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  1. There are cons for 4x4. Reduced gas mileage. More parts to fail. I haven't used 4x4 very often while towing. We don't tow in the snow and we're not (currently) frequent boondockers, so we could probably live without it. However, the few times I used it, I was glad to have it. Most often, it has simply been wet grass in our back yard, where the trailer is stored. A few times, we wouldn't have gotten the trailer back into the yard without 4x4. Needed it once or twice on wet grass in a campground, too. If your trailering is going to be limited strictly to snow-free paved roads, commercial campgrounds, and driveways you might not need it. I would be uncomfortable without it.
  2. I loved my diesel, until I didn't. Towed my fifth wheel like a monster. Up long grades, leaving the big trucks in my wake. That cool diesel sound. But then, sitting on the side of I-80 at 5:00 PM with the entire contents of my oil pan all over my truck and fiver thanks to a failed high pressure oil sensor put a real bad taste in my mouth. When the third turbo started to fail on the trip home, that did it. Traded it in for my gasser. Don't get me wrong, diesels are great when you need them, but I don't see another in my future.
  3. Hi, Nick and Linda. Sounds like a great plan! I take it this is your first RV. Welcome to the lifestyle. We've had the good fortune to have traveled most of this country in the past 23 years. It's not just the places, it's the people, too. We've met some wonderful people because of RVing. Some became lifelong friends, others just happy memories, but we're so happy to have met all of them. Although we've been doing this for a while, things are changing out there and we've spent a lot of time this past year learning new lessons and re-learning some old ones. For RVing in general, there are lots of online resources, including some really good YouTube channels. There are a few RV content creators that we've been following lately. Not too many Oliver owners, but we've found some of the Airstream and Casita owners have good tips for traveling in smaller trailers. FYI (and forgive me if you already know this), there are some accepted RVing behaviors that have been standardized over the years. RV etiquette, if you will. A few that come to mind: Don't walk through other people's campsites, even if they're not there. Dim your headlights in the campground after dark. Don't leave your outside lights on all night. Don't let your dog bark excessively. Little things like that make campgrounds nicer for everyone and are appreciated by all. March will be here before you know it. Hope to meet you on the road someday!
  4. "Mike Jones, the chief of police in the small Alabama town of Brookside, resigned today in the wake of revelations by AL.com that he turned the department into an aggressive traffic trap that by 2020 received half its revenue from fines and forfeitures, many on minor offenses from those who drive by the town on Interstate 22." -AL.com
  5. But I'm afraid it does. The 4.5 cu ft Norcold will be the smallest RV fridge we've ever had. My wife thinks it's adequate for a couple for 5 days (which I figure will be our max before dumping tanks). Assuming no other fridge but bulk drinks stored in the truck until needed, what say you experienced owners? 5 days food in the Norcold?
  6. I know a lot of people do that but we've always run both tanks on and checked the little red changeover indicator every day or two when using a lot of propane. Never ran dry in 20 years. Would hate to find out we're out of propane when the furnace quits at 2:00 AM.
  7. Here's another unknown: We know the Dometic with soft start will run (briefly) off the lithiums or off a 2k generator. Haven't heard heard yet whether there's a soft start for the Truma (or of it needs one).
  8. Yep, that was our conclusion, too. Even if we had to wait until 2023 and retrofit a new A/C, that would probably be less expensive than buying a 2023 model.
  9. So, this prompted an earnest discussion with DW tonight. Specifically, would we want to trade that kitchen cabinet space for the bigger fridge? In the end, probably not. We think that the current 4.5 cf will be enough for the two of us and cabinet storage is always precious. But that Truma A/C? That's another story. I'd give my eye teeth to have one of those on our trailer when we take delivery in August.
  10. Wow. Interesting. Now we're wondering if we should pull back and wait for the 2023 model. 🤔 The (presumably Truma) A/C would be great. Was hoping they might switch to those during the 2022 model run, but that survey makes me think it won't be this year after all. Don't know about the bigger fridge. My wife thinks the current 4.5 cf fridge will be ok for the two of us, I think it's a little small. Who knows what the 2023 prices might look like, though...
  11. That doesn't sound right to me, at least with a Fairview. We have the same regulator on our fifth wheel. Point the lever at the tank you want to use first. When it's empty, the red indicator will show and the regulator will switch to the other tank. Before disconnecting the empty tank, turn the lever to the other tank, which now becomes the primary. There is no center position for the lever. The pdf in Mossey's post says the same thing.
  12. I contacted OTT and was told to not cover the openings. It will void the warranty. From https://askthervengineer.com/the-essential-guide-to-your-rv-absorption-refrigerator-and-why-it-doesnt-work-in-the-mountains/: "All that heat from your fridge’s interior has to go somewhere! And when burning propane, the fridge releases toxic exhaust gases, too. You don’t want either of those things inside your RV. That’s why your RV is installed inside a sealed compartment and the hot gases are exhausted through your fridge vents." I can't understand why OTT says that gap should remain. Is there another seal behind that gap?
  13. There is no reason air needs to pass around the fridge into the cabin. In fact, it shouldn't. That's a propane burning appliance. The rear of the fridge should be exposed to the exterior vents but the front of the fridge should be isolated from that service area. Take photos and start a service ticket.
  14. Coachmen Class B production will have Truma A/Cs on the roofs of new units in 60 - 90 days. They've been quietly testing them for the last year. Hmmm....
  15. In our first camper we drank the water from the fresh tank for years with no problems. Then, while doing some maintenance, I saw the inside of the clear tank overflow tube and the green stuff in there. Even though it never caused us any harm, it put the idea of what could be lurking in some other pipes in my head and we've been drinking bottled water ever since. The fresh tank is for washing and flushing now.
  16. I was thinking about driving the rear wheels of my truck onto some leveler blocks. Not as easy as using the jack, but not as damaging if you forget about them before you leave.
  17. Consumer Reports is saying some of the new GM gas engines are having significant reliability problems. New-crate-engine level failures.
  18. One of the little things I've wondered about Olivers. All our previous RVs had an indoor switch for the AC side of the hot water heater, right next to the switch for gas. Very handy. In campgrounds with low voltage we would often leave the AC heating element off during the day, when voltage was lowest, and just kick it on while we were showering (to speed the heater's recovery time). Now wondering: Is the electric hot water element wired to the inverter? Wouldn't want that.
  19. Hi, could you folks expand on this a bit? Any thoughts on what others should check at their deliveries would be very helpful. Thanks!
  20. He couldn't smell it? Humans become "nose-blind" to the stink additive in propane after a while. If it's a slow leak that builds over time you might not smell it.
  21. A full 30 lb propane tank will last us most of a season in our 32' fifth wheel running hot water, furnace, and stove as needed. Even if you have 20 lb tanks, something doesn't sound right. I'd look for a propane leak somewhere.
  22. The Camping for Dummies link from the OP doesn't work.
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