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Announcing State Lines


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For the past few months, Chris and I have been in focused development mode working on our latest project - our first iPhone application! We're pleased to announce that it hit the Apple iTunes store this morning.


The app is called State Lines, and is a traveler's guide to state laws and regulations that vary as you cross state lines. Things like alcohol sales laws, smoking bans, seatbelt laws, helmet laws, radar detectors, gun carry laws, cell phones & texting, and even RV specific laws (towing, rest area overnight rules, etc).


If you have an iPhone.. check it out!


http://www.technomadia.com/2010/05/stat ... or-iphone/



If you don't have an iPhone, we'll soon be releasing the information as an eBook that you can view on any computer.


- Cherie

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That is waaaaay cool! If I had an iPhone I'd add that immediately. How will your program make sure it has the latest regulations as legislatures pass new laws each year, some of which may be involved here?

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Travel blog of 1st 10 years' wanderings - http://www.peteandthewonderegg.blogspot.com


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An iPad is in on my shopping list for July. I will certainly get this application for my iPad. Also, if you know of any other applications for the iPad that would be good for on-the-go RV travel reference please let us know. I am wondering if Google maps and Google earth will work on the iPad. I don't see why they wouldn't.


Also, I would appreciate your opinions about the AT&T 3G broadband service throughout the USA. I know it's not as wide spread as Verizon, but it will sure be a lot cheaper for the iPad, and NO CONTRACT.


Happy travels. Come see us when you can.



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We both just got iPads (a 3G and wifi only) and are LOVING them. Yes, Google Maps works great on them, and I believe Google Earth is either coming soon, or just released. AT&T service is decent.. we can generally get service, just not always at 3G speeds. The no contract data plans on the iPad are very sweet.


New apps for the iPad are coming out all the time. For the iPhone universe, we've been enjoying these apps in our travels:


Camp & RV - Great campground locater. One of the more comprehensive on showing commercial, public and free overnight spots.


Hear Planet - audio tour guide to the world (note: we worked on the launch campaign of this app, consider that bias)


Yelp - great for locating local places to eat, get your vehicle serviced, etc. Reviews by other people


Am I Safe - crowdsourced safety ratings of areas


iParked - lets you record where you parked




Not exactly travel specific, but so far our favorite iPad app is Star Walk - interactive star charts. It's.. amazing!


- Cherie

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Cherie, thanks for the information. All of those applications look worthwhile to me.


How do you like the GPS capability of the 3G model? Is it something for me to look forward to having? I'm thinking it might be smart to go for the 64 Gig 3G model iPad? I don't see how doubling the memory capacity, from 32 Gigs to 64 Gigs could ever be a negative.





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