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Rally Information - Help Wanted


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Can someone help me find the right place to look for Rally info?

I'm missing something -- I see pinned posts (out of date) about cancellations for past rallies, and I see new posts talking about future rallies, but I can't seem to find the actual RALLY page or posts where one can register, learn about details, etc. 

When I go to the Oliver Home page and look at Events, it reads (also out of date) like this:

"Attending Rallies Have Been Temporarily Canceled.  Due to the concerns with COVID-19, we have not planned to attend any events or rallies.  We hope to add events and rallies at some point 2021."  

I do see the survey for votes about a possible boondocking rally in Colorado.

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I see that there are different links on the Oliver Home Page -- I was looking at Upcoming Events (sorely out of date info about cancellations for 2020 Covid) and didn't realize there is another page that shows the Rally info.


Oliver Elite II Twin (delivered 3/28/2022)   Tow Vehicle: Chevy Silverado 2500HD diesel "Estrella"






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9 hours ago, Boudicca908 said:


As you probably already know - the dates for the 2022 Oliver Owner's Rally have been set, campsites can be reserved and you can pay your rally fee ($100).  But little information is available yet with regards to meetings, dinners, seminars, etc.  Of course I'm sure that these things are still being arranged and one can safely assume that the 2022 rally will be similar to the previous Owner's Rallies where activities were scheduled that cover most of the major items one might expect - boondocking, Oliver maintenance, mods, travel, etc.  There are usually at least two dinners - opening night and closing night and possibly other events of this nature with at least one night being "open" for you to have dinner or a campfire or whatever on our own.  Breakfasts have ranged from continental type to something a bit more elaborate with owners bringing "stuff" but coffee and tea are almost always available.  Participants have also been given t-shirts, hats, mugs and the like.  In my opinion - you do get your monies worth and if anything, the rallies that we've had in the past have actually had too many things to do causing me to be tired at the end.  The location and facilities are first rate (kind of like Oliver).

Certainly, I look forward to seeing old friends again and to meeting many new ones this year.


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Hey Boudicca908,

This was my very frustration over 7 years ago, leaving me to take on a rally map. I'm trying to provide all the publicly posted events for fiberglass travel trailers.

If individuals want to start an event, but keep information exclusive to certain social media accounts, I can't support them.

I only promote public events. 



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