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  1. I will try to answer this question, but since I am a short person at 6' even or at least I used to be, old age seems to shorten most of us. The shower pan is 24" wide X 22" deep. The measurements are 73-1/8" at the door and 67" at the sink. Say what? The shower is at the front of the trailer and the curve of the front roof/ceiling accounts for the difference. Is it tall enough for you? That’s your decision, but I will say it’s better than a sink bath. My wife claims to 5' tall and she would like more water pressure and an unlimited supply of water, but it works for both of us. I know of some tall Oliver owners and their solution is to sit on the toilet while showering. My twin beds measure 30" wide and 76-3/4” along the aisle and 68” along the wall. Again the curve of the sidewall to the end of the trailer is curved. I am a side sleeper so it works for me and we started with the large bed and hated changing the configuration each night. We tried sleeping on the benches but that didn’t work either as they were not wide enough for me, but worked for my wife. One last comment about beds, take a look at Southern Mattress. They are in North Carolina and shipped our beds to Oliver for us. The have made quite a few beds for other Oliver owners and we are completely satisfied with ours. They will make a bed with just about any material combination you want. Our beds are about 9" tall and are quite comfortable. Sheets? We use the fitted twins we had. Can you bounce a quarter on them after making them? No! But we just tuck in the extra along the wall. Some owners for go sheets altogether and use sleeping bags on top of whatever blanket or bed spread they choose. We cut a king or queen size spread in half to make two twin spreads. Mossey
  2. Well I guess that glowing endorsement fooled me into thinking someone had found something better than sliced bread. Maybe I’ll wait for Overland to try them out, cause he buys that 3M stuff by the case.😃 Mossey
  3. If all OTTO's bought a 2 pack, we would probably put 3M out of business. I usually just throw my partial tubes of any 3M caulk in the garbage. I have found that trying to save them is really frustrating. I have them on my short list. Thanks topgun2, Mossey
  4. Say your prayers because Steve and Tali need them. Mossey
  5. I just found some information on the TST website that sheds a little light on how their system works. Below is a snippet of the information available at their website. Mossey https://tsttruck.com/how-it-works The monitor continually sequences through the sensors displaying each tires pressure and temperature. In the event an anomaly is detected, the monitor locks onto that sensor emitting an audible alarm and a textual description of the issue (fast leak, low pressure, high temperature).
  6. It’s pretty flimsy material so it would be best to have some internal support for the duct. Maybe disconnect it at the point closes to the tear and work your hand/arm or something similar into the duct while applying the foil tape. Mossey
  7. Yes, that’s why the sensors on the east side of my trailer have higher pressure and temperature readings when I’m heading north in the morning and then it’s the west side in the afternoon and they are pretty even during the middle of the day. The spare tire always reads cooler than the east or west side of the trailer, it’s always in the shade. And I know that tire pressure goes up when the tires are warmer, thus the advice to check tire pressure when the tires are cold. Of course that advice predates TPMS's, but now you can see it real-time as the tires heat up and the monitor displays the results. As far as the lack of information goes, that applies to anything I purchase these days. I don’t believe it’s an entirely new condition. I think you worked in a technical or engineering world if I remember correctly and if so, you would know about documentation evolving from hard to soft copies. I believe that change was driven by costs initially, but also believe the rapid changes in everything made currently, make it impossible for paper information to stay up to date. I just bought a new Apple Mac mini and the box included the computer, power, HDMI and USB-C cables as well as a 4 page booklet and an Apple sticker. The LG monitor I also purchased included a power cable, similar paperwork and a CD. If you don’t know anything about the Mac mini, you wouldn’t know that it doesn’t have a CD drive. So it’s off to google world. I will add that I have a TST system and their technical support is excellent and it was certainly worth the phone call. Mossey
  8. After thinking about this a little more, I turned my monitor on yesterday and the sensor values were blank initially and after 3 to 4 minutes all 5 sensors reported values that were within my parameters. Now my trailer has not moved since August 20th which really doesn’t mean anything, but does make me think that if it was a stored value, the monitor shouldn’t have needed 3 or 4 minutes to show an old value. I do believe the monitor has non-volatile memory to store user parameters, but what would be the purpose of storing historical sensor data? Mossey
  9. I use 3/8” safety chains with a 24,000 lb. breaking strength with hooks that fit my Toyota so I don’t need hammer links, but if I did need either of them, I would buy the size that my hooks would fit in as either size would meet my safety requirements. For the Andersen chain extensions, I used 3/8” heavy duty twin link clevis repair links with a working load limit of 6600 lbs. Maybe Patriot will chime in with the size he is using with his F250 Tremor that topgun2 referenced above. This LINK will take you a different brand, but it does provide size information for your reference. Mossey
  10. GJ and topgun2, I would suggest you re-think you F150 safety chain connection. The quick links you are using are rated at 3300 lbs. WLL and I believe a single trailer safety chain should be rated for the weight of the entire trailer. I am sure you have seen postings here on the forum about the Anderson WDH's with chain extensions connected with 3/8” quick links failing. Have you explored hammer links? If not take a look below to see an example and compare the safe WLL. They would solve your F150 safety chain connection safely. Mossey
  11. The GFCI outlet is under the dinette in my 2017 LE2. I’m not sure where it is in a 2021, so you may have to look around. Do you know how to turn the inverter on? I believe there is a remote panel or display that should be active, maybe above the dinette. Mossey
  12. I don’t pay too much attention to the temperature or pressure readings while the trailer is parked because I usually turn the monitor off shortly after arriving at a campsite. I really don’t think it matters as long as they were within the target parameters when I turn it off. I do know that the monitor reads each sensor in 5 second intervals and any changes are updated within a short distance of travel. If I drove 5 miles at 60 mph and didn’t see any change in temperature or pressure, I would be concerned. And I really think I need a TPMS when the trailer is moving. Mossey
  13. Not on my TST system. I just turn on the monitor and it hunts around the airwaves and finds each sensor. And then the monitor continues to receive a data signal from each sensor. If you already have your system, you can go through the pairing sequence before hand and put them on your tow vehicle and test them before you pickup your Ollie. Just follow the setup instructions and call their support line if you run into any difficulties. Mossey
  14. And one last thought, it may have been an installation error. So try remounting the pump a 1/2” north, south, east or west of it’s present location with new coarse thread screws. Put a washer on top off the rubber feet to help control the depth of the screw so it doesn’t penetrate the plastic wood entirely. If the screw passes through the board completely and hits the fiberglass, it could strip the hole in the board. Use a screwdriver and not a screw gun so you have a little more feel. Maybe even try some test screws for practice. Kreg pocket hole screws for soft wood might be a solution. My pump is mounted with lathe screws and hasn’t failed yet. Mossey
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