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  1. I assume you have the iNet remote, if yes try to reset it, here’s a link on how to
  2. Mike, do you have a link or part number for those magnetic discs and magnetic rubberized swivel feet?
  3. Sorry but I couldn’t get past the mailbox look!
  4. We also have a 2023 LE2, model# is next to the light switch, should be CR130EL
  5. @DunnYet the Anderson WDH is available in a 2 and 2 5/16” ball, we have hull# 1386 (also a 2023) with 2 5/16” bulldog coupler and Anderson WDH. Make sure what size bulldog coupler is on your LE2 before you buy the Anderson WDH. Just an FYI.
  6. Maybe all the LE2s with 2” bulldog couplers, we have the 2 5/16” bulldog coupler.
  7. Wow on battery alone, it couldn’t have been too hot and the compressor not running a lot?
  8. Very nice! Is the mount 3M VHB permanently mounted to the roof and the dish is removable?
  9. Lol thanks, didn’t know there’s a 2500 and 2500HD, I have the 2500HD with 3600lb payload. I upgraded from a 2016 VW Touareg TDI, the VW towed like a champ but payload is only 1200lb.
  10. Like @jd1923 said, the truck model does not matter, and if you have a F150 it probably has a 2" hitch receiver. ***Important, do you know what size the bulldog coupler is on the EII that you're purchasing, probably 2", but it's also available with a 2 5/16" bulldog coupler (we have it)? You want to know that spec because the AWDH is also available with a 2" or 2 5/16" ball. BTW, we got our 2023 LEII with the 2 5/16 bulldog coupler and 2 5/16" AWDH with 2" receiver. We recently upgraded to a Chevvy 2500 with 2.5" receiver so I prchased a 2.5" stinger/shaft from Anderson for the AWDH. Yes, I know I don't need a WDH with the 2500 but I'm thinking I have it so why not use it!
  11. Would love to hear/see more about your peplink setup jd, and not sure if I've missed it, but do you also have the Starlink, if yes do you have it connected via the WAN port on your peplink? We're going semi full time end October and I'm thinkng of getting a peplink and Starlink.
  12. Correct, the plates are now spaced to fit the 2 x 200w Newpowa solar panels.
  13. Bill, I found this picture and post from John E Davies, the picture shows the position of the rubber strips. Not sure if jd's is the same, but looking at this picture from John, there's a rubber strip lenghtwise on the front of the box between the 2 gussets/L brackets (probably the 3/8" thick), and the 1/4" thick one diagonal in the back. Below is the picture and HERE'S the link to that post.
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