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  1. Purchased our Ollie mid June 2020, the fiberglass odor disappeared pretty fast for us, we air our camper out at home.
  2. All interesting ideas and thoughts which if most were implemented would likely raise the price point closer to the 100k mark. It appears the newer 2022 models and the new marketing package approach Oliver is using prices a fully optioned Ollie out close to 80k. 😮 We are very happy with Hull #634 and how we optioned it out especially at our price point we agreed upon. It will be interesting to see where Oliver goes with the pricing on trailers beyond 2022. I honestly don’t see a longer Oliver Elite ll being designed and built when the current Ollies are selling out and even back logged with orders on the present design. Time will tell.
  3. Mike and Sue, welcome to the forum. We live in the Western North Carolina foothills the land of long summers and very mild winters. Congrats on your new Ollie! David & Kathy
  4. The three white stars…a little Tennessee history - pretty cool I think. https://www.volunteertraditions.com/blogs/volunteer-traditions/7435436-a-brief-history-of-the-tennessee-flag "Three white stars on a field of blue God keep them strong and ever true It is with pride and love that we Salute the Flag of Tennessee." The second official salute - "Flag of Tennessee, I salute thee To thee I pledge my allegiance with My affection, my service and my life."
  5. We spent a few nights up at Bear Den. We really enjoyed the 2800’ elevation and much cooler sleeping weather and of course camp fires and great food.
  6. When we disconnect from shore power, our 2020 Norcold frig auto switches over to LP, per the owners manual you must have it set on auto for this function to work. The frig gets ice cold and uses very little LP.
  7. Yes, but those dangling cords Frank..😂…
  8. To have a more central organized spot to charge our iPads and iPhones I ordered this power strip. I purchased the white cord moulding from Lowe’s which has a strong adhesive strip on the back. It matches fairly close. It’s a fairly straight forward install and really cleans things up a bit. I have ordered one for the galley so we don’t have the coffee pot cord or toaster cord dangling in the air while in use. It has pretty solid reviews and has worked well for us so far. I used a small piece of white Velcro to hold it in place while in travel.
  9. Bill, I really do wish it was much more pleasing to the eye. I think the engineers really could have done much better. From what I have read it’s bumped up to 472 whopping pounds of torque🙄. I was really surprised at its front end appearance…maybe it will grow on folks. It will be interesting to see how they sell. -David
  10. Here is a quick reveal article on the new Tundra…not sure I like the new look at all. More Lexus “SUVish” front end looking. It will be interesting to see how sales go. https://apple.news/AW7efCs8QTg-HsE9Rd9IhAg
  11. All sites are level and full hookups, we really like this CG…it’s rare we rebook after a stay this is a keeper for sure. Highly recommend!
  12. Ollie in the Wild - Hull #634 spent several days at Mountain River CG located in Ingalls, NC. A gorgeous CG and we already booked another week for this August. Excellent trout fishing on the North Toe River, tubing, and one of the most well run beautiful campgrounds we have ever stayed at. The owners are just super nice people and they are campers and know what campers like. Excellent clean immaclate modern bath houses and beautiful landscaping. A total keeper for us. We even had an opportunity to show our Ollie to (3) couples. Fun times! Happy Camping! Ollie window view of a great trout stream.
  13. We opted for Southern Mattresses shipped right to our home. No regrets and the North Carolina company was absolutely great to work with. Roll with what works best for you!
  14. I agree with Backofbeyond, I was sooooo happy the day I removed my Andersen hitch from our Ollie, and even happier the day I sold it and shipped it to its new owner!
  15. As always solid advice Bill. Honda will not honor the factory warranty if the generator is converted to LP. This is according to my local Honda generator sales person and the Honda tech that works on them. That said, many conversions are out there running with no issues other than a little less power due to the LP conversion. 👍🏻
  16. Now the rubber mat and halo rings! Why not over engineer a a little project? 😊
  17. Shortly after we took delivery of Hull #634 we had 10 mil XPEL paint protection installed on the dog house, both wide front corners and all along the bottom street side and curb side areas. Essentially areas where we felt needed the most protection. Here is a photo of our installer working his magic. The standard paint protection used on most cars and trucks today is 8 mil. The 10 mil material is naturally thicker and it’s really tough material. It’s presently the thickest p/p made by XPEL. So far it’s held up great with no damage to our gelcoat. Its fairly expensive to have installed, but well worth it in our experience. We use a product called Plexus to keep it clean and polished up. Our installers business name is Sun Stoppers located in Concord NC. We have this p/p on our vehicles as well only in 8 mil. https://www.xpel.com
  18. Ordered a set thanks FrankC! Between the rubber mat and the rings I believe I got it covered. 😊
  19. Here is a pic of our battery tray in our 2020 LEll. No issues to date. It appears quite robust and solid.
  20. Good idea on additional weep holes…I will see how this works out and add if necessary. 👍🏻👍🏻 I was thinking about just removing the shelf and having it shot with Rhino bed liner. The $4 mat won. 😁
  21. Another good option - posted by Frank C on the Oliver FB page. I just prefer the $4 rubber mat.
  22. After recently upgrading to new 30 gallon LP tanks I decided to add a thin piece of rubber door mat to the shelf that the bottom tank rings sit on. I simply patterned it and cut it to fit the shelf. $4 for the mat at Wally World and 15-20 minutes to install. This should help prevent metal on metal corrosion from forming between the bottom of the LP tank ring and the metal shelf. I lightly sanded and cleaned the shelf, taped it off, and shot it with a rattle can coat of flat black rust preventive paint. Happy Camping!
  23. Take a moment to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we still enjoy and hopefully will enjoy forever. I lowered our flag this morning as I do every year in remembrance of my brothers and sisters in Arms.
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