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Hello from Chicago


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I grew up camping and my family had a cottage on a lake. I miss that lifestyle and want to get back into it.

I love the 22' two bed design. What do these units sell for? who sells them? a brief search I could not find stock or prices.


The 22' seems a little heavy which may require a different vehicle. I have a jeep grand cherokee now with the hemi and i believe with the factory tow kit i have its up around 6500lbs tow capacity. i think i saw the 22' is 7000lbs.


love the design and with the materials seems like it will last a long long time. 8-)

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Stimpy. Welcome to the forum. We just took delivery of a new Legacy Elite II twin bed version. The length is actually 23.5 feet. Our trailer weight on the MSO was right at 4900 pounds with a tongue weight of 434. We opted for the Anderson hitch which makes towing a breeze. The 7000 pounds you see is the GVW meaning you can load the axles up to 7000. That's a lot of stuff.


Expect to pay between 41,000 and 45,000 depending on options. It is well worth the price. I believe there will be a new Legacy 18 foot some time this year.


Good luck to you.

Current 2007 Airstream Classic Limited 31

2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II (Sold)

2016 Ram 2500 HD 6.7i Cummins turbo diesel


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