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  1. Thanks to Oliver for the reward -- mine was well spent. I think I have $11 left on it, and I'll use it this week.
  2. When you say "detector" are you referring to the CO/Propane Alarm? Or to a Gas Detector (a measuring tool that you brought, doesn't come with the Oliver)? Like this: https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Detector-Portable-Combustible-Explosive/dp/B07FSVCSSL Greasing the Zerks was an easy job, thanks to Jason's excellent video referenced above. The only thing I would add that really helped me out is one of those small mirrors on a stick that you can use to see better at the zerks that are sandwiched. You'll know what I mean once you get to the job. I found one of those mirrors for $1 at the "discount" basket at a feed n seed store last summer.
  3. Where would we see the details of this? Just in case I'm cruising by....
  4. My Oliver suffers the same mysterious yellowing only around the rear window. I'm going to have to read through this thread several times to begin to understand some of the issues discussed. Thanks to all contributors.
  5. I visited the park in 2018, but was not equipped to camp that time. I hope to visit again -- and I'm also interested in the conditions you found. It's lovely scenery!
  6. Today my ARES team met up at a local park to test ourselves with some basic activities. I'm pleased as punch that my *new* home-brew (home-made) 9:1 UNUN Antenna -- AKA "a wire hung in the trees", as one of the team members called it -- performed beautifully. Within minutes I was speaking with operators in Hungary, Lithuania, Russia and Ireland (they were busy contesting on 10 meters). (I will add a couple of photos, once the photo upload issue is resolved.) I love this hobby! EDIT: With help from my friend and mentor, this project was built, tried and tested in a single afternoon. Two days later I had it strung up in a local park and I was talking to hams around the world. I highly recommend amateur radio to anyone who is interested in fun science projects. 73 9 turns around a powdered iron toroid core for this End Fed 6 - 40 Meter Multi-band HF Antenna Modifying the box (my mentor has tools) Testing the unit before closing up the box Some assembly was required :) In the park -- the antenna wire has pink flags on it to increase visibility The coax is run to the radio (at 90 degrees to the antenna wire)
  7. I agree. As a company, OTT is outstanding and they are trying to create easier access across the country to good service for this unique trailer. I will remain positive in my thinking, and be glad if I need service out west and there is someone, somewhere, who is associated with the OTT mothership. My guess is that it will be much better than my experience last year using SOB trailer service (an hour from my location and poor service).
  8. Congratulations to All! That's wonderful news!
  9. While digital photography is cheaper, faster and easier, I believe we have lost some unique and special qualities of film. Your story reminds me of this gentleman -- he was making tintype images at Shiprock when I stopped by in October 2016. He developed them right there in a tent. Here is his blog post about it: https://www.nomadicfrog.com/2016/10/21/shiprock-valley-of-the-gods-and-the-goosenecks
  10. My habit last year was to read the thermometer that is mounted on the wall -- but maybe it isn't accurate enough. Also, @topgun2 makes excellent points about the location of thermometers outside for accurate reading.
  11. There are some lovely camping spots in the panhandle north of Tallahassee. Enjoy the warmth of Florida!
  12. I'm looking at the Proven Hitch Lock and the FtKnox Locks Hitch Lock. I couldn't find the original poster who mentioned watching YouTube videos, but thanks to them. I found two good sources of many videos defeating locks. This is why it's a deterrent and not a guarantee. But I'll definitely be replacing the Blaylock Bulldog Lock that I currently use. Here are two video sources (hopefully my links work): FtKnox Locks -- defeating many hitch locks. Be sure to look on YouTube the channel for other videos. https://ftknoxlocks.com/lock-fails The Lock-Picking Lawyer -- defeating many locks, but this is one of two videos about Proven Hitch Locks. In the other video he makes a "rare" recommendation in favor of the Proven Hitch Lock. See his channel for other videos. I have not been able to ascertain whether Proven has updated the Puck Locks that they sell to improve this issue. Does anyone know about the puck options?
  13. If I remember correctly (!) the reason some people chose not to use the auto-switch is that they might not be aware when the first tank is out of gas so to speak and then they can be surprised when the second one runs out.
  14. Greetings all -- I'm going to reignite this thread, after a brief exchange elsewhere about amateur radio. I hope that additional hams will join this thread. I'm still working to assemble the equipment I need to take my shack on the road, but getting close. I use a Yaesu FT991A, and plan to make home brew antennas. I also have an HT that I purchased used; I'm still learning to use it. No antenna on the TV. Most of my time this winter has been dedicated to study and practice with my local ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service); we have an excellent group here and I consider myself very fortunate to have so many experienced operators sharing their wisdom. Once I get on the road again, I hope to find local nets as I move around, and will try to connect with other Oliver hams when I can find you. I'd love to hear from more hams with information about their favorite equipment for travel (whether mounted in the Oliver or not). Photos are helpful! I'm really sorry that I missed the presentation at last year's Oliver rally. 73 KN4NBV
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