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  1. If I am the Fanboy, as some have said and you are now claiming the title of Fandude, I guess you are no longer the "almost Old guy" as you recently posted, but have in fact passed that threshold as the term boy and dude would indicate. Or you are just a " The Big Lebowski" fan! 😄 the dude abides, Mossey
  2. I knew they would be flying for the SB and I also knew they were practicing the stadium flyover on Friday evening. I was feeding the dogs Friday when I heard them coming. So I ran out to the back yard just as they cleared the roof line and I didn’t ave my phone. They were all in clear view and at a lower altitude on the Friday pass. I hoped they would be coming by after the National Anthem before the SB, so I was waiting when they came by. I believe they were flying home last night. One was from Missouri, one from Utah and the other was from Minot, ND. Mossey
  3. Thank you for your service! Mossey
  4. This video is of the B52, B1 and B2 bombers that flew over RayJay before the Buccaneers Super Bowl 55 victory. And if you add all of B's up you get 55. Somebody had their thinking caps on when they put the fly over together. Watch the left side of the picture for the B1 and B2. They were blocked by the trees. The B52 flew right over the house. Mossey 20210207_182926.mp4
  5. I have said this before and I will say it again, camping under a tarp, in a tent or any sort of a RV is a participation sport. So be prepared to get involved. I bought a 6 month old Oliver, so I didn’t get an orientation at the factory. And the Oliver is my first RV. Although we did rent a 24' class C in Alaska for 3 weeks in 1999. So I really was a newbie and I still am. The little I do know about RV's is what I have learned here on the Oliver forum and other forums that I sometimes visit as well as the things I have learned myself playing in my OTT. I have been called an "Oliver
  6. And for people who like books instead of PDF's and soft books, Will also has a book about Solar Power that is a great resource and it is available on Amazon. And like SeaDawg, his forum is another resource I use regularly. These are links to his forum and website for additional solar information. https://diysolarforum.com/members/will-prowse.1/ https://www.mobile-solarpower.com/ Mossey
  7. Nan, I sent you an email from the RV Trader ad to try helping with this issue. Is the picture in the add of your trailer? You might try calling them to discuss your issue. The picture below has some phone numbers for RV Trader. Mossey
  8. Yes, the frame needs to be removed to be able to insert the anchors into the window frame. See the original post to see the pictures of the anchor location. Mossey
  9. This is the link to the solar tracking company you are asking about. Mossey
  10. This post about bed choice began last year and has some additional comments. Mossey
  11. You have to put the yellow ball into the Bulldog coupler and then close the coupler just like you were hooking up the truck. After you have locked the collar and padlock you already have installed, you can put the U-shaped part of the lock into the yellow portion. It should look like the picture when complete. Mossey
  12. I have never seen or looked for the 24 hour break-in instructions in print on paper or a soft copy. It was a comment made while discussing the intermittent problem I was experiencing. Mossey
  13. So I will ask this question: Do you think most MaxxFan failures are water/moisture related or is it an electrical supply issue? I know from the reading I have done on RV forums, most of the blame is placed on moisture. And as far as I know, MaxxFan has done nothing to change people’s opinion on that theory. A true test of the voltage question will be when new fans are installed with a voltage regulator from the start. And we will see where the data on fan failures lead our thoughts. By the way, within my support email chain, MaxxFan stated that the fan bearing break in proced
  14. The fan problem I ran into was with the fan in auto mode and running at 80%. I noticed the fan running slower than I thought it should be, so I ignored it. And then I noticed it again and again, so now it was on "my when I get around to it list". I can honestly say that my fan voltage problem was not theoretical, but maybe it was a coincidence. And I can’t say it is a lithium charge setting either. What I can say is that I didn’t have a fan problem before replacing my PDI DC charger with the lithium charger and I did have the problem a couple of months later. I will also confess that I
  15. Amazon has lots of choices in fixed and adjustable voltage regulators if I remember correctly. Mossey
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