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  1. Nicole, We recently opted to purchase a 3/4 ton 2020 F250 Lariat Ultimate with the “Tremor” package. We wanted more long distance travel comfort, better road sight distance when traveling and touring. This truck sits approx 4” higher than a stock F250, no weight distribution hitch, larger fuel tank, and all the hp and torque we could ever possibly need. So a simple no to all questions you asked. We also have the tow haul pkg, trailer anti sway pkg and a bunch of other options. Mileage is around 20-21 highway when not towing. We are getting ready to take a trip towing the Ollie and will
  2. Congrats on your new Oliver! You could not have selected a better time of year for delivery. May your adventures always be safe, relaxing and enjoyable! David
  3. Congrats Pilots Lounge! You sure selected a perfect time of the year to take delivery! Welcome to the Oliver family and we wish you the very best in your adventures and travels! -Patriot
  4. GAP, We took delivery last June. You certainly can ask or request a modification, but we were told by our sales rep that Oliver no longer does owner requested custom mods. It’s likely you will hear the same info. I believe the explanation was it slows down the assembly/production line. -Patriot
  5. Curb side - The safer side next to the curb or road edge (usually the passenger side) of a parked vehicle or in this case the Ollie you which step out of so you don’t get run over flat by an oncoming traffic. Be safe!
  6. Welcome and now is a great time to read and become even more familiar with Oliver University and your owners manual. Congrats on your new Oliver! -Patriot
  7. Labeling is ok.....remembering is the key. We just added it to our set up and take down checklist. 😊
  8. Bill, Indeed I did and paid too much...
  9. This key chain ready Olight 3EOS is hands down one of the best little lights I have ever owned. It’s extremely bright and is an excellent lamp unto your path. We have several.
  10. A big Congrats on your order! Welcome, and right now is a great time to get busy reading and learning, and becoming familiar and comfortable navigating through Oliver University. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gathered at Oliver U! The videos are also very helpful. Your taking delivery at a nice seasonably warm time of the year, very wise! We spent an extra few days at the campground that Oliver provides a complimentary one night stay at. I highly recommend you consider this as it will give you time for a “shake down” of your new Ollie. If you have any issues they can be address
  11. Great questions to consider emailing and asking your sales rep. 👍🏻 I am sure they would gladly assist you if given the opportunity.
  12. During our wait time my wife and I hit the books....and so glad we did. The more you read the better it gets! 😉 Here- https://olivertraveltrailers.com/oliver-university/
  13. Will you need to remove the bikes or bike rack to access entry for cargo/gear in the bed? Will the bike rack and hitch clear the tailgate. You may have already thought about this....just thoughts to ponder. Our Trek 920’s are $2100 each, so we gotta lock em down outa sight. Those are specialized rolls in the photo..they are in the $650 range, still lockem down.
  14. Susan, With an 8’ bed on your tow vehicle I would think it sure would be much easier to just use a extremely stable aluminum plate fork mount (pictured) and you would still have more than enough room for plenty of gear. I was able to carry all our gear in the short bed of our former TV with this configuration. Do you have a topper or camper shell on your F 350? With the new SD Tremor we will have more than enough room for cargo with a 6 3/4 bed and ARE topper and actually room to spare. The Pros I can think of - bikes are clean and out of the weather, secure bicycles, and you can just
  15. I will have to wait and see. We have a new TV and have an ARE Z topper on order. Once the topper is installed, I can better answer your question. The Honda Handi does have a fuel cap vent shut off switch. But I will wait to see after carrying this genset if it will “off gas” fuel fumes inside the topper. TBC. -Patriot
  16. kinda long.... We just ordered a color matched ARE Z topper similar to the attached pic and it’s approx 6-8 weeks on a turn around to take delivery. It is color matched to the paint code of our Iconic Silver 2020 F 250 Tremor. We prefer toppers as it gives a whole lot more room to carry cargo than a bed cover. We like to carry dry clean bicycles, generator, yeti cooler and general gear etc. ARE is located in Ohio so depending on where you live it may be a bit longer wait. I have owned (3) previous ARE toppers and have been pleased with their install, fit and finish. Hopefully this one
  17. Looking great Bill, beautiful rig!
  18. We also ordered a 2020 ARE Z topper or camper shell depending on where you are from for our 2020 Ford Tremor. We will have more room than we will need to pack our gear. Taking delivery in mid to end of Oct. I have owned several ARE toppers over the years. They make a fine topper with hidden rear door hinges. The fit and finish is absolutely top shelf in my experience. -Patriot
  19. Please take a moment of silence for those Americans we lost and those that still suffer from this horrific attack on our beautiful country. Thank you for all those who serve and have served in protecting our great nation. Our flag flies at half on this day every year. May God continue to Bless the United States of America. Be Safe Oliver Family. -Patriot
  20. Here you go! I have found the generator or cargo box extremely useful. I am very happy we added it as an option.
  21. Ok, buy a power wagon. 😂 and you can take a chance knowing you will get boot stomped extremely hard like the PW guy in the video. 😂 Onward! 😄
  22. XPEL paint protection installed today on the Ollie and Tremor. A long day but we got all of the paint production 10 mil on the front of the Ollie and got the Tremor covered as well. This installer a long time friend is excellent and has had numerous awards from XPEL as a master at his craft. A good day but a long 9 hr day...a few pics of “paint protection day”.....the Oliver had the front corners, dog house, lower quarter panels and behind the rear wheels all done in 10 mil XPEL. The Tremor had entire hood, both front fenders, w/s pillars, both tow mirrors and front and rear quarter panel
  23. Thank you SeaDawg, much appreciated...Tremor wheels only come with the Ford Tremor Pkg. The, larger tires and lift give an approximate 4” lift. We have had XPEL.com paint protection on our cars and trucks for the last decade. It’s excellent paint protection. Should you need to remove it a steamer will take it off. I have never needed to remove it. It’s really all about the installer and final fit and finish install. - Patriot
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