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So after picking up Hull #1047 in March we returned home. At pickup I had downloaded the Lithionics app and checked SOC and voltage on all 3 batteries in the Solar Pro setup. Camped with hookups on way home without issue. In my driveway at home when not on shore power and inverter on, I noticed two of the 3 batteries showing current and power draw in red. The third battery did not show any draw. Same behavior when on shore power and charging (only current and power are green). See images below for on and off shore power.

I took out a service ticket and Oliver team contacted Lithionics. We did some troubleshooting with no success. Lithionics sent me packaging to return the battery. They disassembled and inspected the battery and then recalibrated the Battery Management System (BMS). They then did a full discharge/charge cycle and report the battery is working as expected now. . 😌😁 Lithionics were awesome to work with. Made shipping easy and great communication. I wish I had understood and monitored this at pickup but hey, ya live and learn right?






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2022 Oliver Elite II Hull#1047 "Saunter"

2014 VW Touareg TDI


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