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  1. There was one in the parking lot at the RV museum in Elkhart, Indiana last September, as well one inside on display. They sure were ahead of their time. Mossey
  2. I would say that depends on where the part that has nuts and bolts was manufactured. The frame hardware is all SAE and I would bet my lunch money that everything that bolts to the frame is SAE as well. There is metric hardware in the electrical and maybe the plumbing systems, although I’m not positive on the plumbing. I am pretty sure my inverter positive and negative connection nuts are 14MM. So if I go out on a limb, I would say 95+% SAE in my 2017 LEII. Mossey
  3. That’s a funny story that in the long run prepared you for whatever comes you way and helps explain you tool and parts inventory. But now what I really want to know is, where do you carry Atom Smasher? Mossey
  4. I kind of remember you losing an Atom in the bowels of Snowball, but are you saying it was in alarm when you lost it or were you singing in frustration and your campground neighbors didn’t appreciate either? I guess if I ever install any Atoms I’ll have to equip them with safety string so they are retrievable. Mossey
  5. Made me look🙄, haven’t seen anything like that thankfully. This is the dehumidifier I keep in the trailer and it only needs electricity to dry out the beads inside. When the beads turn green they are wet and need a drying cycle. Mossey
  6. When JD posted about the Element fire extinguisher I remembered someone else had talked about it before. So I went looking for it. Then you mentioned a post about it and I was already looking at your 2019 post, so I just responded with the link. Sorry it’s not the one your looking for as I don’t stomp around on the expedition forum. Mossey
  7. I use the Victron app exclusively except for setup, but if you are trying to route the data cable from the shunt to the pantry area, you should be able to run it up in the rear street side corner. Although I haven’t measured the data cable, you could lay it out and see it would be long enough. The BMS-712 data sheet indicates that the RJ 12 cable is 10 meters or 32.8 feet. My rough measurements indicate that 20' of data cable would reach from under the pantry to the SeeLevel ll tank gauge area on the dinette side of the pantry. A word of caution though, be sure you can get from the left to right side of the pantry before committing to this path. I worked it behind pantry with access through the port hole by the radio and the cable lays under the rubber mat in the storage bin above the bed along with a lot of other wiring. I relocated the surge suppressor remote from below the street side bed to the overhead bin above the dinette by this route and it is basically the same cable. Mossey
  8. It is a very handy item when you need a little more space. Mossey
  9. mossemi


    I think ShallowGal was going on a distillery tour after the rally, but she and Duke may just follow the Outlaw Oliver around until it’s time to head home.😎 We have a distiller at home and I have often thought about one like this for hurricanes, doomsday scenarios and traveling in the Ollie. This one might work. Mossey
  10. David, thank you for the complement. After you named Timpanogos Cave, I had to figure out when Krunch and I had been there. So I consulted one of our National Parks Passport books and it was on August 8th 1996. Dogs are the main reason I wanted a travel trailer. We travel with two Border Terriers and I am an AKC Earthdog judge. So I have watched nearly every type performance dog sport there is. And watching sheepdogs herding is a rare pleasure for me. The communication between dog and handler is simply amazing. For me, no dog is a stranger, but I have also been bitten by 6 different dogs and it was never their fault. Sometimes I’m a little too friendly or helpful in trying to rescue dogs in what I perceived was dangerous situation, usually involving traffic and I paid the price with a trip to the emergency room for stitches. Oh well, sorry for rambling and thanks again for stirring up the memories. Mossey
  11. Dang, that doesn’t even look real, it looks make believe! I don’t know Utah very well, but is that Southeast of Park City? We were visiting friends in Park City before the Olympics and may have driven past. Seems like there are caves nearby, but maybe I’m still living a dream. And maybe something to do with Robert Redford. Mossey
  12. Welcome to the Oliver family. Mossey
  13. Thanks David, great suggestion and the photography is top notch as usual. I am just glad you didn’t clutter up the paper towel holder with one of your world famous Utah landscape photos. 😉😉😉 Mossey
  14. The re-caulking is a tough enough job without adding obstacles. And it would add an additional $60 to the job if you took the Gutters’s off on purpose or by accident. It’s all about compromising between what you want and what makes sense. And until I except that, I’ll wait on the gutter installation. Mossey
  15. Thanks for the cleanup info. It’s on my list to do. Had you used the Duragloss 541 on the other windows as routine maintenance? And I’m guessing you wouldn’t use it on silicone again? Did the dull window frame from the MEK lead to the EZE Gutter location question. I haven’t put the EZE Gutters on and have not decided where they would go and not interfere with future window maintenance. The Norton's, who may have #136, placed theirs about halfway between the lights and the windows They used a small peak in the middle and then extended the gutter past the window frame without any turn down. Which I think is a pretty good location, but it is more noticeable. Mossey
  16. It sounds like the water was resting between the butyl sealant and the silicone and it had to be escaping somehow before you breached the dam. I’m guessing that one scenario that has not happened since you removed the silicone is wind driven water. Such as driving 60 mph in the rain. You might be able to simulate that in your driveway with a hose and a leaf blower. So which sealant did you decide to use and can you explain your MOP for removing the existing silicone/sealant and prepping the area for the new silicone/sealant. And following up on Landrover's suggestion of leaving a leak point or two, maybe something like a mini straw or plastic coffee stirring straw would work. Mossey
  17. mossemi


    I didn’t notice the difference in the two pucks when I was looking at the Froli website, but looking at the picture you attached it’s pretty obvious. So now I assume that one puck is the magnet and the other is passive. If this is in fact the case, they definitely wouldn’t work on the entrance door without some additional mounting hardware. And you are absolutely right about the long term viability of the hardware in an outdoor environment unless it is fact geared toward a marine environment. Mossey
  18. mossemi


    I understand the fear of ripping the retaining hook off of the hull and the Froli magnetic door holders are very nice looking as are all of their products. But I don’t see an application for it on the Ollie entrance door. I think the bathroom door hold you are using might be a better option because of the movement in the ball side. Without product measurements I’m just guessing. Is the magnet in the swivel ball or the fixed portion? Let us know what your thoughts are as you may be seeing things differently. Mossey
  19. Toby, In my experience, it’s more fun to stub your toe and learn from your mistakes.😄 And please take AndrewK up on his offer to help as he has done his own install and guided several other Ollie owners with their installations, giving him more experience than I have. FYI: I removed the Zamp Charge Controller temperature sensor and used the Victron instead. This is in preparation of upgrading my charge controller. Mossey
  20. It’s a little late for pictures tonight, but I’ll give you this to think about. When I got finished with my Victron BMV-712 installation, there were only 3 wires going into the battery box. 1 to the battery negative, 1 to the battery positive and 1 from the Victron temperature sensor. I installed a positive and negative buss bar in the lower hull under the pantry on the walkway wall. Mossey
  21. Whether we are heading out for a 3 day weekend or a 3 week trip, Krunch packs about 10 pairs of shoes and boots and another 10 pairs of sandals and flip flops. Then she adds about 20 outfits, you know top and shorts or pants. Add in 20 pairs of socks and unmentionables. Then she packs the refrigerator, freezer, pantry and bathroom. Then she mentions that if I took the ladder out of the closet, she could put some jackets and rain coats in there. And then she what’s to know why I need the OTT manuals and other information a Boy Scout would deem necessities. This usually leaves me with the attic as my closet! And this is how I have survived 45 years of wedded bliss! Yes dear, you are probably right. And notice I did slip a "probably" in there, as I am still the man of the trailer. Mossey
  22. Would that TV require an Andersen WD hitch?🤔 Mossey
  23. I am usually at home when I drain my freshwater tank and I just let it run on my ground which can always use the water. And for me it is simple to flip the bed on edge and lift off the hatch lid which I then use to prop up the bed at 90°. And as JD mentioned, it’s a good time for a visual inspection of the water pump and valves. Mossey
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