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fresh water tank not draining

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fresh water tank is not draining hardly at all.    I cleaned the filter next to the water pump and it was full of shaved plasttic pieces and sludge.  I am wondering if the tank drain is clogged as well. Can I get underneath ollie and put a hose to the drain and backflush it?  before I do something wrong asking for advice.    


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I’ve used my air compressor to blow a few bursts of air into the fresh tank drain hose that exits under the hull.  That pushes any plastic shavings out of the drain hose and valve, back into the tank.  Just make sure the drain valve is open.  It worked well.  I’ve done it a few times now.   Eventually it seems that all the little plastic shavings in the tank will be sucked up and captured in the filter screen on pump inlet so you can get rid of them and the problem goes away. 

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