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Pancho Villa State Park, New Mexico...

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We like this State Park because of its close proximity to the Old Mexico border town of Puerto Palomas.  Palomas is fun for its shopping, restaurants, and local color.  PV SP is located in very south central of NM in the town of Columbus which is about a 5-hour or so drive for us, the boys, and Casablanca.  In fact, we just returned Monday from a "let's go where it's warm" roadtrip with our RV friends.


The park was originally the location of US Army Camp Furlong. General "Black Jack" Pershing, who would later command the Allied forces of World War I, pursued Pancho Villa into Mexico. This pursuit was initiated after Pancho Villa and his soldiers attacked Fort Furong on March 9, 1916.  "General" Pancho Villa State Park contains extensive historical exhibits which depict this raid, the first armed invasion of the continental United States since the War of 1812, and also the last one. "Black Jack's" 11 month pursuit led 10,000 American soldiers 400 miles into Mexico, but ended without the capture of Pancho Villa. Several buildings dating from the time of Villa's raid still stand in Columbus, and the U.S. Customs House, built in 1902, serves as the visitor center.  Annually, in early March, the residents of Puerto Palomas conduct a mock "raid" into Columbus in memory of Pancho's assault on the US Army - a popular event for RV'ers to watch from the SP.


The border crossing is a short 2 or 3 mile drive from the SP where there's POV parking and an easy "walk-across" into Mexico with the two Knuckleheads, "Magnus and Oscar".


After a stop at one of the many "pharmacias" - we usually head over to the "Pink Store" where there's artwork and souvenirs from each of the 31 Mexican states.  Shoppers can enjoy "free" adult beverages courtesy of the owner.  The Pink Store also boasts one of the best restaurants in the region.


The boys are welcome in the Pink Store and its restaurant:


Although the Park has accommodations for full hookups, they've been struggling with a septic system issue that is expected to be resolved in mid-MAR - so our group opted for no-hookup Bdock sites.

Pancho Villa is a popular location for many RV rallies in the spring and fall when the weather is absolutely phenomenal.

Check it out when your in the area...  It's very cool.



A & D


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Art, Diane, Oscar & Magnus (double-Aaarrf!)

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