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  1. I do the same with my 1 pound tanks! 😂 I use the Mopeka tank monitors on the 30 pounders. Mossey
  2. Bike racks and Ollie's have been a very popular topic over the years and I don't remember ever seeing your's. Please add pictures if you could and perhaps you could start a new topic so your Starlink post does not get cluttered with off topic questions. Mossey
  3. Just an FYI on the subject of replacing a converter/charger in a Progressive Dynamic's Power Control panel or upgrading an existing inverter: the wiring and components of any electrical system, whether AC of DC, has been engineered to the specification’s of the system components. If you choose to upgrade any single component, such as the PD converter/charger from 45 amp to 60 amp, you may overload the other components of the system. Please be careful and consider the bad things that can result from our desire to gain capacity from our upgrades and replacements! Mossey
  4. I never thought of the rubber plug as leak prevention, just keeping the fitting clean. But what do I know? Mossey
  5. That is correct, but you will end up with 2 Instances of the 712 on The Victron Connect app. Are you having trouble receiving Bluetooth signals from your 712? I thought it was from your DC-DC charger, which doesn’t have a VE.Direct port to my knowledge. Victron did add a VE.Direct port to their newest DC-DC charger. I have seen references to the Smart Dongle and the Smart Shunt connected together, but I don’t have either product, so no first hand experience. All of the Victron devices that I have that also have a VE.Direct port, have male pins. Does the Smart Dongle have a male or female VE.Direct connector?
  6. @MAX Burner @jd1923 Did y'all have the rubber cap inserted? I did when mine leaked. Mossey
  7. @jd1923 i have also inadvertently opened my rear propane quick connect valve by accident, but I just emptied the tank. Never smelled anything. But I am not smart enough to say it’s a bad design. After all, this is my first and only travel trailer. I chalked it up as user error and moved on. But your recent issue caused me to rethink the issue and I think I’m going to try putting a quick connect plug together and see if it would stop a leak with the valve partially open. Has anyone else done this? Mossey
  8. @Geronimo John What's a BLuetooth Radio? My bad! Poor choice of words. I consider any device that can receive, transmit or both an RF signal, a radio. Let’s use a cellular phone as an example. Smart cellphone's have several "radio's" inside of them. First is the cellular radio which is actually a transceiver, meaning it can transmit and receive RF/radio frequency signals. Second is the GPS radio which can receive satellite signals and provide location service when you are out of cellular service. The phone also has an A-GPS which is Assisted GPS which receives GPS data from the cellular network and combines it with the satellite data. A-GPS works better indoors where satellite signal are weaker. The third is the WiFi radio which is also a transceiver. The fourth radio is the Bluetooth radio which is a transmitter. Were you using a dongle or just the 712 Smart (Shunt and Display Combo)? I am using a BMV-712. If not using a dongle, does the 712 Smart System broadcast the Bluetooth "signal" from the shunt or the display? From the display. I believe part of the inherent Bluetooth transmit problem with the Smart Shunt is the placement of the Bluetooth transmitter which is stuck onto the shunt itself. It will never transmit an omnidirectional signal so it is probably possible to increase its transmitter range by changing its orientation. The same thought would also apply to the Smart Dongle which I believe is also directional by design. Mossey
  9. Good question! I don’t know, never tried, but I will just for you😎 and let you know. I did a simulated hookup by backing my F150 up to the Bulldog and did a test. I had no problem connecting to my Victron BMV-712 which has its own Bluetooth radio in the display and is installed under the SS bed. These 2 pictures show the BMV-712 Bluetooth off and on. Mossey Bluetooth off while I was in Ollie. Bluetooth on while I was in my truck.
  10. It's the same with my battery jump box. Sharing is caring! Mossey
  11. Since that price is for the bare tool only, I doubt it's a bunch cheaper. Since I'm not an old Milwaukee guy, just a Milwaukee guy and do not own an DeWalt tools, I did buy a Viair several years back. And the only time I needed it was to help a neighboring camper air up his bicycle tires. Mossey
  12. I have been a Campendium user for several years. Last year they changed their membership policy and I added Roadtripper to my account. Roadtripper is a trip planning app. Roadpass is the key to enter into their premium membership program features. I use Campendium to find campgrounds and Roadtripper to plan my route and find things of interest along the way. Is it worth the money? I try not to help people spend their money so I won’t say, but I will renew my membership next month. After all, someone has to stimulate the economy. Mossey
  13. @Snackchaser WOW! Great write up and execution. Thank you! Mossey
  14. I replaced the vanity towel bar/access cover with a marine hatch as several others have done. I used screws and nylon insert lock nuts to mount my hatch. If you follow @Frank C's installation and reuse the original vanity towel bar/access cover, I don't think you can beat his use of U nuts. I wish he had completed his version before I did mine, because I prefer his method! Mossey
  15. I thought you and rich.dev were discussing plusnuts installed in fiberglass. Mossemi
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