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Just discovered the beginnings of a single-occupant wasp nest under the rear streetside compartment where the stabilizing jack lives.  A bit of looking around revealed a gap in the inside of the jack post alongside the mounting bracket where it pierces the outer hull.  This gap is just short of 1/4" wide between the jack tube and mounting bracket which has not been completely sealed against bug / water entry.  There is sealant going part way around the post on the outside of the jack tube but the median (more difficult to access from inside the trailer)  portion of the tube was unsealed leaving a gap of about 1/4" wide x 3" long which allows easy bug access.  Turns out both rear jacks share this bug access point due to a lack of sealent.  Easy fix from underneath the trailer - just forced up silicone caulk from below.

Any other entry points anyone is aware of on the Legacy II's?  Screens over fridge, heater & water heater vents are obvious and screens are available at the Oliver service dept. - we had them put on when we picked up #770. 


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May I suggest that you  start a service ticket? 

We would appreciate Oliver being advised of this oversight, so maybe ours will be fully caulked around the jacks when we pick it up in November.


Hull #1291

Central Idaho

2022 Elite II

Tow Vehicle:  2019 Tundra Double Cab 4x4, 5.7L with tow package


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