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Switches in the outside shower compartment

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Can't believe we have had our Oliver for almost three years now and still find new things that I'm not sure about. In the outside shower compartment is two switches, one turns on the light in the compartment but for the life of me I can't figure out what the other switch is for.


We haven't gotten to take the Oliver out in the past year due to ill parents so we are excited to be taking our Oliver for a short camping trip on Monday. It's like learning everything all other again.


If anyone could help me with the extra switch mystery, I would appreciate it.


Thank you, Pam and Allen

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Just as I was bringing up this Forum, Allen said I bet it's for the water pump. Can't believe we never knew that or even realized we had two switches there. Obviously, we have not been camping enough. We need to fix that problem.


Thank you so much for your quick reply. We are taking off tomorrow for a few days and are like a couple of little kids we are so excited!


Pam and Allen

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