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For some reason the Vizio tv in my Oliver will not recognize that I have the cable plugged in. It keeps telling me to check the cable which I have done and I have the button in the cabinet above the TV set to the correct setting which is off for cable. Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong. We cannot get any channels. Also I can never get any air channels either. My other MOTORHOME would receive air channels in my driveway. My Oliver will not. 

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33 minutes ago, Mike and Carol said:

If I remember, you need to also select the correct input on the TV itself, ie, cable, hdmi, antenna, etc.  You may have already done this.  Mike

Hi Mike. Last night where we stayed we had cable and it would not show up under Input. TV did show up and it said use this for TV and cable. Tonight we are staying at a place that does not have cable and now the input button shows Cable as a choice to select but the choice of TV does not show up. It is like things are backwards. 

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2021 LE2....My tv would never find any over the air channels. I had Oliver look at this during my annual maintenance appointment. They found that the factory wiring behind the input selector outlet was reversed. They corrected it and it works as expected now.

(We also have a Roku that we stream youtubetv and other stuff through a Visible hotspot on an Iphone....no data limit.)



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