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2023 E2 RVLock Code Change


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We took delivery on 11/17, but have been unable to reset the RVLock entry code.  The steps to change the code in the 2023 RVLock manual did not work for us. RVLock support said that they did recently upgrade the circuitry in some of their locks. Kaylee provided updated instructions to change the code, and this did work for us:

  • You have 30 seconds to change it.
  • Hold reset button for 5 seconds until beep.
  • Put in new code.
  • Press lock button.
  • Put in new code again.
  • Press lock button again.
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Call RVLock directly.   If they can't get you up and running after they do their own trouble shooting... they will probably send you some new parts or even a brand new lock assembly.   If it's pretty new... I think you can make the argument you don't want to be changing out circuit boards and such.   I did... it wasn't hard... but it also let me down again a few weeks later and RVLOCK eventually sent me an entirely new lock and I installed in on the OTT door and it's been working fine since then.  

   On another note:  I was frustrated and asked if this is going to be an annual thing of my lock not working... until the warranty runs out.   They assured me that they will stand by it as long as I own it and am the original purchaser.

   Second note:   We only got one remote keyless fob with our Oliver.  I asked RVLock about it and they sent me an additional one along with the parts.  Evidently some of the RVLock kits went out with only one remote.  They were all supposed to have two.

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2022 Elite II, Hull #1097  Elli Rose 🌹 and she has the solar panels with the 390Ah lithium batteries.  Our tow vehicle is a 2019 Ford Lariat F-150 4wd, 3.5L Eco-boost, 3.55 rear end, with the Max tow package.  Elli Rose also has the street side awning and several walnut and cherry mods on the inside.


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