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  1. Congrats on your deposit/order! Now is a great time to take a deep dive into the forum, owners manuals, and Oliver University. Delivery day will be here before you know it and the knowledge gained reading hopefully will be of great benefit on your big day. As fairly new owners of a 2020 we cannot imagine not having the solar option, for us a total win. (The tax write off on the solar first year of ownership was a plus) Naturally you will ultimately decide what works best for your traveling/camping needs. We absolutely considered future resale when deciding on options and solar was a must have.
  2. Ours got a wash & wax and a new Calmark cover aka - winter blanket! 😊
  3. As Bill mentioned there are a number of threads on this. I used XPEL paint protection in 10 mil thickness on our Ollie corners and dog house and under the street side and curb side areas. We have used XPEL p/p for over a decade on cars and trucks we have owned. It’s an excellent product. XPEL.com - David
  4. We like the convection microwave and can’t imagine not having a hot meal on a cold windy rainy night. ✔️ We have a Weber Q1200 that we use all the time when weather permits. My wife has two Dutch ovens which she uses primarily for her homemade sourdough bread recipes. As for carrying one in our Oliver we don’t as it is boat anchor heavy and we likely would not use it enough to justify carrying it on trips. You will find a lot of opinions on likes and dislikes on the finer details of the Oliver which is certainly subjective. We weighed everything prior to ordering and read this forum extensively to help educate ourselves. It’s also important to determine how you intend to use your Oliver. Oliver owners FB page if you have a FB acct has at times interesting owner feedback. I suggest you take time to read through the Owners manuals and also Oliver University. This is great information that any owner or new potential owner should read prior to ordering an Oliver. The Oliver videos are also very well done. - Patriot
  5. We use the TST tpms system as well and were told by a TST technician that the repeater is actually required to maintain the warranty of the TPMS system. The company and their customer service is excellent. https://tsttruck.com - Patriot
  6. Here is a sampling of 2022 Tundra pricing/specs from a dealer in Tennessee.
  7. Ralph, I actually had to request the new silicone replacement pad. The lady at RVlocks gave me a choice of replacing my old plastic key pad with the exact same plastic key pad or paying a few bucks more for the all silicone pad. I opted for the newer all silicone key pad. FWIW. I had no trouble with install taking my time. I really like the convenience of not carrying a ring of keys.
  8. Wow! really sorry to hear this news. Most importantly you both escaped unharmed. I have owned several tundras over the years and was really surprised to see this. I do agree with you I would no longer keep the truck even if repaired. I would never have full trust and confidence in the truck ever again. Fire does untold damage anywhere on a vehicle, but especially the engine bay. No repair can ever make you whole in that truck again IMHO and it has diminished the present value for sure. Looking forward, it would be interesting to know the cause or how the fire started. If you learn the cause please post up as it could save a life. And yes with supply chain issues not improving anytime soon and how upside down truck prices are it will be a bit of a challenge finding an exact or close replacement. Again sorry this happened, but glad you both are safe. Patriot
  9. Our Ollie came with two 20# tanks and I recently switched to two 30# tanks. I like the extra LP and have not had any issues with finding a place to refill. With 30# tanks we rarely think about LP and am happy I made the switch. I guess I will top off LP if we ever go through Vail Valley. 😎
  10. We only use dawn dish soap in our sinks (a great grease cutter) and grey tank and as others have mentioned wipe clean any dishes utensils or before washing them. Really only “Truma hot” soapy water goes down the drain. We occasionally use the camco grey tank valve lube in both tanks. So far so good.
  11. The new pad I ordered is made of silicone and appears much more durable than the old plastic one. I guess time will tell.
  12. Our pins which secure our bike rack to the bumper are a little tight as well, but a little wiggling of the bumper works. I don’t see a need to drill ours.
  13. tallmandan, That is a decent looking cover and priced reasonably for sure.👍🏻 We purchased our Calmark cover this past summer from the Oliver Service Center and it was $1295. It does have a zipper opening at the door to enter our Ollie and fits great. -Patriot
  14. I believe ours came with one key fob and we ordered an extra.
  15. Jstone, Yes that was us! Thank you for reaching out and also for the info on Huntington Beach SP. 👍🏻👍🏻 Patriot
  16. A little fall maintenance on Hull# 634. If you own an RV lock it’s only a matter of time before the original cheap plastic key pad wears out. I called and ordered a new replacement from RVlock.com for $16.00 shipped. The install is pretty straight forward and the new silicone key pad hopefully will last much longer. Cheers! old - new installed -
  17. We just spent a 4 nights at Willow Tree Campground in Longs SC. We really prefer the beach in the cool of the fall season as the heat and sand gnats are not as bad. This is one of the nicest privately owned CG’s we have ever visited. Nice and very modern clean bath houses, a lot of paved bicycle trails one of which surrounds a fairly large lake. Swimming, fishing, and kayaking is allowed and lots of places to get out and walk. The sites are really large and spacious with nice and level concrete pads. It’s located about 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach and we enjoyed some really amazing seafood. We had a really great meal at the Sea Captains house on the grand strand. Happy Fall Camping! Somewhere over the rainbow.. Large sites- We had a decent lake view - We really had a great time cycling. My bride and our rides! 🚴‍♂️
  18. If it’s a gentle rain you can deploy your awning and open your curb side window. If you have double awnings your can deploy both and open windows. Personally from experience, I find the Ollies sliding windows provide much better cross ventilation than the swing out windows.
  19. Dan, Its great to read such an upbeat and positive post from a new Oliver owner. We like photos, so post up when you can. Wishing you all the best in your adventures. Onward, -Patriot
  20. We recently fabricated or cut a Queen size Casper “element” memory foam mattress into two twins. We were not comfortable on the Southern mattress with coil spring twins and sold them to another Oliver owner. I am 6’3 and a side sleeper and so far am very happy with the Casper mattress. We really like the twin set up as it just works better for us. We did not want to give up the night stand/drawer as we like the storage. PM if I can answer any other questions. And welcome to the forum!
  21. Bill, JD, That is correct, lighting in the photo caused it to look a shade darker. David
  22. The rack arrived exactly as pictured, I did not paint anything. There is no motion in the rack connection, it’s a very solid mount.
  23. I installed the 1Up USA a license plate relocation kit. Nice quality and now zero visibility issues with my plate. We will leave this bike rack permanently installed on our Ollie. We like taking our bikes when we travel. Rack deployed - Rack stored or when not in use -
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