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  1. I have heard some reasonable ideas on the issue of fuses, circuit breakers and the way OTT installed the Fastway equipment. So I thought I would look for some installation instructions and this is what I found. It looks like all opinions aside, OTT is installing the product just as the manufacturer instructed. And I’m good with that. Mossey
  2. If you have the 8 screws out from the vents, then I think the 2 screws inside the filter area do need to be removed. You circled 1 of them in green. Mossey This picture is from the link Townesw provided.
  3. I know the bolt in the red circle holds down the roof unit. I think, because I don’t remember, the screw in the green circle holds the control portion of the inside cover in place. To remove 90% of the inside cover, open the curb and street side vents completely and 2 screws will be visible in each opening. Now that you know where to look, open the front and rear vents completely and look on the hinge side of the opening and you should see 2 screws in each opening, but they are much harder to see. Use a long #2 Phillips screwdriver with a round barrel because you will be rubbing on plastic
  4. That’s an EZE Gutter that a lot of OTTO's have installed closer to the windows. The gutters needed to be installed higher with the window shades. Mossey
  5. This picture shows one of the awnings that Bruce and Cheryl made for LE2 136 that Bill is referring to. As you may be able to see, the were made from PVC pipe and fittings. The head rail and feet, picture below, are marine products. Cheryl traveled with a sewing machine, so of course she made the shades. As I remember, they removed everything except the head rail and feet for travel. They were/are full timers from North Carolina and wintered in Florida. The last time I saw them was at the 2018 Rally where Bruce received an award from Oliver for his contributions to helping solve the fres
  6. I would suggest that you never fly wind art or a flag of any kind while having an antenna deployed on your mast. The antenna itself will create enough deflection in the mast to affect the cellular performance. MiMo technology would certainly help, but why add to your problem with a moving antenna. And if you are in a cellular signal challenged area, you may not have the benefit of the latest cellular base station equipment suppling your signal. Mossey
  7. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought I’m not taking this bait, it screamed trouble to me. It’s kind of like the old Oscar Meyer Wiener commercial when the kids sang "my dog's better than your dog". And it also reminded me of the advice my father gave me "never resist the opportunity to keep you mouth shut". But when it turned funny; I couldn’t help myself. When I bought my Oliver, the previous owner didn’t call it a wet bath, he called it the bidet option and it made sense to me, after all I had never used a bidet. Full disclosure: at our sticks and bricks house, th
  8. Thank you for your words of caution. Your warning based on your job experiences are certainly more valuable than the information on the package the candle came in. Sometimes, all we need is a reminder. Mossey
  9. Susan, all kidding aside, this is what we carry our Honda EU2000i inside of when we take it our SUV. It will also fit in the tongue box. Mossey
  10. Not a thing! I am still happy with my 16 year old Honda 2000i, so I haven’t been looking at availability. But I do know you are very patient. So I do believe you will get your Yamaha generator. My Magic 8-Ball can not be that specific. Mossey
  11. Check the second water pump switch switch in the bath. Still nothing, check the wiring at the switch if you don’t have power at the pump. Mossey
  12. I think it has been established by multiple OTTO's that most any brand of small generator, 2000 watts and above will run the air conditioner in an OTT. The question of whether or not it needs a neutral bonding plug is a different set of conditions based upon the generator you use and the electrical management system of the RV you are trying to power. A really simple solution is use whichever generator you have and plug it into the RV, start the generator and then start the air conditioner. Did the EMS shut down the electricity from the generator and provide an error code. If you did receiv
  13. Then I think starting load would equal the in-rush load or as Honda states it Surge load. My test equipment does allow me to see the surge, start or in-rush load, as well running load. The Easy Start stages the start sequence there by limiting the surge, start or in-rush load during the startup process. My 2004 Honda 2000i is rated at 13.3 amps or 1600 watts for a running load and 16.7 amps or 2000 watts for a surge load. At one point in time I did a test, running the Dometic 13,5000 BTU on my generator just to verify my test cable and the AC/DC amp meter. I do not remember to surge or ru
  14. My Easy Start was installed at the OTTO's Rally in 2018. MicroAire sent a tech/engineer to the rally do do installs on the spot. I did not test before, during or after the Easy Start installation at the rally. I bought the meter and built the test cable in 2019 after someone posted about having trouble with their Easy Start and while researching their problem via Easy Start documentation I came across the plans for the test cable and then bought the meter. When I have used it, Krunch started the air conditioner while I monitored the meter. I do not remember seeing anything near the range
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