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  1. I am not sure of your skill level but it is a simple test to verify the thermostat switch. If you can find your thermostat as shown in the picture, remove both connectors and test for 12 volts on each connector. If you don’t have a multimeter or test light you can make a short jumper with a 6" piece of 12 or 14 AWG wire with male terminals on both ends and connect the 2 wires you removed from the thermostat together. If you need help, let us know. Mossey
  2. I went back and reread JD's post about his drawer restraints and replacing the drawer front with the pantry style latch and I now see the relevance between the 2 posts. I will admit to not reading JD's post in it’s entirety as I had previously read his, yours and Reed's version of drawer restraints. So I thought I was up to speed, which reminds me of father's axiom "don’t think, you’ll weaken the ball club". And that reminds me of another of his many axioms, "never resist the opportunity to keep your mouth shut"- nuff said, Mossey
  3. I’m not familiar with the term "pantry style latch". What latch are you referring to? Mossey
  4. Then you’ll be happy to know that Makita makes or has made at least 4 different 18v fans. Mossey
  5. The Mikita fan would certainly fill the Clam requirement. But it would be hard to decorate around the Mikita blue. Mossey
  6. Short answer - yes. I think the Sirocco ll is the most expensive fan Caframo makes and there are less expensive model’s available. And be sure to shop around because the Amazon price is extremely high compared to the price I paid of about $100. Mossey
  7. This is a Caframo Sirocco ll fan that I mounted on a piece of scrap oak and added a 12v cigarette lighter plug and enough wire to use in different locations in the Ollie. Mossey Mossey
  8. Is the tv mounted under the attic or sitting on the nightstand? If it is mounted, you may be able to connect it to Oliver radio by cables. If not, the picture I forgot to add has now been added, so see my previous post. This device would work in either scenario. You could also use it with any of the portable Bluetooth speakers and set the speaker near wherever you chose to sit. Or use a headset or a pair of headsets for 2 people. Since other forum members reading your post do not necessarily understand your equipment or scenario, the more information you provide will result in more accurate responses. In this case, we don’t know anything about your tv other than it is a Visio. That bit of information rules out any responses concerning the Furrion tv, which is where I would have started without it. So please remember that with the written word, there is no such thing as too much information. I think that is why books are so long when compared to the movie. Mossey
  9. I can transmit Bluetooth from my phone or tablet to the Furrion radio without any trouble. But I use this to transmit Bluetooth from my SiriusXM satellite radio to the Furrion radio or Bose headphones. I also use one at home from my LG tv to Bose headphones. So this is a solution if you can’t connect the tv to the radio with wires or cables. Mossey
  10. How about posting a picture of the USB connector so others can see what you are referring to. Mossey
  11. JD, My rear emergency exit window has an integrated gutter so I did not use the EZE Gutter there. I did think your use of the extra gutter over the upper refrigerator vent was an excellent idea. I was able to complete my installation with 2-10' rolls of EZE Gutter. And as another forum poster suggested, I used the 3M 4298 Adhesion Promotor. Mossey
  12. If the drawer latch looks like this you may be able to replace it with a stronger pull. They widely available in 3 lb. to 10 lb. pulls. The service department may be of help. Mossey
  13. Try using the search feature. My search for "speakers" returned 114 posts and here are 2 that may be of interest. One of the post is for the Furrion tv and radio and the other is about Jensen equipment. Good luck, Mossey
  14. I do agree with the comments about color and quality of zip ties but this looks like a temporary deployment, so I think the installation is just fine. Mossey
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