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  1. I didn’t notice the extending trailer tongue in your first posted picture of the BikeWing and the Hitch-It mount. I don’t think your application would work on any Oliver without that feature. Mossey
  2. According to Ultimate Campgrounds they do have power. Mossey
  3. Mike, Didn’t you once mention that you made your dinette back cushions larger to accommodate converting your twin beds into a king when you traveled with your grandchildren? Mossey
  4. BillGHON, Search for and reach out to Elite owner DonnaDuane. He is a skier also and I believe he has done a fair bit of winter camping while skiing. Mossey
  5. I just tried the condensed view instead of the expanded and Mikey likes it. Mossey
  6. Thank you, very good information. I’ll have to share it with Krunch because my involvement in the food department has to do with grilling and chilling. Oh and the Oreo's are my responsibility as well. Mossey
  7. The converter panel under the dinette table has 12v DC fuse and a 120v AC breaker for the refrigerator. Is the 12v DC fuse good or is it blown? Is the 120v AC breaker tripped? And as David mentioned, be sure to verify the refrigerator is plugged into the AC outlet underneath the sink. Do you have the ability to test 12v DC or 120v AC circuits? Mossey
  8. Sounds like fun and I’ll give it some thought. But I must warn you that all of my treasures are junk. Mossey
  9. Yes I did use the shower house. It needed service the first day and night, no hand soap or toilet paper in one of the stalls. It was much better the second and third days. It turns out that one of the camp host couples left for an emergency on our first day, so they were short handed. The replacement hosts actually showed up about an hour after we did, but didn’t begin working until the next day. All of the spots were clean and level, but ours had a little more privacy due to the fact that it was actually a long drive way with two spots and we were in the rear. There wasn’t any access pr
  10. Black Rock Mountain, a Georgia State Park. August 29-31, 2020. Elevation 3600+. Hot, wet and humid after the remains of Hurricane Laura past through Western North Carolina which is just 50 miles north of the park. But we were camping for the first time in 2020, so we just sucked it up. Mossey
  11. And I thought owners were OTTO's😃. Mossey
  12. Yukon, I didn’t replace my fuse. It was a different Oliver owner, ShallowGal. I’m interested to find out if your fans thermal fuse crimps are indeed magnetic. In the meantime, I ordered 50 of these. They won’t be in Florida until the end of the month. If you can wait until then I’ll send you a few. Anybody else interested? Just send me a PM with your address. Mossey
  13. Does the parallel crimp connector conduct heat more uniformly that a typical butt connector and that’s why it is used by the fan manufacturer? Does the lack of an insulator make it a high temp connector or are they made from different materials which handle higher heat? Looking at the pictures that Yukon posted of the thermal fuse, it seems that Oliver used a closed end crimp connector to connect the black house hot wire to the white thermal fuse wire. Would that satisfy the high temp and the heat conductivity requirements or is the fuse protecting the house wiring and the closed end cr
  14. Yep! I confuse myself sometimes, bhncb. Thanks for the frown👍. Mossey
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