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  1. I believe Overland was the first Battle Born adopter on this forum. He is also the first person that I remember discussing RV's being eligible for the solar rebate. My wife and I had the opportunity to tour Snowball at the 2018 Oliver Owner’s Rally and we were very impressed with the mod’s he has completed. So when my original batteries needed replacing, I started researching Lithium batteries based upon his experience. This Battle Born battery tear down by Will Prowse was the clincher for me. Mossey
  2. The decal was made or sourced by Olive in 2018. I found the silhouette on Etsy by an artist in the UK, purchased a small piece and requested permission to reuse the art for the decal. He approved my request and sent me a jpeg file. I added the text and sent it to Oliver and they installed it while completing some service work. I requested some additional decals from Oliver last year and they declined. Banana Banner’s come highly recommended from other OTTO'S and some have had local sign shops complete their decals and help with the artwork. Mossey
  3. Probably a hard question to answer, but if the storage facility is supplying 111 to 112 VAC in the middle of the day, which is low in my opinion, what is the supplied power when everyone else is charging? I guess you would have to be there at dusk to find out. The EMS shuts down below 104V or above 132V per the manual, so it’s possible that the supplied power may be too low due to demand. If the facility consist of mini warehouses and other tenets are there is the evening working on the cars, trucks, boats or whatever there may be a higher demand for power at night than in the day. I would mention the low power readings to facility management and maybe talk with other RV owners about their experiences. My Ollie is plugged into a 20 amp circuit at my house via a 50' 12/3 extension cord and I consistently get 119 to 120 volts at the trailer. And if you can verify power at the source that you plug into that may be useful. If the facility power is not a problem then take the batteries to a battery supplier and have them load tested. After confirming good power supplied to the trailer and the batteries fail a load test, be all means jump into that rabbit hole. Mossey
  4. I agree with and adding to SeaDawg's comments. These spec's are for the EU2200i and the EU2200i Companion and they are identical except for the equipped output plugs. Mossey
  5. Must be why I always eat 3 donuts. 😋 And remember, ”you don’t have to be hungry to eat a donut"!
  6. Very cleaver use of a pair of Gorilla Ladder Work Platforms. I will try to remember this mod. Mossey
  7. You didn’t mention if you followed Pat's repair solution? Mossey
  8. My bad! I thought you fixed the fridge, but now I get it. You fixed the part number! That’s why I’d rather talk than type or text.😎 Mossey
  9. FYI: For those making late reservations and the choices are slim or none, there an area called "Town Creek Campground" that is primitive camping only. It is down the road a ways from the main campground, but it is an opportunity to boondock and still attend the rally. Mossey
  10. This is an old topic, it seems that every generation of forum members has complained about the forum search capabilities. Thank you for bumping it and adding to the discussion. This link covers the topic as well. Mossey
  11. If you fixed the fridge, can you elaborate? It might help someone else in the future, maybe me.😊 Mossey
  12. Correct on the 4/0 cable routing and the main fuse is OEM 300 amp. Mossey
  13. Yep! That’s all folk’s! Mossey
  14. This is a trick I learned while tent camping in Alaska. You never want to unzip a tent door in the middle of the night, because you’ll never get back to sleep with all of the mosquitoes you let in. And it’s really cheap. Now if I could just get Krunch to use this bottle, I’d really be saving black tank capacity.😉 Mossey
  15. I would suggest meandering, you will enjoy the rally programs and discussions a great deal by having that knowledge and experience. And you will be able to contribute to the everyone’s questions about the newest Ollie’s. Mossey
  16. I know 18 months is a long way off, but count me in as well. Mossey
  17. If the spare sections of PEX aren’t secured, I would recommend that you do that. I have a spare section floating around out of sight in the lower hull. These pictures should be self explanatory, but if not, let me know. I did rework the B+ and B- cables to work with the battery cut off switch, battery + and -, and the Victron shunt. And I will second Overland's suggestion about the hydraulic crimpers. With careful planning, you can crimp new lugs on while the 4/0 cable is on your work bench or while the still in the lower hull. I removed my B+ cable from the main Oliver fuse and the inverter, which enabled me to make up those shorter cables on the work bench all out of the original cable. The Oliver B- cable was moved from the inverter to the shunt and I purchased a new 4' piece of 4/0 and lugs to complete the negative side cables. Mossey View from the rear dinette hatch View from the front hatch of the street side bed
  18. I have a couple of questions about the OP's pictures. What is the relay for in picture #1 and the water supply lines in picture #3 are on top of the grey water tank and that seems to be a new location that I haven’t noticed before. Mossey
  19. For all OTTO's, present, future and wannabes, a Guntersville State Park campground map for reference Mossey
  20. The Veterans Express is about 2 miles west of us. So we take it north or south, going or coming to/from US 98. 98 to 19 and it’s usually clear sailing from Crystal River. If we are heading up the east coast then 301 comes into play after 75 to 326 north of Ocala. Although I like Georgia State Parks in general, they are expensive. So North Florida camping at 50% off have my attention. And of course US 41 is an option, it was all we had before I-75, when heading to Illinois to visit Gramma and Grampa. Mossey ditto: @Kirk Peterson, I apologize for the thread drift.
  21. When I am heading north or south on US 98 to or from the Oliver rally at Guntersville Lake State Park or Huntsville for dog test, I like to stay at Falling Waters, Torreya or Three Rivers State Parks in Florida or Eastbank COE campground near Bainbridge, GA. If I’m in a hurry I will head for White Oak Creek, a COE campground just south of Eufaula, AL when heading north. And the Cracker Barrel near Montgomery, AL is very friendly to overnight guest and the garbage truck comes through about 5AM giving me an early start. I'll try any road as long as it keeps me off of I-75. Mossey
  22. ❄️🏈 / 256 Your subtlety is killing me! Mossey
  23. This picture is for reference purposes only. Both drawbars are Andersen products. Mossey
  24. Ya mean I have to look for another subtle reference? DagNabbit
  25. That was very subtle! I never made the connection before. Mossey
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