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  1. Can you cut the duct, move the blue pex line(s) out of the way (pex lines are fairly flexible), and then reconnect the duct, incorporating the duct Tee?
  2. Makes me glad I use 6x6 wood blocks underneath all three jacks. Saved me once too!
  3. The rod and washer on our Hull #1291 are not rusted either, even though they have been wet many times. They appear to be galvanized steel. Makes we wonder if Oliver recently received a batch of poorly galvanized rods and washers. I concur with Topgun's recommendation: send the photos to Oliver Service via a service ticket, and request a replacement rod, washer and cotter pin.
  4. Which is why we use Rophor levelers. They are similar to the Andersens, but include rubber grip strips that are placed on the ground underneath the levelers. After installing one or both of these levelers, as needed to level the trailer, we also hammer in Harbor Freight chocks. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09NJSXRRB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Been there, done that, "got the T-shirt." I learned that my ability to accurately determine which way the campsite slopes is limited. So, I the started carrying chocks for both the front and back of each set of wheels. Before disconnecting the coupler, I ensure that the wheels are chocked both front and back, and rubber-hammered into place. So far, this has prevented unwanted movement.
  6. This is solid evidence that Oliver continues to do the right thing. Regardless of how the 5K rated coupler got to Oliver, Oliver installed it on an Elite II, and took financial responsibility for replacement when it failed, even after expiration of the 1-year warranty. This confirms one of our reasons for choosing an Oliver: a culture of integrity.
  7. Same for us. We have found we do not need to dump the gray tank more often than every 2 days or so, even with showers, so it takes little time away from our camping adventures. We usually dump the black tank first regardless of its level, then flush with the gray tank contents.
  8. Love the Wera and Knipex tools. Your plan may not have yet worked out as well as you hoped, but you have been using quality tools!
  9. Perhaps anyone planning to tow their Oliver Elite II to Alaska should invest in a set of ALCAN 5-leaf springs before the trip.
  10. There have been threads on this forum discussing the weight limitations of racks (bike, cargo, etc.) on the back of an Oliver. As I recall, the limitations result from the increased dynamic load exerted by anything cantilevered off the back of the trailer, far aft of the rear axle. These limitations, in turn, prompted Oliver to limit the bike rack mount to 1-1/4". I recommend you carefully consider what you want to carry behind the trailer, and how that will impact the longevity of the aluminum frame.
  11. So, the welder who told you to never haul your Elite II with a full tank of water was wrong, since the fresh water tank is forward of the broken welds?
  12. I am not a metallurgist, but it seems to me that less flexibility should=less stress on the welds, not more. And, intuitively, doubling the crossmember material should strengthen the entire assembly, reducing stress on the welds.
  13. So, no boondocking? By definition, the places we boondock do not have potable water supplies, so we carry our fresh water in the tank from home. Please include that advice from your welder in a service ticket. Oliver Service needs to know that at least one reputable welding establishment believes the Elite II cannot safely carry a loaded fresh water tank as designed.
  14. This test result, when paired with the fact that a number of Elite II owners have experienced leaf spring failure within the first few years of ownership, is distressing to me as an owner of a 2022 LEGACY Elite II. We paid a premium price (over $80K) for a "Premium Luxury Travel" trailer, which I now know came with cheap, sub-standard Chinese 4-leaf springs that will likely fail soon. My ALCAN 5-leaf replacement springs have already been received, and will be installed soon, because I don't want the cheap OEM springs to fail on the road somewhere. Apparently the term "Legacy" is just marketing hype. Oliver would be well advised to specify that higher-quality, 5-leaf springs be supplied by Dexter with its axles going forward, particularly now that the Elite II base price is over $95K. How Oliver addresses this issue will tell me a lot about the company. Perhaps when asked, I should describe it as a "premium-priced trailer with some cheap critical OEM components."
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