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  1. I have just investigated this very point: Can we file for a tax credit in regards to the solar panels, inverter and batteries for a newly purchased Oliver. I was extremely skeptical of the claims (in Oliver Trailer Owners FaceBook group). In the discussion, I think everyone was an Oliver owner. One was a licensed CPA with much experience and had researched the tax codes specific to the very questions that Oliver owners were asking. In addition, there were at least three that had successfully filed (under the advice of professional CPA's) and received their credit for everything (Panels, inverter and batteries) in 2020 and 2021. I (like some of you) found in the code where the batteries could be included only if they were used exclusively to store solar energy. This was the sticking point of the persons like me that felt it might not be possible, because we can also plug into shore power and charge our batteries. The Tax code is always lagging behind new technology and the common sense fact that no solar panel system can work without having a storage system as part of it. Beginning 1/1/2023 the batteries were clarified and can now be included. Tax code is written and when there are conflicts, CPA's and lawyers will argue and then precedent is established as courts make findings. There was much ambiguity from 2020, 2021,2022. There was (in the discussions) numerous persons confirmed that their CPA's were advising Oliver Owners to claim everything (panels, inverter and batteries), and the several that have successfully done so and received their tax credits. In addition, the IRS rules have already clarified this "sticking" point going forward in 2023. In all these discussions there were a least a couple that were going to file their personal taxes this weekend (using their trusted CPA) and I hope to hear back from them if there is any new info that comes out of it. Another point that came out of the discussions is that there is no concern with claiming an Oliver as a "2nd home". Prior years the credit was 26%, in 2022 it is 30% and I think 2023 goes back to 26% also. With a brand new Oliver, where the cost for the solar panels, the inverter and the batteries is very easy to itemize (because Oliver spells it out on your invoice)... capturing the total cost is easy. In our case it is $9,500 for the Lithium Pro package... and the sales tax of 7.25% my total cost was $10,189 times a 30% tax credit should equal $3,058. The form that needs to be filled out is Tax Form 5695 (Residential Energy Credit). I'm going to file an amended tax return (using that form) and the very worse that could happen is it could be refused... but based on common sense (it's still makes a good argument) and with enough persons that have already successfully done so, I don't think our tax credit will be denied.
  2. We were up in Nova Scotia... when I inadvertently bumped it into the "Clean mode". Frank C came to the rescue with the above procedure to reset the Truma water heater and it was much appreciated. I would advise everyone with the Truma water heater to print that off and keep it in your manual. It's not in the manual.
  3. Well... isn't that a surprise! I understood that I needed the original part to do the decalcification process as well. I have looked everywhere for that part and thought that I either never received it... or put somewhere that I wouldn't forget?? I was about to just order a replacement part so that would have it when the time came. (I have the tablets). I can't wait to get the cover off and see if mine has been hiding in plain sight all this time as well! 🙂
  4. Not surprised. We have a sales tax on everything except food here in Ohio. We pay 7.25% here... which I thought was high. I was surprised that in Tennessee it was 8%! Investigating... I learned that there is typically a state sales tax and then local county taxes added on as voted on by each county. For example, Ohio starts out at 5.75%... but then local taxes added on... total up to our 7.25%. Is it a bite? No it's HUGE BITE!!!!
  5. I have Home Owners Ins.company. $392 per 6 months. With insurance... the devil is in the details. We have both comprehensive and collision replacement value w/$1k deductable, Road trouble service- all reasonable costs, Vacation Emergency expense (hotel expenses $250 per day) and liability, Contents $5k and awning replacement (zero deductable). My replacement value has a limit extending out to 3 years... After that I think we need to determine a new replacement value going forward.
  6. Yes, necessity is always the mother of invention! As far as the table goes... it's pretty tough and it's made to be used. We learned a trick from the locals (after paying close to a $100 each a few times) just for the two of us to have fresh lobster. They said no one up there does that!! They said go to the local grocery store where for $8.99lb we chose four lobsters out of a tank... they steamed them right there in the store while we were shopping for other things (like lots of butter)... took them back to the camper and had them along with some fresh corn on the cob. As soon as dinner was finished they went right back out the door, in the same bag they came in. The smell was gone within two days. (just kidding... no smell right away 🙂 )
  7. The very first time I set in an Oliver... I thought the table felt a little bit "cramped"... so I made plans to make my own dinette table to "dress up the Oliver". I make furniture so it wasn't a problem. Imagine my surprise when later on, while waiting on ours to be delivered I saw where Foy makes them for many of the Oliver owners! I made ours out of some select quarter-sawn walnut and put one of my favorite finishes on it which is pretty much bullet proof. Taking some inspiration from the pictures of Foy's night stand and pantry... I had glued up some blanks for those as well... but we found that we liked the clean and bright look of the Oliver... so haven't implemented those ideas. Then after our first trip I did see the wisdom (imitation is the best form of flattery right?) of the night stand organizer and the silverware tray. I did ours with the cloud lifts which is also inspired by the Greene and Greene look. I do think the "wider" dinette table is nice and as you can see it makes it bit easier to have a nice dinner. I did not want to interfere with the ability to sit sideways with the cushion along the wall... so I didn't go any larger in that direction.
  8. Call RVLock directly. If they can't get you up and running after they do their own trouble shooting... they will probably send you some new parts or even a brand new lock assembly. If it's pretty new... I think you can make the argument you don't want to be changing out circuit boards and such. I did... it wasn't hard... but it also let me down again a few weeks later and RVLOCK eventually sent me an entirely new lock and I installed in on the OTT door and it's been working fine since then. On another note: I was frustrated and asked if this is going to be an annual thing of my lock not working... until the warranty runs out. They assured me that they will stand by it as long as I own it and am the original purchaser. Second note: We only got one remote keyless fob with our Oliver. I asked RVLock about it and they sent me an additional one along with the parts. Evidently some of the RVLock kits went out with only one remote. They were all supposed to have two.
  9. It seems that many of us (with Oliver Sales increasing) are facing our first Winter down time and after winterizing the plumbing... are now wondering about our expensive Lithionics batteries. I spoke to both Oliver and Lithionics regarding the battery storage. Lithionics is careful to say that if you want to ensure "best practice"... you need to keep your batteries between 14~86 degrees. Whatever you have to do to ensure that range is what is needed. For the larger 690AH system has it's own battery heater and should keep itself protected from the cold. The smaller 390AH batteries do not have the internal heater but do have Olivers battery heater pad. Based on Olivers recommendation I am going to keep the plug and extension cord handy and keep the batteries charged up as needed to provide that heat pad the energy it needs to protect those batteries. An interesting side note: while talking to Lithionics, I told them I was looking for something like the Odometer on a car. Something that I could gauge where in the overall life expectancy these batteries are. The batteries are expected to last a minimum of 2000 cycles (with 3,000 cycles likely).. mine are 130AH batteries which equals 260,000AH (2,000 times 130AH= 260,000AH). I have used 1773 AH to date or only .0068% of it's warranted life expectancy. In fact, this is a "value added" feature on Lithionics batteries. Their battery (thru the app) has a quantifiable number that the consumer could use to calculate the prorated value in the event of any warrantee claim. Assuming that it has been used and stored in accordance with their guidelines.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to our Oliver Family!!
  11. Very glad to hear your assessment John! Part of the secret is in what you said "Manual reading is next." It's not reasonable to own an Oliver (probably any RV) and not spend a fair amount of time getting educated on the "systems" in it. Three different plumbing systems, two different electrical, two different electrical sources, a third if you add a generator. A refrigerator that operates on three different sources of energy. A water heater that is has three different settings when it's on.... and its all exposed to a variety of conditions while in use and in storage. Oliver put a lot of thought into all of it... and everything has a reason. Between some effort to educate yourself and real world experience using it I'm sure you are going to give it the same assessment after a number of years. The other advantage in getting educated on the systems... is that when something goes wrong... it's not going to happen in your driveway, but rather when you are in the mountains, on the road, far from home... in the middle of nowhere. YOU have to become the RV tech... unless you want to be cold and go without dinner 🙂
  12. Hey at least the yard looks great! I always watch for my latest aerial view of our little ranch so I can compare my "mowing lines" to the neighbors! 🤣 Out here in the sticks... we don't even rate for the street-view pics. UPDATE: Our ELLiRose was surfing the web and now she is jealous because all she gets is a stupid cover . She now wants her own dedicated bay too!
  13. We just finished the North East … including Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and next we hope to do Pacific North West corner by going North on PC1… coming into Oregon, Washington and up into the Canadian Rockies…. But that’s a long ways from Ohio and expect it to take eight weeks!
  14. Thank you! I can't believe I missed this! I'm on it now!
  15. Ok... that is going to be embarrassing! I didn't know there was a fresh water drain valve! Where is that darned thing located??🤣
  16. We just picked up our E2 in May and after some great travels, it is now time to get it winterized for a few months. I watched the Oliver University video on the whole process and even typed up the steps to have it for the future. The gray and black tanks are all cleaned and drained. The winterization process went as expected and I believe it to be fully winterized. My question is this: How do you truly drain the fresh water tank? The most I knew to do was run the pump until it was spitting part air and water. Is that enough?
  17. I was just answering his original question about the above items. They are all there.
  18. I think this might be what you are looking for. The location is certainly not very intuitive... but it's there. Go to "upgrades and add-ons" under Elite II. Keep going down to the bottom... at first you will see upgrades that you can do to your Oliver.... but clear down to the bottom you will find Clam shell tents, chairs, rugs, grills, solar panels and more. I found it because I wanted to get a Calmark cover ordered. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/travel-trailers/legacy-elite-2/upgrades-add-ons/
  19. 1 Bigger black tank (There is only so much room... but I've always thought the grey and black tank combined capacity should be just a bit more than the fresh tank capacity... so you should run out of fresh about the same time your gray and black tanks reach capacity) 2 a redesign of the sewer hose storage. The stinky slinky hose storage is really awkward (especially with a bike rack in the way). Oh wait... you said just one thing.
  20. Actually I have no idea. I didn’t notice those either until I posted the pictures. At the time… I was just thrilled to get my old tire off and the spare on… because this is where we were in Nova Scotia when it went flat. And it was cold and raining!
  21. We just came home from a trip. And we had a flat tire. It was in one of those remote places where you really don't want to have problems. I had just stopped at a service station and adjusted the PSI in the tires the day before and had a scare when one of the tires wouldn't stop letting air escape. Ultimately I was able to get all four tires properly inflated and we went on our way... thinking all was well. One of the four then went flat over night. I believe the cause was the "balance beads" used by Lionshead (a supplier to Oliver). I had the Andersen "rapid jack" which is just an oversized version of the camper leveler ramps...and with just a little assist from the Ollie's stabilizers, I was easily able to jack it up high enough to put on the spare and get into a town where the original tire was repaired... with a new valve stem. Since that time, I came home to discover that we (those effected by the balance beads) had received replacement valve stems that are resistant to interference from the balance beads... from Oliver. (Thank you Oliver!) I was on some very soft ground and with the Andersen rapid jack... I wasn't able to get the tire quite high enough for it to turn freely... but just a little assist from the Ollies stabilizer and she was clear. This also made it very convenient to tighten and torque the lug nuts... before putting it all down on the ground again.
  22. Frank.. ( this is David now). Thank you so much for that life saving piece of info! No where in the Truma manual did it say that there was any other alternative other than completing a full decalcification process. I will be sure to print that page off and insert it into the Truma section. I hope others will learn from this and do the same.
  23. Problem solved! You are a lifesaver Frank. Thank you so much. This forum is invaluable. David read through 40+ pages in the manual and it never talked about this. Now for my shower 🥰
  24. Returned to our Oliver after being gone for the afternoon, turned on the hot water for use and got a rapid short flashing error code. Hot water will not work and cannot find in the manual what it means or what to do. Does anyone have any experience with this? We have three more weeks on the road and would love to have hot showers along the way. Thanks in advance for any advice. Kimberly & David
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