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Hi there!


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We're excited and looking forward to picking up an Oliver next week.


We started RVing in 2000, so it's been 10 years, 46 states, 10 provinces and a dozen or so in Mexico. We've lived in BC but keep coming back to Ontario where we keep a home.


Funny, many of you'll know what I mean but too long in one place doesn't suit. Houses are just houses. They get progressively smaller and the location more important.

Same with the rigs.


We had 2 class A's and one bus. Bedroom's take up 10 feet and carry little.


Quality in a small unit was an impossibility until we saw the Oliver. The mostest in the leastest.


We've never done the trailer thing and expect it'll be a new and great experience.


Maybe we'll meet on the road.




Jonathan & Hazel

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Paul, Sherry ,


Thanks for the invite sorry to have been unable to see you.


Thanks for the welcome.


Everyone who comments always says the same thing "Oh! It's SO cute!" or "It's a cutie!" So now it's the "QT".


We picked up the QT in Fla, came back here and immediately began a move to a new location, so have been constantly moving. Amazing how things appear out of nowhere and have to be moved yet again. We are as yet to complete and have zero services 'til sometime late next week. Between stools, so to speak.


Shake down cruise of 3000 + miles so we're pretty well acquainted by now.


The QT is as far as we know the first one to have a Canadian import label on it ...yes all in Kilos and Kilopascals.


We'll most likely be hauling it to northern Quebec next month where the road ends in eastern North America, just below Hudson's Bay.



Jonathan & Hazel

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