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Street-Side Table Bracket


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One of the two bracket (the rear one) that serves as a support for the street side dining table has come completely loose and dropped to the floor of the trailer. On my trailer these brackets are attached to the interior fiberglass shell (the wall) with rivets. First, only one of the two rivets broke, so I ran a small(#4 or #5 I think) screw through the rivets but it was not long enough to gain adequate purchase on the fiberglass shell.


I will try to find longer screws to run through the rivets and hope that holds the brackets to the wall. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Okay, I got this fixed!


I purchased some 1/4 inch (shaft) by one inch long lag screws (these have robust threads that hold to the fiberglass wall very well) and drilled out the rivet remnants that remained in the fiberglass wall, using progressively larger diameter drill bits until they came out. Then I enlarged the two holes in the bracket to 1/4 inch diameter, using progressively larger diameter drill bits, so the lag screws would slip through the holes. Then I took a 7/16 inch socket and attached the bracket to the fiberglass wall using a socket wrench on the two lag screw heads. The lag screws got plenty of purchase on the fiberglass wall, and I don't expect the bracket to come loose ever again.


I left the other bracket alone, thinking perhaps it would never come loose. If it does, I'll fix it the same way as I fixed the other bracket. When these brackets come loose, our street side tables can't be used so I suggest you prepare yourself in case one of your brackets comes loose while you are a long trip.

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Though there are no replies to your thread, I expect that everyone has read it, it is just that it is unusual and no one has any experience with it. Sounds to me like a quality repair.

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