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  1. I bought 25 white 2" hole plugs in 2019 when I relocated my TV. And I have 23 left, so if you can use 1 or 10 let me know. Mossey
  2. It was missing the ROF tail gate step. So I would’ve needed a rope ladder or a step stool. And as you know "it’s better to be safe than sorry".😉 Mossey
  3. 2023 F-150 3.5 EB, Super Crew FX4 Lariet! I think Ford has closed the gap. Mossey
  4. I agree! With Amazon’s supply chain and delivery issues during and post Covid 19, I always go to EBay for a price check. As an example, I purchased a Victron Cerbo GX last December for $80 less than Amazon, with free shipping. Amazon is very easy to do business with, as long as you don’t need to talk with them. But I often save money at EBay. Mossey
  5. I have had very good success with both of these companies. And I vote for saving money, that way you’ll have some to waste later😁 Mossey
  6. I like easy, so here goes! I was born and raised in Florida and know enough to stay there in the winter, so that is the reason I have never had to winterize. But I do sanitize my freshwater tank and when I do drain it, I tilt the trailer to the curb side which is were the drain pipe exits the freshwater tank and I remove the outside shower head, turn the shower on and insert the hose into a piece of PVC pipe to move the water away from the trailer when I am at home. You could run it into your drain hose if your campsite has a sewer connection. And I wouldn’t have any qualms with opening the freshwater drain and driving down the road if the weather cooperates. I often dump my freshwater during the last few hours of driving home. That probably wouldn’t work in freezing weather. On the other hand it may be safer to have a 1/2 of tank of water, which would be less likely to freeze. Mossey
  7. The key to backing up a trailer is to practice and most importantly, go slow! And don’t be afraid to pull forward and start again. It is often easier to back up straight if you start out straight. And don’t worry about it, we all had to learn at some point. And before I forget, figure out how you and your partner are going to communicate. Be it hand signals, walkie talkies, cell phones or your rear view camera. Mossey
  8. Welcome to the forum. I am not a F250 Tremor owner so I’ll let those members speak up at their opportunity. I will say that I do not know for sure but we may have one member with a 3/4 ton truck that uses an Andersen WD hitch. Most of the members using an Andersen do so because they are required to by the manufacturer in order to not exceed their tongue weight limitations. It all depends on your Tow Vehicle’s limitations and each vehicle may be different. And if you haven’t heard, there will be an Oliver Travel Trailer Owners rally at Lake Guntersville State Park in Alabama May 17-21. If you are still in the area and have time to visit, please do so. The campground may or may not be full at this time, but nearby State Parks may have availability. Mossey
  9. When someone ask me about them, I generally say they are just little brown dogs. Your pair look to be in confirmation condition. This is our Kendal that we lost last March at 15 and our dog is 9. Mossey
  10. My picture must have sent you into a tizzy because you didn’t read the first sentence of my post. It is indeed a Border Terrier silhouette. Mossey
  11. The inspiration for my nose art was my two Border Terriers. And of course, also the fact that my wife did not wholeheartedly embrace a travel trailer as an RV of choice. She would have preferred a Class B or C if she was going to move out of the Hampton Inn. The hard part was finding a silhouette that was an accurate image of a Border Terrier and was not copyrighted. I found this one on Etsy and bought a piece of the artwork and asked for permission to use it on my caravan, as he called the Ollie. He was impressed that I had even asked for permission and was kind enough to send me a soft copy to use as I pleased. I added the script to the original and Oliver printed for me. Mossey
  12. This link is to a member who has sold their Oliver, but they were based around Salt Lake City, Utah. Read the post "Seeing Ollie in the Best Possible Light" for Utah camping inspiration. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/profile/807-davids/content/ Mossey
  13. The large 7 wire cable enters the hull under the bathroom sink so there isn’t anywhere outside to test. Oliver’s wiring schematic’s are pretty accurate color wise, so I believe you should start looking under the sink or the front dinette seat for the green wire leaving the large bundle of wires in wire loom. Mossey
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