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  1. after 2 nights at 6500' my norcold performed perfectly. Cycling on and off with the thermastat. So opening the gap between the electrode and burner to 3/16th inch made the difference and I am a very happy camper. hull #822
  2. and John thanks for the compressor fridge idea. that will work. the other option was changing the orifice jet but not for now. thanks again
  3. ok. maybe a fix! tried getting hold of norcold no luck but on another forum someone had fixed a similar issue by opening up the gap between the burner and electrode to 3/16". my setting was way less than that so after adjusting the gap it fired up on the first click. I am leaving it on to to see if it will cycle properly. Jason called me from Oliver service and pretty much said the same. so thankyou for all the help forum members. will hopefully work now at altitude and here in liivingston,mt at 4400'
  4. thankyou much for the thoughts. Monday I will call a local dealer/repair service and get them to service the jet etc
  5. I will call around locally and see if an rv place in bozeman could find time to adjust the norcold
  6. well we just got back from a week at Quake Lake and Beavercreek campground in montana near yellowstone. we precooled the fridge on ac power at home then last day turned it to the propane option. it stayed lit until 8 pm at 6200' the first night then quit. no matter what I did it will not light. I can hear the sparker snapping but it acts like its not getting gas. home now at 4400' and it fired right up. luckily we have the solar/lithium package and I was able to run the fridge on battery power 2 hours a day for the first 3 days . I am going to call norcold monday and also oliver to see if I can somehow make this fridge work over 5500''
  7. its brand new. I will look at it this morning. hull #822. thank you
  8. we tried numerous times to light it. just would not catch until we got down to lower altitudes. Maybe there is an adjustment we can make?
  9. We drove through Columbus last Sunday on our way home to Livingston we have an Elite 1. Hull #822 would be fine to show it off to you
  10. Thx. Hope mine work next week at 6500’. If not driving to buy ice
  11. We tried lighting it plenty but would not light. And an F message would come up. Back dow to below 6 k. Lit right up
  12. thanks for the reply. we did that trip to the green river campground last year... wonderful. It ran till we set up camp but would not relight. fine at 5300' at another campground later. we do have the norcold 3 way
  13. we too can't handle the noise.. what a shame. we cool off the ollie then run the fan and open the windows. very hot last week. My wife can not stand anything in here ears or headphones to sleep with. I put ear plugs in but too we just can't use the ac except to cool off the interior
  14. we had the same happen to us. drew the battery down while on auto not plugged into shorepower. we have learned since to leave it on the gas setting always when not plugged into shorepower. Everything works good this way. Our problem now which I just posted in another thread is lighting the gas burner on the fridge at high altitudes.
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