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  1. We found a vendor that would fabricate a custom plastic cutting board for the kitchen. The main objective was to protect the glass cover over the stove top and provide a defined work area for various chores. We purchased a slightly undersized 24" x 31" piece with full bull nose edges and 1" rounded corners. On the bottom we installed half-round rubber bumpers. If interested, suggest that you contact- plasticcuttingboard.com.
  2. Love your re-design and would like to do this to my Oliver... Questions- what is the purpose of the (blue) filler pieces? Are they the standard filler piece(s) that are provided with the standard Oliver? Can these be moved forward to allow for a Lagun Table riser? Thanks, Bill, Hull # 144
  3. I just bought a used 2016 Oliver Elite II with the king bed configuration. Drove it back to Phoenix from Dallas and it handled nicely at around 65 mph using my Ram 1500. Wanted to know if there was any other owners in the Phoenix area.. Bill
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