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Zamp Charge Controller Voltage Max?


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We have 2019 LE2 Hull #466.

Trying to find info on the max voltage that the Zamp Controller can handle. I am starting a project to add more solar to the top of the trailer.  The panels I'm looking at has (Vmp) Max Power Voltage and (Voc) Open Circuit Voltage.  Most charge controllers state to use the Voc numbers when sizing panels to controller. If your total Voc goes over the voltage rating of the controller it is possible to fry the controller.  Our Oliver manual only states a 25Volt.  No mention of what the original solar panels on the trailer are rated "(Vmp) or (Voc)". 

The new panels I plan to use in my project have Vmp- 25V +/- 5% and Voc 31.5V +/- 5%.

Thanks Robert


2019 LE II Hull# 466

TV 2021 Chev Silverodo 1500 HC

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You best bet would to be look at the label on the bottom side of the original panels.  The label should look like the picture below, but have different values.  Search online for a PWM solar charge controller calculator if you are going to use the stock Zamp controller.  Or multiply the Short Circuit Current / Isc value by 1.25 to find the max amperage value you need to account for.




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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
2017 LEII #193 “the dog house”



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