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  1. What are recommended torque values for battery connections? I know I have seen a list on the forum for all torque values but could not find that thread in search.
  2. Lithionics did tell me their Tech support could walk me through the recalibration process if needed again.
  3. I had a similar problem with only two of my batteries charging. The blue power light should blink if they are charging. For me the solution was to return the battery to Lithionics and they recalibrated the BMS. Lithionics was very responsive. They sent shipping box and I had the recalibrated battery back in a little over a week.
  4. I had a similar question posted earlier. I found the same behavior - one battery (the on closest to the inverter) draws down more quickly than others. I thought the BMS systems would balance during discharge but apparently not. Balancing only occurs at nearly 100% SOC according to others on the forum and Lithionics manual.
  5. Hi all. We have Solar Pro package with 3 batteries. Our trailer is currently stored and not connected to shore power. Since we haven't used trailer since mid-July, I turned off solar and have been letting the batteries draw down. I checked SOC today and battery 1 is at 66%, battery 2 is at 33%, and battery 3 is at 45%. Should the batteries balance more effectively and be closer in percentages?
  6. @Dave and Kimberly You're in my neck of the woods. Definitely earned those steaks if you did the Dune Climb. Enjoy.
  7. On a recent trip I had the misfortune of draining my Lithionics down to the point where BMS shut them off. At a campsite without electric I was running refrigerator on propane and ran out of propane. This switched fridge to DC and depleted the batteries overnight (they were already low do to cloudy weather). That left me with the "fun" task of hand-cranking the jacks up which of course was in a torrential rain storm. As others have said, hang in there. Leverage this forum and online videos to get comfortable with trailer functionality. There's a lot of technology in these Ollies!
  8. Twelvemile Beach at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a favorite of mine. No hookups and generators only allowed in part of campground but you are right on the the lake for amazing star-gazing and potentially northern lights. Early August is meteor time too. The Chapel rock hike at the lakeshore is really cool. You used to be able to take guided kayak tours of water caves out of Munising. Not sure if that is still a thing. Twelvemile Beach Campground, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - Recreation.gov Marquette is a great town and you'll find plenty of good beer there. You can even cliff jump into Lake Superior. Tahquamenon Falls is a must see. The shipwreck museum at Whitefish Point is pretty interesting too (Edmund Fitzgerald) Tahquamenon Falls State Park Detail Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum | Edmund Fitzgerald | Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society Heading west Porcupine Mountains Lake of the Clouds is well worth visiting and Keweenaw Peninsula is stunning. There is a ton of National and State Forest land all over the UP. On Canadian side I've only visited Lake Superior Provincial Park near Wawa. It is a very nice park right on Superior with electrical hookups. I have not ventured west to Pukaskwa but that park is most definitely on my bucket list. https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/lakesuperior Pukaskwa National Park (pc.gc.ca) I once asked a friend who has camped extensively all over the southwest how much time to spend at Arches NP and Canyonlands. He said a day or two at Arches and a lifetime at Canyonlands. I feel that way about the UP. So much to see.
  9. My brother in law is a golf course architect and is currently in Hobart building a course. Beautiful place!
  10. Very cool vehicle. Thanks for sharing. I have camped a lot on Lake Superior on US and Canadian side. Both lovely. Lake Superior Provincial Park is lovely and Pictured Rocks in US has some awesome camping too. Enjoy and please share pictures of your adventures!
  11. Nice addition. On current trip I was wanting to have this type of light.
  12. I have had my trailer for 4 months and pulled about 4500 miles so far. I do not have the Anderson hitch because my tow vehicle does not recommend do to unibody design. I am seeing ball wear as mentioned in this most. It is uniform around the surface of the ball. What type of grease are you all using?
  13. For what it's worth, I have towed approximately 4500 miles with my trailer. I noticed a "gravelly" rattle noise develop recently. I replaced my receiver and ball and the noise went away. I see some wear on the replace 2" ball from Bulldog. I do not have Anderson as my tow vehicle does not recommend weight distribution hitches.
  14. We picked up in March with convection option. Have used it off grid with solar pro package and good results. On shore power a baked potato is pretty nice.
  15. So after picking up Hull #1047 in March we returned home. At pickup I had downloaded the Lithionics app and checked SOC and voltage on all 3 batteries in the Solar Pro setup. Camped with hookups on way home without issue. In my driveway at home when not on shore power and inverter on, I noticed two of the 3 batteries showing current and power draw in red. The third battery did not show any draw. Same behavior when on shore power and charging (only current and power are green). See images below for on and off shore power. I took out a service ticket and Oliver team contacted Lithionics. We did some troubleshooting with no success. Lithionics sent me packaging to return the battery. They disassembled and inspected the battery and then recalibrated the Battery Management System (BMS). They then did a full discharge/charge cycle and report the battery is working as expected now. . 😌😁 Lithionics were awesome to work with. Made shipping easy and great communication. I wish I had understood and monitored this at pickup but hey, ya live and learn right?
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