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  1. Thanks Jeff! We only spent part of a day at Guadalupe NP and hiked to Devils Hall.
  2. Jeff, thanks for bring back fond memories of the Indian lands of New Mexico and Arizona with your pictures. Thinking about Chaco made me shiver again, that’s a weird place. Is the survey maker in the first picture on the mountain with the communications equipment in Big Bend NP?
  3. I moved my television to the center mount location in March 2019 for many of the same reasons mentioned in this post. I used Mike and Carol's suggestion of a door knob protector to cover the old wiring hole into the attic. I did not like the looks of the door knob protector because the mounting tape was too thick and it left a noticeable gap between the protector and the fiberglass. So I went back to Amazon and bought a 2" white plastic hole plug that worked perfectly. The only problem is it came in a bag of 25. So I have 23 left now because I sent one to DavidS. If you want to do this mod or already have and need a hole cover, just let me know via PM and include your address. I drop one in mail for you. I also found some small white foam circles that I used to cover the bolt holes.
  4. If you remove the old light, you might find some manufacturers identification inside. Also check with the OTT service department. It looks like etrailer has some lights that look similar to the early model Oliver’s. Check here: https://www.etrailer.com/s.aspx?qry=Rv+Porch+Light&furl=-vw-1
  5. Do you have a neutral bonding plug plugged into your generator? If not, the surge suppressor with block the incoming current. See the following post for more information. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/generator-use-with-hard-wired-surge-protector/ Mike
  6. The white weather strip the covers the outside track of the sliding window is reusable. Be sure to have fun while cleaning the window tracks. Mike
  7. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Mike and Krunch
  8. I replaced mine in May 2019 and it just may be the best $100 I ever spent. You will need 5' for each large window and 2' for the bath on an LEII or 17'. Mike
  9. Good thinking Ken. When something like the generator struggling happens, it very easy to go down the rabbit hole and making it very complicated. I often forget to sit down and think about it. Mike
  10. What type of knee surgery did you have? From my limited experience with knee surgery, only 5 times, hot generally means infection. Have you been back to the doctor? Are you doing physical therapy? I know everyone’s pain level is different, but I stopped pain pills 2 days after an total knee replacement. And remember, ice is your friend for swelling. Mike
  11. Check their website at this link. They are open today till noon MST. https://wifiranger.com/support Mike
  12. One of our forum members makes mahogany shower mats that might help with noise issue until you figure out if it’s a problem or not. See this post https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/shower-mat-production-starts-next-week/#post-173535. I purchased a teak mat from teakworks4u.com before Foy started making them and I think it distributes my weight more effectively. Mike
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