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  1. Well, it would have been a good time to talk about Ollie’s especially since you would be picking up soon after. Mossey
  2. I assume you will be at the OTTO Rally with a pickup date a couple days after the rally ends, so I’ll show you then. 😎 Whoops! SteveCr just let the cat out of the bag. Mossey
  3. If you are the original owner, then I think you should make a warranty claim with the Oliver Service Department. If you are the 2nd owner or just like to fix stuff, PM me and we can discuss how I would fix this issue. If there is glue residue on the end of the pipe, it would indicate that it was glued and connected but the pipe was not inserted far enough into the valve body which probably led to the failure. Mossey
  4. Update! Wayfinder and connor77 have volunteered to have everyone in their Ollie's for the dump valve discussion! 😮 Just kidding! 😎 We will try to do most of the discussion in a common place and then do a practical demonstration in and around the volunteer's Ollie's. Mossey
  5. Automobile key fob’s also work at 433.92 MHz. Mossey
  6. There was a product called LowPro LockDown that was built for the Honda EU2000i, but it is no longer available. This one is similar. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1253698861/generator-lock-security-low-profile Mossey
  7. We play Backgammon in the evening's after we finish playing swap the mosquito! Your Monopoly Diced game looks interesting. Mossey
  8. Right on Charlie! These 2 links will probably answer your questions. And your phone does not a SIM card for Bluetooth to work. I used an old cell phone with my BMV-712 Smart for a year or so. I never really used the included display, as it was mounted below the rear dinette seat. The Smart Shunt was not available at the time I purchased mine, but that is what I would buy if I did not need or want the display. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have additional questions. Mossey https://www.victronenergy.com/battery-monitors/smart-battery-shunt https://www.victronenergy.com/battery-monitors/bmv-712-smart
  9. Only you can answer that question! Are you a friend of Bill's? Mossey
  10. Revisiting my post above, I don’t think you can complete this repair without drilling out the rivets. The nut and washer have to be trapped in the chrome base which is still attached to the bottom of the cabinet. The hole in the cabinet that the wiring passes through is not large enough for you to work through to line up the washer and nut. And of course there is no way to get a wrench on the nut to secure it either. And I will add that the lights I installed are screw mounted, not riveted. The lights Oliver installed are riveted. Sorry if I miss directed you with my first post! Mossey
  11. I should have been more explicit in my comments about the removal of the propane box cover! I generally only remove the cover for tank refills. And like you, I do open and close the tank valves via the porthole access. Mossey
  12. Not sure if it’s a need but it’s there and I use it because it facilitates the removal and replacement of the cover for the propane housing. I remove the porthole cover and stick my left arm through the hole and pickup up the cover, using the my right hand for stability. Mossey
  13. You can also buy adapters that reverse the polarity. Here is one example: Sunway Solar SAE Polarity Reverse Adapter Connectors For SAE To SAE Quick Disconnect Extension Cable, Solar Panel Battery Power Charger And Maintainer-3Pack https://a.co/d/biyVWnv Mossey
  14. I switched to the 1/4 turn porthole and lid a year or so back due to the discoloration of the original. I also moved the tether from the old cover to the new one. I still lube the threads, there’s just less to lube! My tether was in the parts bag of some shop lights I installed in the past. Mossey
  15. This is the OEM light hull 193 was equipped with. My best guess is that the nut and washer is loose and will be impossible to get back on the hollow bolt. You can remove the rubber mat in the cabinet and locate the top of the fixture, it will be under the black tape corresponding with the fixture location. If you attempt this method I think it would be beneficial to pre twist the wires in the opposite direction so that they straighten out when you thread the stem back in. Mossey
  16. My inverter is still attached in it original position. That being said and I was going to re-attach the mounting board or just being proactive trying to prevent the mounting board from breaking loose, I think replacing the just top 2 screws holding the inverter to the mounting board with the through bolts of your choice, would prevent the inverter and board from falling. But the other choice is to hide the bolt heads. This is where Krunch keeps 4 or 5 pairs of sandals, slippers or 🩴’s under her port bed overhang. I’m sure no one would be able to see the bolt heads unless they wanted to borrow a pair of her shoes. We won’t even discuss where the other 15 pairs of her shoes go! Mossey
  17. Where do you intend to locate the Cerbo GX? Are going to use a GX Touch 50 or 70 display and if so, where are you going to place it? I am using a 15’ HDMI to get from the display down to the Cerbo GX through the rear port corner as ScubaRX mentioned above. Mossey
  18. And I remember you telling me that you would rather be “lucky than good”! But I think we were talking about fishing! Mossey
  19. I have heard that Oliver did a lot of different things in the “old’n days”, but of course I wasn’t around then! Mossey
  20. We just donate it! I don’t like strangers looking at the “good stuff” that I’m not ready to part with. It does amaze me the stuff people will pick up at the end of the driveway.😁 Mossey
  21. Yep! At my estate sale and my wife will be cussing about “all my crap”. Mossey
  22. I also end up buying more than I need on Amazon, especially the small stuff. I need to start posting my extras on eBay. Mossey
  23. My trick for remembering parallel vs serial is this, parallel = pair and serial = sum. So a pair / parallel of 12v batteries is just a pair of 12’s and the sum / serial of two 12v batteries is 12 + 12 = 24. Mossey
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