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Hidden Fuses and Electric Jack Disconnect

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Some one had mentioned a while back it would be nice to cut power to the tongue jack and the levelers. I wanted to do that, plus be able to cut power to the shoreline real. All this for added security, plus to prevent coursity from getting the best of somebody.


I installed 30amp circuit breaker and ran the power to the jacks and real through it. I can no easily cut power to all at once.


Finally when I took a picture to show the mod, I noticed two fuses I was not aware of. These are on the back side of the charger. Something to keep in mind if you ever have an unexplained 12 volt power failure.

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Nice work on the disconnect switch. That's a good idea. Don't worry about those two fuses on the converter. They will blow only if you hook it up backwards. Don't let your curiosity get the better of you and remove those fuses "just to see if they're OK" You'll probably end up dropping them down inside the converter while trying to re-install them. Then you'll have to disconnect all the wires from the converter and remove it just to get the fuses back in place. Then while re-installing it you'll realize that you should have gone out and taken the negative cable off the battery's and...well, you get the picture.


If your converter quits making 12 volts it will be the converter and NOT the fuses. I replaced mine a couple of years ago in the wilds of Utah (second part of the above saga). I did send the old one back to Progressive Dynamics and they rebuilt it for me at no charge so I have an extra in case one goes out again.

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