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Here is my plumbing question.

We own an Oliver Elite II (Hull #222, 2017), opting for the Nature’s Head composting toilet. We are glad we did for many reasons. 

However, since we sometimes find that our stay in some locations (when not boondocking in a place with city water and shore power but no sewer) is limited by the capacity of our graywater tank, we wonder how practical it might be to replumb the system to divert some of the gray water into the blackwater tank, thus increasing our capacity to hold it. 

Has anyone done this kind of replumbing or had it done? What might it involve? If it is feasible, I would not attempt this task on my own but ask an RV repair tech to take it on. 

Onward through the Fog!

EarthPicks of Cochise County


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I'd do a search on the forum.  This question gets asked four or five times a year, with the same answers.  I do believe that one person has done a bit of a grey tank mod with a pump.  I ripped mine out and use the space for storage.

Personally, I think especially if you're paying someone else to do it, the cost/value just isn't going to be there.  

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