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  1. We will have to do this. After an hour was still hot in the trailer, yet cold air was coming out of it so we thought it was working, but we just don’t have the trailer experience to know…It was cold under the AC but not too cold. And once it was turned off was hot again.
  2. So I've done research and know that the A/C CAN only get down about 20 degrees from outside temp. Questions: how long should this take??? At pickup last year, we were really late getting out of orientation, overheating, and newbies. it took us a longtime to set up camp, in and out of the camper door. Not only as newbies, but Oliver hadn't yet set up the cushions (anti-humidity batting was still in bags) and we had a lot to do.... We never cooled off. It was sooooooo hot and we didn't get good sleep. Hit the road, next night next to a brewery where we couldn't plug in. The battery seemed to drop off very fast and we only ran the A/C one hour before turning it off so we had some power. NO sleep, terribly hot and sweaty. It took another day on the road before the solar charged up the battery, and then we were home. Since then, all of our camping has been plugged in, but we didn't need the A/C. I am quite worried since we have our dog with us and will be boondocking. Does our A/C work? I don't know. It felt cold coming out but just didn't cool off the camper. How long should it take to cool off in hot temps? Does it really work? I went in an expensive camper with a mini-split and it was cold and quiet.
  3. 2021 E2 King Bed 26" covers the width of the hall perfectly, does not rise up the sides but keeps dirt out of the side. 9' covers from the bathroom to just under the bed perfectly. we ordered another 2' section for the entryway. That overlaps the hallway carpet about 2". https://www.amazon.com/stores/ORFA+HOME/page/3F7EE630-F809-4166-A6EC-D683ED706BB7?ref_=ast_bln
  4. 2021 E2, Lithium 3000W Someone posted (on FB I think) saying they were able to charge their batteries through their Calmark cover. We installed our batteries from their winter sleep a couple of weeks ago and the batteries were at 84%. We went back today (calmark cover is still on) and the batteries are at the same level. The only thing I know for sure is on is the fan to the composting toilet. 1) Should our batteries be charging through our Calmark cover 2) If so, what is possibly keeping them from charging up? Thanks.
  5. We just received the middle one by Design. It's another "you get what you pay for". Cheapish. The plastic that the unit hangs from doesn't look the best. I would rather have a nice OXO countertop but we need the space.
  6. Pat Maundrell, can you explain what you mean by the "feel of the front axle"? We have a 2014 f150 3.5 Eco with Tow package. What we feel is slight porpoising. Is that normal? Roads here in CO are very bumpy and just falling apart.
  7. Yes, we found that our fire alarm had not been activated at delivery, luckily i happened to see the little protective tape that keeps the batteries separated sticking out!
  8. Hi Sherry, I used to be an ornithologist (biologist who studies birds), and one of my jobs was sage grouse. We had multiple tasks. One of the tasks was just finding, trapping, aging, putting on backpacks that monitored movements. Because we were in a remote location in western CO, we had to live in a low-quality travel trailer that was towed to state-owned property very high up in the mountains. We basically lived on the side of a mountain just above aspen trees. Then we would take ATVS out to do our jobs, riding 45 mph around to get wherever we needed to get, racing the afternoon thunderstorms. As the states don't have much $, especially when it comes to biology, we lived in trailers that didn't work (and only get hired for 6 months at a time that way we stayed temp with no benefits). They would give us a battery and gas, but the only thing that worked was gas for cooking food. We had to bring our own water. It was really cold, I mean really cold. I wore the 7 layers of clothes and was still freezing. I had the clearest skin I ever had because my skin was exposed to the air for literally 5 minutes in a day when I changed my clothes as fast as possible because it was so cold. So essentially I lived in a hard-sided tent. It was hard work. Great to be outside.
  9. Mike and Carol, We bought that same box and need to mount it. Would you be willing to share how yours is mounted? Thanks, Clare
  10. Oh, now I understand. I thought you meant as a separate clean water source. 😁
  11. Bucket Traveler, I was told that RVIA requires a black tank to be installed even if you have a composting toilet. I did not verify this.
  12. John how do you get the "grey" water that's in the black tank (now storage) back out then? Say you wanted to use that for a shower?
  13. Mike and Carol, Can you post a picture of how you bolted on your box? We bought this box as well. Many thanks.
  14. Our system is lithium. Now, I'm not sure how asking questions about electricity equates to not knowing how stuff works or lack of towing experience. I have lived in an RV for 6 months, on top of a mountain. Did it have solar? No. Electricity or gas? No. Did I tow it and set it up and teach men how to do that? Yes. I am cramming to take over someone's contract that couldn't complete their purchase, and I've got less than one month to learn what you all took years. I am gathering knowledge between work, staying up late hours to do this. I appreciate all comments that answer the questions and give information.
  15. Trying to decide which to get... I like the idea of more storage with the locked box, but having to remove the generator for every road trip is probably a pain too. What do you prefer?
  16. Hello friends, I have been watching videos about electricity and batteries, but I had zero electrical knowledge until 2 days ago. Right now I have a very basic understanding of what volts, amps, and watts are. 1) Do we keep lithium batteries clean the same way as regular batteries (baking soda etc) 2) How do batteries have cycles if you are using it and recharging it at the same time? 3) Is there a video that shows our system (I can't find one) and what we need to know for safety and use? 4) My understanding is that you use (lead) batteries down to about 50% then recharge. Is Lithium the same way? 5) We only need to discharge the battery to 50% if we are going to store, not for everyday (P 64 of manual)? Why? 6) How do we disconnect so that it's not charging but is still usable to discharge it to 50% as directed. 7) How do we measure the watts our stuff is using, like lights? 😎 How do we know the watts ALL of our stuff is using when plugged in together, like charging cell phones and computer and running lights and awning at same time? 😎 some people are saying they leave a "trickle charger" going when in storage. Can we do that with the cover on? And if they want batteries at 50%, how do you do that? Also do you get a smaller panel to do this? Please explain this. I don't understand what the inverter does, and I don't understand what runs on A/C or D/C. Things to learn this week.... I do not have the Ollie yet to see the system so just trying to figure this out before we get it. Thanks!
  17. Thanks everyone, exactly what I needed. Will go find the manuals in the University, thanks for the heads-up about their location. I'll read them front to back!
  18. Great to meet you all! Pam, we will be there on June 24 (sorry meant 2021 since delivery is a year out for people). 🙂
  19. Hi everyone, My name is Clare, I'm a c.p.a./wildlife biologist retired and now a pet sitter. I have wanted an r.v. for 20 years. Started with a boat which I loved, but here in CO the lakes are jammed with people and no rules. We are glad a company like Oliver exists. We live by the rule "you get what you pay for" and tend just to make one lifetime quality purchase with our stuff. Hope to see you on the road, give us a holler if you make it to northern CO.
  20. When we did a safety class for our boat, they gave us great pocket-sized safety checklist. laminated. One page for leaving, one page for arriving. We each person had our duties we did in order every time so we didn't forget anything. Does anyone have anything like this they are willing to share? This will be our first RV and we are starting from scratch, with no experience other than trailering. I have no idea what safety we need to consider other than chocking. I don't know about turning on/off electric, water pumps, etc.... What do we need to do when setting up and taking down for safety? Thanks!
  21. ? mice love to eat wiring and insulation to make nests with. Look in engines, there isn't wood there. Lots of mice nests are found in engines.
  22. Ok thanks Dave and SeaDawg. Newbie here and don't have the Ollie yet so not sure what kind of openings there are and what there is to munch on. Don't want to pay $80k for something to only have it destroyed when I could have prevented an issue.
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