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  1. It is very difficult to diagnose issues like this without asking qualifying questions, so please be patient with everyone trying to help and don’t take any of the questions personally, we are just trying to help. As I understand the situation, you have been traveling in the trailer for the last nine weeks and you just arrived home and plugged the trailer into the same outlet you have used in the past, which leads you to believe it is a working 30 amp receptacle. Am I correct so far? You also stated that you have tried both the main 30 amp trailer connection as well as the front 30 amp trailer connection that Oliver sells as a generator connection. Both of those connectors should be wired inside the trailer at a junction box or they both go to the surge protector. I do not know the answer to that question because I don’t have the generator connection. The surge protector could be at fault or the incoming power is at fault. Now we need to determine where the problem is and I normally troubleshoot from the beginning and verify point A is working and progress to point B, then C and so on till the fault is identified. A new identical surge protector like you may have is $217 on Amazon and I would want to know beyond reasonable doubt that the one I have is faulty before I bought a new one. I believe a phone call to Progressive Industries and Oliver Travel Trailer’s service department for support and troubleshooting guidance is the direction I would go. The pictures attached may be beneficial. Mossey
  2. My 2017 LE2 remote display was installed below the street side bed and it should be obvious when you see the bright red lights scrolling through various readings as Frank’s pictures show. The surge protector will be the first black box the incoming AC power connects to. You should be able to find a large black cable on the inside at the same point your power cable connects to on the outside. The surge protector may have a flat grey data cable similar to the cable that connected you old home phone to the wall jack. If you find that flat cable, you can find the remote display at the other end of it. Mossey
  3. I am going to assume the 120 volt AC worked yesterday. And you have tested the 30 amp circuit at you new location to verify it is operating correctly. Have you tested the trailer end of the power cord? Frank mentioned the surge protector remote display located in the attic, but I am not sure where the remote display would be located in a 2018 Elite. If you know where the remote display is located, have you checked it? It is the first smart device that would provide useful information about the 120 volt AC power coming into the trailer and it should be checked. You could use the inverter to provide 120 volt power by inverting the 12 volt DC battery power to make a cup of coffee, but you probably would be able to run the A/C for a very short time if you have enough battery power. I guess we have more questions than answers at this point. Mossey EDIT: I guess I’m a little slow with my response, please ignore any of my questions you have already addressed.
  4. Krunch got gas at Bucky’s near Valdosta this morning, $3.19. Mossey
  5. Our 2017 Ventline exhaust fan is still keeping our bathroom odor free! Mossey
  6. Sorry, but I responded to the linked post instead of the new one, so I moved it to the correct post. Mossey
  7. I feel your pain! That looks like some of my caulking jobs. I do have a couple of new questions. Has the wet spot under the weep hole dried up or is it still a chemical spill? Did the yellowing caulk precede the ceramic coating process? Do you still believe the moisture in the closet was a result of the ceramic coating? Mossey
  8. While I don’t have any recommendations for HH locations on the route you might be taking for your rally trip, I can say that the 6 to 8 times we used HH have all been very good experiences. They are all a little different and we don’t have any unreasonable expectations, but I’m happy at Cracker Barrel, Walmart or any other place that seems safe. Krunch likes the HH farm’s and winery’s so we have utilized them on travel days when our destination might be a long day of travel and we just cut it in half. Mossey
  9. I recently purchased an emergency weather radio for an upcoming trip to Theodore Roosevelt NP. I am totally ignorant about weather in the upper Midwest, so it seemed like a sensible solution. I am very concerned about tornadoes and this is small enough for the tow vehicle and the Ollie. We have a different one in the house that we have grown accustomed to relying upon. The alert function might not wake me, but Krunch sleeps with one eye and both ears open, so I’m good. Mossey
  10. You may need to take water with you, maybe 5 gallon’s and use the rear winterizing port to get water into the fresh water tank. And I forgot to mention a water leak hunting tool that @John E Davies shared in the past, blue paper shop towels. They really highlight water drips. Mossey
  11. I forgot that item, so thanks for the reminder. This is the check valve I used when I replaced the original during a recent plumbing modification. Mossey
  12. These pictures show the items in my PEX repair kit. You will have to decide what you are comfortable using. The PEX crimpers were a close out item at Lowes that I bought for $20 and I didn’t even know I needed them until I bought an Oliver. And I needed ring clamps if I was going use the crimpers. If you inventory you plumbing, you will have a better idea of what fittings you might need to do a field repair. The brass fittings that need crimp fittings are reusable so a spare is really not needed. I wouldn’t reuse the plastic fittings that insert into the PEX tubing. I certainly carry more than I need, but most of the fittings I carry are left overs from other mod’s. And I carry a couple of 5’ sticks of PEX in red and blue colors. For most people, SharkBite fittings that PEX tubing inserts into would suffice for most field repairs and a reusable SharkBite fitting like the white ones Oliver uses, require a fitting removal tool. And beware of the SharkBite fittings that are not reusable and are intended for a single use, so read the packages carefully. You will also need a PEX tubing cutter as nothing else will do the job properly. Questions? Mossey
  13. I can’t speak to the Elite location, but my E2 inverter is mounted on the wall below the street side bed. Mossey
  14. 31 to 32" to the top of the basket. And the oval slots are 1/2" H x 1"L. My basket height measurement is actually 31-1/2 " but I am not parked on a solid surface such as concrete or asphalt so I added a little fudge factor. Mossey
  15. There is a weep/drain hole under that cover. It and the others like it are located around the underside of the trailer. It looks like your parking space is under cover, so it shouldn’t be weather related. That mean’s there is probably a water leak inside. Is the front curbside corner the lowest part of the trailer? Is the water pump on? How much water is in the black, grey and fresh water tanks? Are you storing drinking water in bottles or jugs in the trailer. I would start troubleshooting with a bucket under the weep hole to quantify the amount of water your a dealing with. Then I would look for moisture under the rubber mat in the closet. I would also look under the kitchen drawers and bathroom vanity for signs of leakage from the faucets or drains. Let us know if you find any sign of water. Mossey
  16. Read this entire posting, there is a link to the proper tool under a post by Townesw. Mossey
  17. I have a Truma WH and the manual does not show a gas cutoff for it and I looked and didn’t find one in the trailer either. Since the 2017 manual does not show a gas shutoff anywhere, I assume the Suburban WH does not have one either. Can you verify that? Mossey
  18. Please don’t count on the Oliver production or service teams to read your post. This forum is provided by Oliver and they host the server and provide the server support, but they do not participate and probably will not see your post. So the solution is to open a service request with the service department. This will provide a history of your problem for management to address. Remember, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" and none of these posts squeak, but a service request does. Mossey
  19. @Spike I know you have great faith in your RV service tech and I assume it’s the same tech that installed your solar and battery upgrade, so you should be confident in the work he has completed for you. But I also remember that he didn’t get everything right the first time, although he did get it right in the end with some help from the forum members. And he may have replaced an Oliver window before, but I doubt it. So just to be fair, I think it would be prudent to ask the folks at Oliver, who built your trailer about your water leak as they might have some inside knowledge about window installations in Oliver’s. Mossey These 2 links contain information on the subject of water leaks in the window area. The first link is provided by the Oliver Service team. The second link start out with my experience’s with a window leak, but others contributed their own. https://support.olivertraveltrailers.com/portal/en/kb/articles/window-maintenance
  20. Is the collar sliding back far enough to release the side latch? Is the ball in the front portion of the coupler and bound up? If my tow vehicle rolls forward or backwards when I place it in park, it will sometimes cause the ball to release a little rough due to the miss alignment. Sometimes I use the emergency brake to reduce the roll. The Andersen leveling wedges never have caused me any problems disconnet problems. Mossey
  21. WooHoo! Costco $3.74 this morning in Wesley Chapel, FL. Mossey
  22. Thank you for pointing out to everyone that either I can’t read or I am blind.🙈 I totally overlooked the Tundra in your signature. Please except my apologies and thank you for your insightful comments on your Andersen setup. Mossey
  23. It would be my guess the you are not using the Andersen WDH with your 1 ton Ram. And I believe JD thinks the function of the Andersen WDH is the source of the excessive ball wear. Mossey
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