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  1. Ok, closed it is. Thanks. That's what we've always done but got curious if others did the same.
  2. Does anyone tow their trailer with the main/large MaxxAir roof vent open or do you always close it when traveling?
  3. We like our upgraded mattresses and street side awning. Wish we could have gotten the Truma A/C. Lithium is great. Front storage basket helps make up for limited exterior storage. I keep my slippers and sandals in the basement via the inside hatch. The Furrion rear camera is pretty good. Not sure if they'll install a different one.
  4. Unless you specifically want accessories with the Oliver logo on them most of the things Oliver sells in their small store can be purchased elsewhere for less. Check out our blog, listed in my signature, for details and reviews about some of the items we purchased.
  5. We have a standard toilet/black tank. Toilet paper goes in the tank with everything else. We spent 5 days dry camping in a state park with the park bathrooms readily accessible, so we only used the black tank overnight/wake up. Careful with water and 2 navy showers each. Tank readings at the end were: Fresh 38%, Grey: 38%, Black 31%. We spent a week with full hookups, taking longer showers and using the trailer bathroom exclusively and I found myself dumping the tanks roughly every 1.5 days.
  6. Olivers aren't perfect, nor are any other RVs. Just looking at other owner forums and watching YouTube will show you that. I'm still hopeful that the overall better design and materials used in Olivers will make this trailer our favorite eventually. I will say that the Service department has been responsive to our problems so far.
  7. Service told me they were forwarding this incident to the Engineering and Quality departments for review.
  8. Last night I heard the fridge gas ignitor kick in, which shouldn't happen because we're on shore power and the fridge was on Auto. This morning I went looking for the 120v fridge plug and didn't find it behind the kitchen drawers. It's actually under the drawers in our 2022, away from the water hose, so that's a design improvement. The fridge was plugged in. (There was even a big ziptie to hold the plug in, but nobody at the factory bothered to actually connect that.) My multimeter said the outlet was dead. Tracked the wire back to a junction box on the water heater and found this inside: Best guess from looking at it is that the fridge wire (top in photo) pulled partially out of the splice connector and overheated. There's no strain relief entering the j-box. I was lucky enough to find another splice connector lying in the bottom of the hull (dropped at factory) so I cut off the burnt wires, restripped them, and used the "spare" connector to reconnect them. Then I tied the two Romex cables together with a zip tie just outside the j-box to add some strain relief for the connectors. Seems to be OK now.
  9. @Corvus, yes, the same situation. I was able to stop the creaking at home by adjusting the aluminum "collar" under the trailer. Pretty proud of myself. Then we moved to a campground... Right back to creaking again. 😑 It does sound like rubbing on the fiberglass hull to me. Complicating matters: the rectangular hole in the mounting bracket under the bed was cut too large. (These appear to be cut by hand!) As a result, the head of the carriage bolt "strips out" in the hole, so I can't torque that nut to the required 43 ft lb. When I get above 28 ft lb on that nut the carriage bolt turns in the bracket hole. Service ticket submitted to see what OTT has to say about it.
  10. Our left stabilizer Jack creaks a bit when flexed. The sound seems to be from the jack post rubbing on the fiberglass where it passes through the body. Hard to be sure, but this jack may have a bit more flex than the other one. All 4 bolts are tight. It's most noticable when the jack is lightly loaded. If I put a bit more weight on it, it seems to settle down. The other jack is quiet. Anybody else notice Jack noise like this? I attached a short video. PXL_20220726_233411606.mp4
  11. Our current checklist: RV Quick Checklist 1 tires checked 2 Rearview camera on 3 Bathroom drain closed (in) 4 Shower curtain secured 5 Bathroom cabinet shut 6 Bathroom window closed 7 Bathroom vent closed 8 bathroom items secured 9 bathroom door closed 10 Check ladder secure points 11 Awning switches off 12 Awning remote stored 13 Microwave tray secure 14 fan in fridge 15 fridge doors locked 16 fridge on 12v 17 Sink cover stored 18 Stove off 19 cooktop cover closed 20 pots/pans/dishes 21 furnace/AC off 22 Marine fan stowed 23 roof vent closed/fan off 24 Remotes stored 25 TVs secured 26 antenna booster off 27 AC alarm off 28 Gas water heater off 29 water pump off 30 Xantrex setting #28 to 5 (storage) or 25 (camping) or 15 (generator) 31 weather radio off 32 thermometer stored 33 doors/drawers/windows closed 34 blinds closed 35 Cabin lights off 36 LP gas off 37 Electric water heater off/on 38 sewer hose secured 39 Install repeater 40 tire covers off 41 leveling jacks up 42 water/elec./TV/sewer d/c 43 Close tailgate 44 bikes secured 45 Wheel step removed 46 Ball hitch pinned and locked 47 parking brake set 48 Chains on 49 breakaway cable 50 Tongue jack up 51 vehicle lights checked 52 wheel chocks out 53 Linx levelers stored 54 door mat stored 55 doors/compartments locked 56 steps retracted 57 trailer brakes checked 58 trailer transponder in 59 radiator clear 60 washer fluid checked 61 ATF checked 62 brake fluid checked 63 coolant checked
  12. I installed the new flange OTT sent as a warranty replacement. Black ABS plastic. Decided to go ahead and use it since this is warranty work and any parts changes I made would be on me. I did put a little silicone lube on the pipe to make it easier to insert. I also noticed something that may be the root of the problem: the 4 screws that secure the flange to the floor are larger in diameter than the holes in the flange, so the screw threads were biting into the flange as well as the floor. I believe at least some of the screws were bottoming out in their countersinks without pulling the flange tight to the floor. The screw felt tight, but it was only tightening against the flange itself. Before installing the replacement flange I drilled out the screw holes so the screws turned freely in their holes. The toilet seems much more solid now. We'll see how long it lasts. Next time, if out of warranty, it'll be a metal flange...
  13. I took a page from @csevel and copied her window vent idea. I did add a couple of small twists. I used a thicker/softer automotive weatherstrip where the window meets the vent. I also put some of that weatherstrip across the top so the vent panel kind of springs in like the screens do (press upward to install/remove). Note: you do have to release the bottom edge of the window shade to get the vent into place. Then I added some EZ gutter over the window, leaving a 1/4" gap around the frame for future recaulking. Hoping this will allow us to leave that window open in light to moderate rain now. On the downside, we've had another warranty issue. The RV Lock electronic lock failed. Examination revealed that the lock was improperly installed in the door cutout. The installer simply let it rest in the bottom of the cutout instead of centering it vertically before drilling the holes in the jamb edge (or the cutout hole is too big). This left a tiny gap at the top edge of the exterior lock body where water intruded, causing the lock electronics to fail. OTT is sending another lock, but the jamb screw holes are already drilled too low so I'll have to install the new lock in the same spot and run a bead of clear sealant over the top edge of it to keep water out in the future. 😕 Still waiting for our replacement toilet flange, too. OTT shipped the parts via ground rather than overnight or 2-day. Somewhat miffed at that since we can't camp until I fix the toilet. Between the Dexter axle recall (not OTT's fault), the toilet, and the lock, we're losing a lot of our camping season. And, camping time has suddenly become very precious to us.
  14. Question for anyone else with Platinum Lithium package (630Ah): does your battery tray fully extend? Ours only has enough cable to extend about half way.
  15. I noted that there was always some play between the toilet and fiberglass floor. The tech at delivery said the floors aren't always perfectly flat. I'm thinking of adding toilet shims when I reinstall to make sure that the floor supports the toilet all the way around, not just the flange.
  16. Our flange just broke. Second short trip after delivery. Barely used the dang thing. Only one flange bolt holding the toilet on now. The other one's just flopping around. Fortunately, we're next to the bath house. But, I'm not happy.
  17. That's not really the point. The concern isn't that the receiver will fail. The issue is that there are no 1.25" bike racks certified by their mfg for mounting on the back of a towed RV. The actual concern is that a 1.25" rack itself would fail from the bouncing around it gets on the back of the trailer. (And Oliver would wash their hands of that since they didn't supply the bike rack.)
  18. Congratulations! We sold our 5er and picked up our Oliver a couple of weeks ago. I was a little worried I'd miss the living space but I really don't. And we love the easier towing and additional site choices. Spend the next months researching the Oliver and planning out which items you'll be transferring over and what you'll need to replace. Have fun.
  19. UPDATE: OTT connected me to Dexter and Dexter was excellent to work with. The problem was the NevrLube spindle washers. A batch of them were not heat treated properly and were brittle, which can lead to total bearing failure and wheel loss. Dexter overnighted new washers to me and I found a mobile tech to come out today (http://certifiedonsiterv.com/ if you need service in central CT). Eric, the tech, was excellent and made quick work of the repair. (Our washers looked fine. No damage done.) Ready for the next trip! 😃
  20. We run the rear tires of the truck up on leveling blocks when we pull into a dump station (to raise the front of the trailer) then put the tongue jack down for another inch.
  21. @Chukarhunter, the additional wattage may be other 120v appliances running in the Ollie. The max current charger limit setting they're adjusting only applies to the charger function of the Xantrex. It's still passing through any other 120v loads they have in the trailer. It's much more elegant to change setting #28 and let the Xantrex adjust charging current automatically, but that requires going into the manual settings through the wall mounted control panel instead of the app.
  22. Setting #28 on the Xantrex should be the power limit - from 5 to 60 amps. That's the total power level the Xantrex will pull from shore power for both the trailer's 120v appliances and charging, with the appliances getting preference. Set it at 20 if there's nothing else on your 20A household circuit, less if there's other things on that circuit of your house.
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