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Protecting seat lip from wear spots

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We usually leave our rear dinette set up as a bed. Last summer, while tearing everything apart to clean, I noticed some wear on the lip of the bench seats where the tabletop rests, forming the base of the bed. The edges of the tabletop were wearing a little groove into some parts of the lip.


In hopes of eliminating this wear, I applied some strips from Walmart sold as tub and shower safety treads. They come in a pack of eight or so, and are thin, flexible ribbed plastic strips with an adhesive back. I found that by cutting the strips in half on the longitude, they were the perfect size to fit the lip of the bench. One pack was more than enough.


I have used the same safety treads to line the lip of the seats where the melamine coated lids fit in the benches to keep the lids from shifting around and chipping the gel coat. These have worked quite well, too. Same technique, cutting the strips in half the long way with a scissors.


They look like this: http://www.slipxsolutions.com/product/4 ... ty_Treads/ They're a few dollars a pack in the bath section of most Walmarts. I'm sure other big box stores have a similar item.


Thought others might find this inexpensive solution useful.



2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12


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