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Care of the Termination Valve Handles

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I've noticed that the termination valve handles are getting hard to pull out when I empty the tanks. I'm not sure what I can use on them to make them slide easier. Does anyone have any suggestions? Hope everyone is having a great holiday and I especially enjoy reading the recent amazon.com comments!



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Hi Pam and Allen, Merry Christmas...


I found that the valve handle in the shower area that cuts off the drain got harder and harder to pull out/push in. I simply took my handy-dandy can of Water Displacement liquid - Formula # 40 ** and squirted some around where the shaft enters the casing and let it sit for a while. I moved the handle in and out a couple of times and squirted it again. After repeating this procedure a few times the thing slides pretty well now. I need to do this to the ones outside but it's one of those round tuits that I haven't gotten to yet.


Hope this helps...


** (WD-40)

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:D Merry Christmas !!

We also use WD 40. Also on grey and black water handles. And almost anything else you can think of!!! Their website (google it) has thousands of uses. :o

Sorry ya'll gonna' miss our wedding, hope to meet allenpamela and see Steve n Tali in the coming New Year 8-)

Chuck n Geri n Scotty n Doogie Bowser

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Just wanted to mention that the valves on our Oliver were rather difficult to opporate at first. I then noticed they had the cables zip tied to the side and I removed the zip tie allowing the cable to go where it naturally wanted to. After that the valves operated much more freely.

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I don't recall exactly where each of the three valve cables where tied off too, but if you look in the access area under the dinette seat near the bath and the one on the driver side rear, you may see them tied to some fixed object. The cables are black. The ties appear to force the cable into too sharp of a turn, which made it difficult to operate the valves. Release the ties allow for the widest possible turn of the cable.

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