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Charging solar through Calmark cover


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2021 E2, Lithium 3000W

Someone posted (on FB I think) saying they were able to charge their batteries through their Calmark cover.  We installed our batteries from their winter sleep a couple of weeks ago and the batteries were at 84%.  We went back today (calmark cover is still on) and the batteries are at the same level.  The only thing I know for sure is on is the fan to the composting toilet.  

1) Should our batteries be charging through our Calmark cover 

2) If so, what is possibly keeping them from charging up?



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When you "cover" the solar panels the rays of the sun do not hit the cells of the panels and, therefore, they do not convert sunlight into electricity.

Having said this - if you go outside and put a sheet over your head and look towards the sun, you will most likely be able to "see" a bit of the sun through the sheet (of course assuming that the sun is shining 😁).  This shows that depending on the density of the material covering the panels - some solar energy (light) is likely able to get through the fabric that is covering them.  I don't know exactly how much is getting through your CalMark cover, but, I'm certain that it is not a lot.  Perhaps it would be enough to keep parasitic draws at bay but most likely it would not be enough to continually power much else let alone put any significant charge into your batteries.


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