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shower hose

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Is it possible to get a longer outside shower hose? Or to get an Extension to the outside shower hose? Any suggestions on whether to get such a thing? Any suggestions on WHERE to get such a thing? 


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That is interesting. I don't see any obvious way to join them together but I do see that you can buy one up to 79" in length and replace the one currently in there. Has anyone ever done that? Are there any problems snaking back in to the oliver for storage or does it somehow hang up? 


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Yes, I bought a longer one like linked above and a holder that uses a suction cup to attach to the hull. You have to remove the existing hose and attach the new hose to the back of the valve panel in the basement. Had to use some Teflon tape because the threads were not a good match.

This thread has a photo of the connection and other useful information.

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Jerry & Kathy

2019 LEII Standard #539 + 2019 Tundra Limited 4X4

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