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Contoure Microwave/Convection oven broil element not heating

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Our 2019 Elite II Contoure microwave/oven broil element hasn't worked since we bought it in August of '21.  The microwave works and the oven gets hot on convect but without the top element working it seems that baked items cook slower than they should and broiling or making toast isn't working at all.

So we've called the folks at Contoure to get help with troubleshooting and hopefully getting replacement parts but it's been 3 days and they haven't responded yet. 

For starters, I'm not sure how to take the unit out of the cabinet.  I removed the screws from the trim and it will scoot forward about 2" but seems to jam; I'm hesitant to yank too hard not knowing how the back of the cabinet and the oven and its wiring are arranged.  So that's question #1, getting the oven out.

#2:  The reason I think I need to remove the oven from the cabinet is to get the upper heating element out to test continuity and resistance. The upper heating element is attached to the stainless sheet metal interior and it's not evident from looking inside the oven how to remove it in a way that will not destroy something.  Perhaps there are nuts on the other side of the metal oven interior? 

I'd appreciate help in not tearing anything up in my taking apart and also any ideas or experiences you may have had troubleshooting and replacing parts on this oven.

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Here's a pic of the upper element; at center is an attachment to the metal oven interior and on the right where it goes thru the wall there are two more things that look like they could be studs with nuts on the other side. 


I can slide the oven out about 4" and it does a hard stop.  Of course I can't tell what is holding it, but it doesn't feel like the power wires.  Again, my goal here is to get it apart in a way that I don't create more probs.


2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II 

2021 F150 PowerBoost Hybrid

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Hopefully someone that has one of these can give you complete directions.  In the meantime - I know that on my "simple" microwave from 2016 there is a flange at the top middle of the microwave that was bolted into the cabinet.  This was/is the main source of support with the outer trim piece and its four screws only being for looks and the support of that face plate.  Assuming that your microwave is attached in a similar manner it is no surprise that you can't get it out.

I'd give a call to Service on Monday unless someone here can give you detailed instructions.


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