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  1. This is a variation of the Zarcor shade Mike and I have. Raspy installed it in his LEII. AP Products 015-201512 Slim Shade Upgrading Your Door Window https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRRNQNP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_q58GEb5Q778YT Mossey
  2. Thanks beaker and Chuck. The table looks very nice. Mossey
  3. Are you suggesting that I not grease the suspension until I see you at the rally and you can do it for me while also showing me how to do it Bill's way? I have used a creeper to grease the suspension several times and that works fine other than I haven’t figured out how to deflate the creeper wheels while doing the axle limbo.😄. I usually use a roll of paper towels cleaning up the grease that seeped out between the grease gun and the zerk. So I was hoping the LockNLube tip would help. Mossey
  4. Well thanks Ken and Andrew 😮. Now I’m into next weeks allowance. I guess I should buy a bunch of 45° and 90° zerks prior to my spring wheel bearing maintenance. Mossey
  5. Thanks John for helping me spend this weeks allowance. Now I just have to convince my wife that the locking coupler will actually save money with less wasted grease and paper towels for clean up. I've been picking up the Red-N-Tacky at NAPA and I really like it. Mossey
  6. I think I will wait until the problem has been diagnosed and corrected before I condemn or laud Oliver Travel Trailers quality control procedures. After all, this trailer was delivered by a 3rd party to Wyofilm. It is quite possible that everything worked as designed when it left Hohenwald. I do know that the experiences that I have had with hull #193 may or may not apply to hull #609, as OTT makes changes every year in order to create a better travel trailer. For instance, while watching the video of the new 2020 E2 a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the galley drawers appear to have an internal latch to prevent unintended opening while underway. I can’t confirm this because I haven’t seen it, but the video leads me to believe it. Mossey
  7. Yes, you will be using the regulator on board. Put the Blackstone hose and regulator in storage. Just install the fitting on the grill and leave it there. It’s your call whether you leave it installed or remove it each time you use the grill. It sticks out a bit but should not inhibit storage. Mine points to the back of the grill. I also have the carry bag which also offers some protection. When it's time to use the grill, just connect the male quick connection to the trailer and the female quick connection to the grill. Then turn on both of the shut off handles to the open position and you are ready to light the grill. I can post some pictures if my instructions are not clear. Mossey
  8. Were you able to complete all of this maintenance in the shade of the new Ollie shed?😄 Thanks for the list. Mossey
  9. The inverter is located under the street side bed and the surge protector is under the rear seat of the dinette. You will have to remove 2 screws to access that area. Yellow arrows point to the inverter and surge protector. The inverter changes DC power to AC power allowing you to run something like a toaster on the battery power of the trailer. The surge protector protects the trailer from incorrect AC voltage coming into the trailer, whether it is to high or to low, from whatever you connect it to. That is why it is the first electrical component on the AC power line in the trailer. There is a great resource for OTT information at the Oliver University. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/oliver-university/ Surge Protector Inverter
  10. FYI, Your 1500 w space heater is using about 12.5 Amps. 150' of 10 AWG wire = a line loss of 3.75v. So if you started with 120v at the house, you are down to 116.25v at the trailer.- 12 AWG = a loss of 5.96v = 114.04v. 14 AWG = a loss of 9.47v = 110.53v. 16 AWG = a loss of 15.05v = 104.95v which is .95v above the low voltage cutoff of the Progressive Industries Surge Protector. If you reach the low voltage cutoff point, you would lose all AC to the trailer because the surge protector would shut down. So the long answer is your extension cord is too long and probably too small. By the way, in the 3rd entry of this post, John E Davies shows a picture of the remote display of the Progressive Industries Surge Protector. It may be located under the street side bed. It will show the voltage coming into the trailer in the scrolling display. John's picture shows the amp reading so keep watching and it will show the voltage reading so you’ll know what that value is. And don’t return the GFCI tester, put in your Ollie tool box because you’ll use it again. Mossey
  11. Adding to Mark's post of useful RV tools: I found this picture that DavidS shared some time back of an electrical gauge and a GFCI tester as well as a 30 to 15 amp adapter. I keep the electrical gauge plugged in under the curbside bed all of the time just as a reference for my AC power. You can use it to test pedestal power or anything you plug your Ollie into or to testany of the outlets in the trailer. I have the other tools Mark posted as well and like most handy people, I have used a radio or a 2 wire test light to confirm the presence of AC power, but that was before I could afford an Ollie. Invest in the test equipment suitable for your needs and capabilities. It my save your life. And don’t forget about YouTube, it’s a great resource for information you don’t know or may have forgotten. Mossey
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