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  1. Thank you MountianMan, Mike, and Bill I understand a lot of your responses, and we will probably live with the stock configuration for most of the first year. Most of my points I was trying to make come from having those 3 years to prep for our motorcycle camping. Then I ended up not only putting everything together (one piece at a time), I also modified our popup camper to the point of major modding the axle to make it work with all those choices. Thanks again Robert & Deb
  2. New here so please bear with. Wife and I were camping less than 2 hours from Oliver's factory last Oct. . We had just seen a gentleman camping in an Elite, hull #819. So we called and asked to take a factory tour. Needless to say, we are now in line to get our Elite II in July '22 . We have an appointment to visit in Jan. to spend more time in a showroom model to make final option choices. We have been camping for the last 2 years from our CanAm Spyder motorcycles pulling a Leesure-Lite popup and a modified RT-622 CanAm trailer which we added 200 watts of solar to for power. That allowed us to use a 12v fridge/freezer and a 500 watt LiPO4 solar gen. to run my CPAP and all our electronics. That said, I researched equipment, and followed many forums for almost 3 years to get the most efficient and lightest weight items I could find, and afford. Here's where I am struggling. I would like to upgrade to LiPO4 and solar system in the Elite II, but their options don't seem quite right. Watts of solar to ah of battery storage should be at least two to one, not every day is a sunny day. In other words, their 340 watts solar and 630 AH battery is almost backwards. Also, as much as I would like to have enough battery capacity to run the air conditioner I would rather have a 12v unit, like the Dometic RTX 2000, to be more efficient. The idea of trying to collect enough sun with only 340 watts to replenish the power used on the AC unit and also the loss from converting from DC to AC to run it has me a bit nervous. I am familiar with the brand "Zamp" they have some good products however when trying to get all the power you can from an under sized solar array a MPPT charge controller would be ideal. Again, coming from camping off motorcycles where weight is a major factor, having to step up to 30# LP tanks is hard for me. Unfortunately, with an absorption style fridge, even if you can run it from the onboard electrical system, you will deplete your batteries too fast unless you are on shore power. So, for long term boondocking LP is really the only option. Finding a compressor style fridge would be ideal. Their composting toilet seems ideal for us who like to boondock a lot. I just wish that option included a conversion of the black tank to grey water storage. Sorry if I seem to be only focused on my perceived short comings of what I think is a GREAT camper, or we wouldn't have put down a deposit for one. I have spent a lot of time reading the Mods section of the forum here and I find many are converting stock items to what I have talked about here. Even switching to lithium, it sounds as if you lose the ability to charge while towing unless the new owner installs a DC to DC charger on their own, maybe I missed something. I hope I don't come across as a "Debbie downer" when I say it seems like I will be removing A LOT of $ items to modify to above ideas to get it "just right" for us, as soon as we bring it home from the factory.
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