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  1. I bought a 12 V water pump from Northern tools, then I just placed the "in" suction side of the hose into a 5 gallon clear used Ozarka 5 gallon bottle, then put the out pressure hose into the water fill connection on the Oliver and attach the 12 volt clamps to the pos and neg sides of the battery posts respectively and pump the potable water into the tank. Empty 5 gallon potable water jugs can be purchased from Walmart or you can use an old Ozarka drinking water bottle.
  2. Hello Deborah, I tow with a 2014 Toyota Tundra, and it does great, ( 10,000 plus Lb with tow pkg,) and an Anderson Load Distribution Hitch, but that may be a larger truck than some need though, but the good thing about a pickup, is that you can put all the things you need for your travels in the bed, and with a 4 door model the pets go up in the cab, but have their own bed in the back seat,(If you have pets, I dont), A Tacoma works fine, with the Tow Pkg.
  3. I just weighed my new 2015 23' Legacy II, Fully loaded and all tanks completely full, (for weighing only), and ready to travel with 100 lbs of extra dummy load, on the CAT scales at the local truck stop here, it weighed in at 4,850 Lbs.
  4. I'll be at the Bluebonnet Rally in Texas April 23-26 2015 hope to see ya there.
  5. Howdy from Texas. My name is Steve Creed, I'm logged in from Fort Worth, and I just want to tell everybody hello. I'm the proud new owner of a 2015 "allofher" Legacy II, Hull #56. I always had Casitas before and I look forward to traveling the Oliver.
  6. How much does an Oliver cost, I have a Casita and just figured out that Olivers exist.
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