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Any Houghton Humidity Issues

Steve and Ann

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A couple questions for those of you that have replaced the Dometic 11k btu A/C with the Houghton 13.5k unit on an Elite II.

1) I’ve read in a couple places that the Houghton’s moisture removal in cooling mode may require the use of an additional portable dehumidifier, have you found that to be the case? 

2) Without any internal drain for the condensate how do you control where it comes off the roof and does it seem to damage (stain) the gel coat?


3) I’ve been wondering about the possibility of using some kind of a relay to shut down the interior fan when the stat satisfies to eliminate putting any of the evap coils moisture back into the Ollie, anyone tried this?


We’ve got hull 1010, a 2022 but that Dometic’s got to go. I did check into, and was approved for the install of the new Truma unit but after seeing that video on the comparison between it and the Dometic I’m not sure that’s what we’re looking for…and saving about $1500 wouldn’t hurt either😎


Thanks for your feedback,


Steve, Ann & Hank (Boyken Spaniel)
Elite II Twin  “Camp Barky”  2021 Ram 1500 5.7L

Greenwood, SC

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