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  1. It has been my experience that a fat wallet leads to low back problems, so my advice is to get 2 wallets and share the pain. And it does help with elevating back pain.😉 Mossey
  2. I updated the Drawer Lock post: I used the 5 lb. pull latch. I updated the Amazon link in the original post. I guess the supplier no longer offers the 5 lb. version and the original link pointed to an 8 lb. pull latch. Mossey
  3. Thanks for the update. It’s always a happy day when you buy something on sale and it meets your expectations. Mossey
  4. Sometimes moisture/water in the trailer side of the 7 way plug will cause phantom light issues. It is worth looking at. I always hang my plug with the plug-in connection pointing down to prevent moisture problems. Mossey
  5. Update to include a parts list and to provide some comic relief to anyone wondering how much money I spent on this modification. Mossey Victron Venus on Raspberry Pi for the dog house $11.99 RS Raspberry Pi 7-Inch LCD Touch Screen Case, Black touch screen and Pi housing $20.81 Raspberry Pi For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) education purposes $11.98 Distribut
  6. The stock MaxxFan screen is similar to a no-see-ums screen door. It's really not a filter, it’s a screen. Mossey
  7. They will be available at the non-rally, see you there.
  8. A few years ago, topgun2 created a filter for his MaxxFan that I really liked, but the frame material he used was no longer available. Although this is my version below, it is similar to his. So I kept it in the back of my mind and often looked at different materials to create my own. I tried some vinyl channel that was used in shower glass installations, but it was too flexible. My next version was metal channel that I am unsure of it’s purpose, it worked pretty well, but I kept cutting my hands on the mitered corners. Then I found some plastic or PVC channel at Lowe’s while
  9. I was able to reuse the Zamp CC hole to mount the display/RPi with industrial Velcro. The wall thickness blocks two of the four USB ports and I would probably separate the display and RPi which would allow access all four USB ports. I have taken a peak at the tank sensor issue and there is some mention of the SeeLevel sensors on the the Victron support pages, but the Venus software is provided by Victron free of charge and it is open source they do not provide much development on non Victron products. If SeeLevel tank sensors are supported, it seems like it will be done by the Victron commu
  10. I have 10 7" wire tethers that I saved from some shop lites that I used for a front access hatch lid tether. I replaced one of the flange mounting screws with a nut, bolt and washer and I used a self tapping screw and washer on the lid. I brought them to the 2019 rally for a swap meet that I don’t think happened and they will be with me at the non-rally. Mossey
  11. I initially used the touchscreen for system setup. And I have made changes through the VRM remote console, but the touchscreen is much easier to use. Mossey
  12. No they are not open because of COVID, but Kim the HH invited us to stay anyway. She was very gracious and stopped by the evening of our stay to make sure everything was ok. It was disappointing that we couldn’t go inside and see the church and what they had done to it. It was different staying in a downtown area but it was convenient to the interstate we came in on. Mossey
  13. I believe I can do anything that the standard CCGX or the Cerbo GX and GX Touch can do. Since I have never had a chance to play with a CCGX, I’m not really sure. And I only have a MPPT CC and a BMV, so I can only see the DC side of things. You tell me if it looks like any functionality is missing. The missing data is while out camping as I don’t have any connectivity without WiFi and my storage solution didn’t work, so it’s back to the drawing board. Mossey
  14. Nope! That is a Raspberry Pi Foundation 7" display with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ single board computer running the 2.60 version of Victron's Venus open source software. Mossey
  15. Victron Venus OS on Raspberry Pi I wanted access to Victron's VRM server for remote access to my solar/battery system, but I couldn’t justify the cost of the Color Control GX display or the newer Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 display. While talking to a friend who has a CC GX, he mentioned the Raspberry Pi based CCGX. So this is the result. Mossey
  16. I forgot to mention that access to the campground is by keypad code if no one is manning the gate house. The code was in my reservation email and I didn’t pay any attention to it. So when we pulled up to the gate, we couldn’t get in. The is no Verizon coverage, so we had to turn around and backtrack about 3 miles to find cell coverage and retrieve the email and gate code. Several campers complained about the gate code requirements because they didn’t read the email any better than I did. None of the campground personnel would provide the gate code to you as it is a security issue.
  17. I have been drooling over these stakes for a while. https://www.amazon.com/Orange-Screw-Ultimate-Ground-Anchor/dp/B01B28QS8G/ref=bmx_2?pd_rd_w=EDWAf&pf_rd_p=b56a886c-2bb4-4e74-b4cf-23d7a76693c8&pf_rd_r=T750X98JKNJ13S99QAFR&pd_rd_r=661c6fd9-b230-421a-8005-69cfa8d51c6a&pd_rd_wg=xyJE8&pd_rd_i=B01B28QS8G&psc=1 Mossey
  18. Thanks for the offer, but we are just 90 minutes down the road and being a native, I know exactly what you mean when you say the weather changes quickly. Mossey
  19. We were visiting a friend who is hosting in loop C. It is a nice campground that has a variety of hiking trails. There were vacancies each day we were there, but it was Monday through Wednesday nights in early April. And we made our reservations in February. If you haven’t been there before, it should be a nice visit and the trees should be in full bloom. They were still bare while we were there. Mossey
  20. A short camping trip to Sherando Lake Recreation Area in Virginia. First night. Second night at Lake Powatan National Forest near Asheville, NC. We had dinner with topgun2 and his wife. No pictures because they kept us out after dark. Third, Fourth and fifth nights. Sixth night at "Key to Escape" a Harvest Host located in Statesville, NC. Seventh and eighth night. Mossey
  21. Landrover, Krunch and I passed through Ocala Sunday on I-75 S somewhere around 5 PM. As I remember, it was raining because it rained on and off all the way to Lutz. We were booked for the night at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, but it was raining when we crossed the Georgia state line and radar suggested the rain wouldn’t pass through until about 11 PM. We decided to head home, so it may have been us you saw on I-75 S. Mossey
  22. If I am the Fanboy, as some have said and you are now claiming the title of Fandude, I guess you are no longer the "almost Old guy" as you recently posted, but have in fact passed that threshold as the term boy and dude would indicate. Or you are just a " The Big Lebowski" fan! 😄 the dude abides, Mossey
  23. I knew they would be flying for the SB and I also knew they were practicing the stadium flyover on Friday evening. I was feeding the dogs Friday when I heard them coming. So I ran out to the back yard just as they cleared the roof line and I didn’t ave my phone. They were all in clear view and at a lower altitude on the Friday pass. I hoped they would be coming by after the National Anthem before the SB, so I was waiting when they came by. I believe they were flying home last night. One was from Missouri, one from Utah and the other was from Minot, ND. Mossey
  24. Thank you for your service! Mossey
  25. This video is of the B52, B1 and B2 bombers that flew over RayJay before the Buccaneers Super Bowl 55 victory. And if you add all of B's up you get 55. Somebody had their thinking caps on when they put the fly over together. Watch the left side of the picture for the B1 and B2. They were blocked by the trees. The B52 flew right over the house. Mossey 20210207_182926.mp4
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