
  18. Hi Steve, I looked up this system on the internet since I also have this. If you haven't already looked, I found this website: rvguage.com (Garnet manufacturer in Canada ) downloads 709 shop manual which has a troubleshooting section. Wonder how a person gets to the wiring???? Let us know what you find out. Jam49
  19. Anybody know who owns Our Olive by the Sea with Maine license plates? It was spotted by another fiberglass travel trailer (brand unknown) on Mother's day going north on rt 128 but the person didn't say what state.
  20. Ok then. Inquiring minds want to know if that was yall going away from Austin on IH 35 driving a Honda Ridgeline pulling an Oliver on Thursday as Karen and Tom were going to Austin???? If it wasn't yall who is this mysterious Oliver owner?? This is just too much fun communicating online with the different Oliver owners and then actually meeting them in person! I guess yall heard the bad news about the wildfires in west Texas at Ft. Davis and other areas in west Texas. Hopefully, Texas will get rain yesterday because it is so dry here. Glad yall made it home safe.
  21. 8We are traveling east bound through Texas today, when east of Austin we spot an Oliver going west. That got me thinking about the chances of seeing one, much less two. The best I can come up with is this. With 8.2 million RV owners and approximately 60 Olivers, your chances of seeing one is about 1 in 137,000. By they way, whose Oliver has the big gold graphics? Mystery solved! It was Dave and Helen on their way to west Texas. Helen said Dave flashed his lights but didn't know if you saw the lights. They did see you and wondered who that was. How much fun it would have bee
  22. I remember seeing an Oliver with gold stripes I think at Hillapalooza or maybe Bluebonnet Casita rally but the Oliver owners that were at the rallies were all from Texas. I know that there are 5 Oliver owners scattered around Texas.
  23. When I finally get around to getting the rain guards I definitely will use the screws so they won't come flying off the windows! Thanks Steve.
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