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  1. Thank you so much! I'm always learning useful information here, so I appreciate the questions and the immense knowledge shared by other owners. :)
  2. Is it possible to amend the title of this post to reflect what is being discussed?
  3. Has anyone tried making a Google Map (to share) with all of these 3rd party Service facilities tagged on it? Might be useful in a pinch, on the road...
  4. Can you pin this to the topic (top or bottom)? I totally missed your explanation before my last comment.
  5. This sums up my thoughts pretty well. I just showed my Oliver, for the first time (and it was prior to receiving that new notice that I thought was maybe a scam). I'm not interested in another credit card, either; it's too much hassle. I'm not showing it to gain anything personally, anyway, but I'll say this -- the whole conversation here about liability as a private owner vs as a paid professional really makes me take a step back. Entirely not worth it. One other thought, though -- Oliver might also be getting some kind of negative feedback/pressure by their own insurers about this program, and that might be what prompted the changes.
  6. I'm interested if -- in the 5 years since this original post -- you've located anything in the state of Florida, and especially the southwest section. It's a really long haul to Hohenwald. Thanks!
  7. I was afraid that the season was slipping from me. I'm determined to get out there but will likely be doing more boon-docking than I initially hoped.
  8. I would be interested in this topic! I'm a licensed HAM operator, not currently active (equipment updates needed.)
  9. I didn't realize that they would be able to see posts. Thank you. Happy New Year everyone!
  10. Greetings All -- On Friday I had the pleasure of showing off my beautiful Oliver to some prospective buyers, who were sent my way by the Oliver team. I highly recommended that they join the Forum to learn more about the options and systems and to meet the community. They really seem to love the Oliver. They have a camper van and have decided to switch gears. Now I see that new registrations are blocked for a while, to deal with Spam and Bot issue. That's all understandable -- but there's no way to ask on that thread (now closed): Is there any estimate of time before new registrations will be allowed? I'd like to let them know. And shame on me for not being online lately. I've been absent for a while! I'm still in recovery mode from Hurricane Ian, and spending a lot of time helping clients and friends who are severely impacted. Thankfully I had moderate damage to my abode, and my Oliver escaped without any damage at all. Merry Christmas to All!
  11. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & a healthy Happy New Year! May All enjoy Happy Trails in 2023!
  12. My Oliver is/was new but -- I have USAA and they actually work with Progressive for Travel Trailers so I'd follow that advice. USAA rocks. After Hurricane Ian (I'm in the hardest hit area of southwest Florida) I was evacuated by a friend to Jacksonville. USAA worked with me on the phone, and I had my settlement (for a TOTALED new truck) in hand before 3 weeks passed, and was able to replace my truck in Jacksonville. My Oliver had NO damage, because it was stored in a new facility north of me, under cover.
  13. I was also warned not to draw antifreeze into the on-demand waterheater.... and that involves the same valve settings.
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