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Kitchen counter top extensions?


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I'm a cook, but dang its hard in a small RV. My current rig, a little Airstream Interstate was modified by the previous owners to have an extra TWO feet of counter space, which is a really big deal in an RV, and it makes all the difference. Overall the Ollies feel much more spacious (I just got to see my first Elite II in person a couple days ago, beautiful) but the lack of counter space is a real concern. You cooks out there, what do you do for extra space? anyone put in a drop down counter over the galley side twin bed for example? or do you just make do with the kitchen table? (meh, kinda low)




Oliver looky-loo for the time being...

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Yes indeed -


And you might also take a look as some of what Foy Sperring offers, since he can do extended versions of the microwave and pantry countertops, as well as a larger dinette table -


Finally, a Lagun table will give you a great deal of extra space, and can be raised to counter height.  The top shown here is difficult/impossible to find anymore, but I understand that Foy may be able to make something similar for you -


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Both of those mods look more difficult than they really are.  I think a novice could do them both with a little patience and care, plus the right tools.

But please ask Oliver to make them for you.  One day, they'll get tired of telling people no.

If you're really going to do some cooking, then you'll want that sink, too.  That one is definitely in the advanced category though.

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