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  1. I like your mud flap mod , do you have a pattern or drawing to make bracket? tks ron
  2. I replaced 2011 f150 5.0 4/4 in may with f150 3.5 ego turbo 4/4 I pulled ollie with both 5.0 and 3.5 turbo the 3.5 has more torque for pulling hills in pa big plus is gas milage 24 and 18-20 pulling ollie note: my wife says I run under speed limit 10 speed transmission shifts smoother than 6 speed in 5.0. I did get max tow option and tow mirrors, also has hitch assist ,but have not programed . Truck and trailer have to be level and a triangle measurement from hitch to bar code sticker you place on trailer , may get to it in spring. I use truck for daily use , interior quieter than most cars ...
  3. Question on door lock ,could you tell if the problem was with the latch or the dead bolt? I have not had any problems with the door or the lock. The code only operates the dead bolt , to lock the latch you have to use the key. tks ron..
  4. Replacement metal handle is available on EBAY Valterra slide valve handle $3.95 plus $5 shipping...
  5. The roll pin on the handle in the bathroom broke, I found replacement handle at campground store . Handle screwed on to treaded end of cable, no pin to brake... I plan to replace other two handles... Note ; The nut tightens to lock screew-on handle.
  6. I included the anderson hitch when we picked up elite II in nov.2016 . Never had a problem with sway or cone noise... I tow with 2017 F150 max tow with sway control on and use ford brake controller... Note: always have tv and trailer in straight line before disconnecting anderson hitch. I do grease ball in bulldog coupler.. Hope this helps..
  7. Iam looking for the best sealant for my porch light gaskets ,black streaking when I wash trailer. Picked up hull 184 in nov. just started to streak..
  8. we all benefit from ollie owners experiences and modifications , I scan the form every night for new ideas . Keeps me busy over the winter..
  9. picked up ollie 184 on nov 22 my f150 has keypad so I had keyless lock installed works great do not use keys so we don't have to worry about locking trailer with keys inside trailer 22 degrees outside to night lock works ... note lock only operates deadbolt...
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