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  1. SERIOUSLY!!! You just can't put a price tag on the experience and general know-how of this group of Ollie owners! Just a quick scan of today's "forum headlines"... and there was at least three scenario's where the other owners saved the day for someone...somewhere, that had a problem! Good job, thanks and kudo's to all the older owners!
  2. Very nice Foy! Does this (as you engineered it) replace the existing table that comes with the Oliver? I would assume you re-purpose whatever hardware is on the original one. I can't wait to get ours home so I can look at some of these possibilities.
  3. Following this thread. Our "drop dead" date for changes is late February... and I'm not at all sure, technology wise... what is worth it. I do know that it seems in most of the country... internet, cell phone signals, etc... are pretty dismal.
  4. Here is my two bits (for what its worth?)- I started out in this rv world pulling a tiny camper that also hit near the extreme end of my towing capacity. I went ahead and did it. Once. My vehicle was at it's max "design spec" and acted like it. It's fuel range was at 150 miles. It was pulling its heart out. Stopping was there... but fortunately never had to really test it. I called a spade a spade.... decided all I was going to do was prematurely ruin a great SUV making it do something it wasn't really designed to do. This is not to mention the safety aspect that ... I have since come to realize was also border line. Towing vehicle weight, wheel-base, BRAKE power, tongue weight... and several other things, all were "border line". Anytime you are pushing a design spec to near its max.... you have to decide how long you really want to do that.
  5. I agree with the disappointment in finding somewhat serious quality issues with an $80k travel trailer! Sure the factory will repair it... but that isn't always a convenient solution nor is it satisfactory. I really don't want to have a "laundry list of manufacturing defects" to check on during my April, 2022 delivery day inspection (but I will). I had owned another (here unnamed) brand... that as a company was very similar to Oliver in their dedication to customer satisfaction. They would jump thru hoops trying to make everyone happy, even after the warranty had expired. Their failure (to this day) is that far too many times the SAME customer problems would crop up over and over to the point that their Forum was really a "how to fix the design/manufacturing problems yourself" site. Based on my experience with that brand... I made a point to ask Anita and Jason a very specific question when I took our factory tour; "When a problem happens in the field... how do you handle it?" They assured me that when something happens in the field... they go back to the manufacturing point and attempt to get to the "root problem"... and fix it so that it doesn't happen on future builds. I hope that turns out to be true... because most of the problems that pop up... if they do a proper root cause analysis... these things shouldn't happen again. It's in their interest to do so because every "repair" is profit lost, whether its done at the factory or by an authorized rv repair facility. I sincerely hope that somebody at Oliver is monitoring this site to be aware of problems... especially repetitive ones. In addition, I think it would be nice to sometimes hear from Oliver on what they are doing to resolve some of these problems (for example the shackles with wet bolts that should have a bushing?).
  6. Towing an Ollie EII with F-150: I put this together (generally from an example somebody else posted) and then plugged in my particulars. Ultimately, I should be good when towing my Ollie. Interestingly, what I discovered was that I have plenty of towing capacity... but my payload capacity in the truck is going to be close... ok, but still close.
  7. Thanks for the "List" Pat! While waiting... watching and thinking carefully what we: A) want on Day 1, B) what to wait and see on, and C) what mods I'll be doing. So far you are my closest Ollie owner as we live north of you in West Liberty, Ohio.
  8. Mike... We ordered our Oliver with the two 30lb propane tanks and the two exterior propane quick connects. I anticipated using this in the same arrangement they had in the display room at Oliver... with one fire bowl hooked up outside and one grill. I'm understanding (from these posts) that the Oliver propane "quick connects" require a non regulated hose coming from Oliver to Weber Grill (we have Q1200). I believe I've found the kit (Torjik) that requires the Weber regulator to come off and thus be hooked directly to the Oliver (now with only one regulator in line). I also confirmed that my Outlander gas fire bowl has a regulator as a sub-assembly of the hose itself. Is there a quick connect hose assembly without the regulator that I can also plug directly into the Oliver quick connect... and is that set up satisfactory? I guess this is coming from the fact that you sometimes use a separate 20Lb propane bottle that I was hoping not to need to bring along, especially with my two 30Lb bottles.
  9. Thanks for the Delivery day Check list Fritz! I'm taking it along with me.... and between now and April/end 2022... I'll probably have a few more items on it.
  10. Seadawg Thank you! First off... I have to say "WOW!" ... that number is the lowest I've seen! Our hull number will be just over 1,000 we think. Secondly it brought up a memory... I started at Honda of America, Mfg in Ohio back in 1983.... my Associate number was 01624... and everyone told me I was going to die on second shift, which horrified me. All these years later.... the associate numbers I'm hearing now are in the 40 ~50,000 range.
  11. After enjoying our first few years of retirement traveling extensively in a teardrop, we compiled quite a list of "musts" and "wants"...not to mention a few "heck no's"! One thing was for sure, we were tired of crawling in and out, walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and making our coffee outside before we were really ready to see and be seen 🙂 We were used to excellent customer service and a high quality product. The struggle was how to upsize our home away from home without scaling down the quality. Then we met a couple in a similar situation who asked us if we'd ever heard of an Oliver. David said, "Sure! They made tractors right?" The next four weeks of our National Park adventures were spent scouring the internet for every video and forum available. We also hoped to see an Oliver along the way. As fate would have it, we pulled into a campsite next to the first Oliver we'd seen. It was love at first sight! We decided to visit the factory on our way home (who doesn't like Tennessee anyway, right?) The tour sealed the deal. David spent his entire career in new model development for the auto industry and liked what he saw. At the end of the tour we placed our order and are happy to say we are "in the queue"! This Oliver will be in our family for a really long time, and we're happy to be joining a new family of like minded travelers. Happy trails!
  12. Very nice work Foy! I really appreciate your grain selection.
  13. I'm following this topic with interest. I wouldn't have chosen a 3-way... My investigations and reading of countless posts... it seems the 3 ways are just another source of "trouble". Todays modern "two ways" have just gotten so efficient and with the 340watt solar panels it seems to me a no brainer... but alas, it's all that's available with an Ollie and I recognize that everything has its own learning curve and I this is no different. So with that said: ~Am I going to be running it on propane even while driving (some seem to frown on doing this) if I like my food/coke/beer COLD? ~and yes I'll be putting warm cans in there and I expect it to make them ice cold. Reasonable? ~Will the freezer keep ice cream hard? ~about how much propane does this thing consume? (I upgraded to the two 30lb propane bottles) ~I like things cold.... so am I going to be happy with this or is it going to be more like a cooler with ice? (we are waiting for our build.... so I have nothing left to do but worry 🙂 )
  14. I appreciate everyones input, whether you were replying to me or just the subject in general ! I will DEFINITELY be having the gang at Oliver install and set up the Andersen WDH system. After many video's.... I have seen the light.
  15. So we have our LEII twin bed floor plan coming on April 29, 2022 (I know...long time!). We've ordered the KTT mattress's (it seems most everyone is quite happy with them). We want to order fitted sheets for them.... but how thick are the mattresses... and any other advice prior to ordering top and bottom sheets would be appreciated.
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