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Tailgater Satellite Setup

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Has anyone used this in our trailers. It just takes one cable hookup. I am wondering if you can use the present hookup at the back of the trailer and attach directly to the satellite receiver? I am really challenged when it comes to stereo and electrical hookups.

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Although we are not current Oliver Owner's, I have researched this setup, and have been told it will work just fine. We have spec'ed our 2014 Oliver with the Tailgater we already own, and the owner of the Mod Your RV Estore uses this setup on his Casita. The Tailgater requires no external power source, only coax cable to your outside connector, then inside cable to the Dish receiver. Mod your RV sells a custom tripod, plus a mast mount engineered for the Tailgater.

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I have been using the Tailgater successfully now for a few months. Very simple to set up and use in our trailers. Now the question is what do I do with that big bubble on the roof? I have been thinking of taking it off and having a solar panel put in it's place.

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Removing the satellite dome should not be a big problem. It would give you enough room to mount two 100 watt panels up there. I am including a link to the AM solar web site.


http://www.amsolar.com/home/amr/multili ... stems.html


Under pre-configured systems you can spot the SunRunner™ Signature W/100/25/6/Pro System down near the bottom of the page. This kit contains a single 100 watt panel and contains everything you need to install it down to the last nut and electrical fitting. This is the system we are having installed on the new Oliver they are building. We added an additional 100 watt panel kit to round out our system.

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