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  1. Hi, Tough to find a used one, much less a "clean used one",,,,, in fact I looked a few months ago and there were two for sale. One was a death in the family and it sold in 45 minutes, the other was asking $7,000 MORE than the new one costs (Because you must wait 2-4 months for them to build you one from scratch. EVERYTHING MATTERS TO OLIVER when building them. Mine is a 2017 and I it was $55,000. But get this, I would not sell it for $$60K! Because I want my Oliver more than the money that it costs. Do this if you want to do it right. Are you the kind of person who wants to do things the corre
  2. i love a copy of your check list. mfantich@aol.com thanks : ) very new ollie owner and newbie in general....
  3. They barely use any gas. All you need is a spare gallon and a full tank in the generators. It's easy to transport a gallon or 2 with a little common sense. DO NOT STRAP IT INTO YOUR PASSENGER SEAT! Bungi it into the bed of your truck or on your front OLIVER metal basket. (toss a generator in the trunk to make room in the basket.)
  4. You will need to buy it's partner and the simply wire set to make it 4000 watts. I have both and its simple. 2 HONDA 2000 watt generators is all you need to run it all. With a 2000 watt set up, it all works except the AC : / Good luck.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm marc, newest Oliver owner : ) Curious. What brand of outdoor mini gas BBQ do you recommend? (That can hook into my quick-connect gas adapter in my rear number) And what "cooking appliance" for the inside do you recommend? I say an electric skillet but before I but it, I'd like your opinion please. There are only 2 of us traveling and we only eat small meals. Thank you very much. Marc
  6. Hold the phone! The Oliver cushions are not cheap cushions… When I sat on it for the first time I could do nothing but smile. They're not cheap trailer cushions! They are high-quality, with great comfortable density, and I think you could get away with a 2 inch Tempur-pedic cover to make it the most restful sleep you've ever had. Thank you
  7. I have to carry 2 of the honda 2000 watt generators in the basket and would like to carry a 5 gallon plastic gas jug. Not sure where.
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