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  1. A friend of mine installed a mini split on his big Rv And you can hardly hear it. Why can’t Oliver figure out how to install a quiet ac . we can not use ours because of the overwhelming noise
  2. our inside windows have popped out enough that now we take them off and lie them on the bed during travel and pop them back in when we arrive.
  3. seems to me the quick connect ports on the trailer are pretty useless since I can not connect the grill. Lots of work and hassle to bypass the trailer regulator.
  4. thanks for all the information. I would guess that the coleman stove I have needs high pressure like what comes out of a disposable propane bottle. I think I will stick with the diposable bottles for now. I bought a 30' hose and had the gas company connect a fitting that screwed into coleman regulator and the other end the quick connect. yes,lowpressure gas. seems like a pain so will hold onto the hose for the future . skip #822
  5. has anybody had issues with not getting propane pressure using the forward and aft quick connects on the propane lines. I can not get enoough propane to fire up my coleman portable stove. It works fine with the small disposable propane bottles. I am getting gas through the line but very low pressure. Any ideas out there would be appreciated thankyou skip nielsen hull # 822
  6. Our fix is a dab of goop on the upper and lower trac they can be snapped out easy enough but still stay in place on a rough road
  7. Thanks for the replies, just what I needed to know
  8. We have been towing our Elite 1 for the past 3 years with our 2017 6 cylinder jeep trailhawk grand cherokee. we have been happy with the towing. but we see the need not to go up hills at 35 and 40 mph in 3 rd gear. would anyone care to comment on whether the same vehicle with a v8 motor would do better on the slopes? looking to upgrade my tow vehicle but really don't want a big truck . thanks in advance skip nielsen
  9. fresh water tank is not draining hardly at all. I cleaned the filter next to the water pump and it was full of shaved plasttic pieces and sludge. I am wondering if the tank drain is clogged as well. Can I get underneath ollie and put a hose to the drain and backflush it? before I do something wrong asking for advice.
  10. I really messed up. dewinterizing I forgot to turn the valve allowing fresh water to enter the water heater. it got very hot.. now after opening the valve and filling it with water the pressure relief valve is spewing water and I can not get it to reseat. do I need to replace the pressure valve? or is there a simpler solution
  11. try ceramic coating on front end of ollie washes off with a hose. so easy bugs do not stick.. took me a whole day washing, wiping off with alcohol and doing 2'squares at a time. lasts a year. incredible shine and so easy to clean
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