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Propane Oder

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Just our tanks filled. A couple hours after re-installing the tanks, I smelled propane. I got my sniffer out and it went off on both tanks indicating a high presence of propane.

On the back side of the tank, just below the knob is what looks like a pressure relief. There is a red cap. It is hissing, there are bubbles, and condensation at this area. This is where I tested with my sniffer. I checked the connections to the hose and the top of the tank and the sniffer didn't go off. It is around 90°. 

Is this just full tanks off gassing, or do I have an issue. Thanks.




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Someone overfilled your tanks. When they heated up, the pressure relief valves opened, venting propane. I'd get them filled somewhere else next time. 

Propane is heavier than air. The propane you're venting will flow downhill. If there's a lot of it, this could pose a hazard if it finds an ignition source. If you do have a lot venting, you can try cooling the tanks with water.

Odd this happened to you. I recently had a propane place overfill one of my tanks, too. That's not supposed to happen. The tank's built in Overfill Protection Device should not allow a tank to be overfilled.

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