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12 Volt Conversions

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Thought I would share my latest projects…

We enjoy boondocking mostly. While we enjoy the utility of our Ollie inverter, I’m trying to convert as many appliances to operate on twelve volt as possible.

12 Volt Television Conversation

We sometimes enjoy streaming video or playing a downloaded movie at the end of our day. I looked into 12 volt televisions but good ones like the Jensen are expensive and besides, the Oliver installed Vizio works satisfactorily.

So, I found a way to convert the Vizio to operate directly from the Ollie battery. Opening the [TV] case I located a Tiny Whoop 12 volt input. I purchased a Tiny Whoop JST-PH 2.0 male plug for the input. I was concerned about the sensitive electronic [Vizio] components given the variability of the voltage of our batteries. I solved this by integrating a Voltage Stabilizer DC 12 Volt Regulator/12 Volt Surge Protector. This was mounted to the rear of the [TV] case. Finally, I integrated a fused 12 volt charging cable with cigarette lighter type plug. I plug into the outlet in the cabinet above the TV when needed. Works great! TV operates normally.

12 Volt Security System

Where we often find ourselves camping in secluded desert or forest we are a bit concerned about security when we’re out hiking or otherwise away from our Ollie. We use many devices to immobilize the trailer but we’re still concerned about someone breaking in. So, I purchased an inexpensive KERUI Alarm System on Amazon. It’s designed to be powered by house current with an adapter. I eliminated the adapter and wired in a 12 volt to 9 volt DC Converter, Voltage Regulator to power the alarm; plugged into a twelve volt outlet. It uses a handheld remote to activate or deactivate and I use the included motion sensors inside. Works great! Alarm is very scary!!!

12 Volt UV LED Water Treatment System

To complement our three stage water purification system we installed the Acuva UV LED ArrowMAX 2.0 Water Treatment System at the galley sink. (Okay, so I’m a bit obsessive about our drinking water.) The system comes with a 12 volt adapter to use with shore power. I eliminated this by wiring a 12 volt line to the fuse panel.

12 Volt Portable Freezer

We like to store plenty of food for grilling and extended travel and so that we can purchase frozen food in reasonable quantities. Where our Ollie freezer is so limited we use the Dometic CFX3 35 Refrigerator/Freezer for this. I ran a 12 volt line to the basement storage area and installed a marine grade 12 volt outlet. The CFX3 35 runs on 120 volt or 12 volt. So, when we’re traveling, the freezer gets plugged into the 120 volt outlet in the bed of our pickup. When we’re camped, the freezer is positioned just to the rear of the Ollie and plugged into the basement 12 volt outlet. Uses very little power!


Next project

Adapting the Starlink to run off 12 volt…

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