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  1. Hi All and thank you for updating the forum thread Bill, Please feel free to contact us at the below web address for any technical help needed. Micro-Air Support Center (Contact the Team - lower right) Thank you all for your support and loyalty. Marc
  2. Hi Overland. You actually have two choices. You can either remove the start cap/PTCR assembly and move the white wire you spoke of to the "C" terminal of the run cap. Or, you can simply remove only the red wire on the opposite side of the start cap/PTCR, which will sufficiently defeat it, and leave both white wires connected to the opposite terminal of the start cap as shown in the diagram, which then preserves the daisy-chain connection of N/L2 to the electric heater. We have a diagram that shows option #2 posted in our EasyStartâ„¢ Knowledge Bank. The specific diagram is at this link.
  3. Hi again everyone. Our marketing consultant wrote up a nice summary of our attendance to the rally this year, and posted it in our news blog on our website. If you're interested, please check it out at the this link. Bill's photo came in handy!
  4. Many thanks, Bill! I appreciate your posting them. We're going to use them in a article that we will soon post on our website about our attendance at the Oliver Rally. Hi again Malcolm. Many thanks for your compliments in spite of the grand disappointment after all the hard work we did together and on your own. I was relieved when you finally got the generator to work at Lake Guntersville State Park as I'm sure you were, but I was unaware your home was at 5350 ft. If I had known that, I would have expressed some doubt about it working there. The reason is because our customers' co
  5. Hi again Scott. Thank you for posting here so I could follow up with you on the additional information. First, the detailed (and very boring) discussion about my Honda EU2000i failure symptoms, diagnosis, and repair is available at this link. The Honda part number for the stator winding that finally fixed the problematic Honda is 31125-Z07-C31. There are a couple different stator windings out there since older serial number EU2000i generators (like yours and mine) use this one, and the newer ones use another. I purchased the stator via special order from a Honda parts dealer in Calif
  6. Arrived a few hours ago. From the lodge, the view is quite amazing. Checked out the campsite too and talked to Coy. Lots of Olivers in the house!
  7. Micro-Air will be there!
  8. Hi Scott.You're not entirely alone in your situation. We at Micro-Air have received widely scattered reports over the past year, perhaps 0.5% of our customer base that uses Honda EU2000i generators, who have had issues with them not being able to maintain power output up to their full 2000W maximum rating due to some sort of internal generator problem. Back in May, I actually purposely bought and now own one of these problematic Honda EU2000i generators to try and figure out what is going on. All the problematic Honda cases may be due to different causes, so you have to eliminate the simple
  9. Hi again. I'm a little confused. The EasyStart affects your compressor identically in both cooling mode and in reverse-cycle heating mode, so the same noise reduction you enjoy in cooling mode should also be apparent in reverse-cycle heating mode. Is it the noise from the fan turning on and off that is the issue, and were you working around the fan cycling on and off in cooling mode (summertime) by simply setting the thermostat low enough (56 deg) so that the unit never cycled off?
  10. Brad - Thanks for providing the information. That is what I was suspecting. Dometic ran the suction line tube in this corner using a slightly different pattern with the heat-strip model versus the heat-pump model since the destination is the compressor's accumulator versus the reversing valve, respectively. Sometimes the same interference happens even with the heat pump models. Having worked in the Dometic marine A/C factory for 10 years, I know from experience that soft copper tubes can be adjusted to a degree without any harm to them or the braze joints, providing it is done carefully a
  11. Hello Bradbev. I believe I know what your issue might be, but before I make a suggestion, I need to confirm if you have the Dometic Penguin II model with the electric heat strip or if it is the heat pump version. I'm also assuming your trailer is newer than 2013, which means it would have the Dometic Penguin II. Let me know and I can provide the solution.
  12. Hi again everyone. I hope all is going well with everyone's summer vacation travels with their Oliver TTs! Micro-Air and Oliver have recently dialogued, and the Oliver team will be offering the EasyStart as an installed option and aftermarket accessory with some of their own future discount promotions. This is great news for everyone. Micro-Air is therefore going to discontinue the "OLIVER" discount coupon that we have been offering (for direct Micro-Air purchases only) per our original plan on August 31, 2017. DIY installations and purchases are still always welcomed of course, and Mic
  13. Wow. Okay then. That almost makes the conclusion a certainty. I would check a few things in this order: 1) Condenser coil dirt and/or corrosion - the number 1 cause of an A/C drawing more current than it should is a blocked or compromised condenser. Sometimes, the aluminum fins can corrode on a condenser, restricting its airflow. Other times, it might just be built up dirt or debris restricting its heat exchange capability. You might need to get some of that foaming coil cleaner from Lowe's or Home Depot and do a treatment followed by a hose down. 2) Condenser fan dirt/debris or
  14. Hi Scott. Given that you were measuring steady-state amperage that climbed to the 18-20A range, this is not an issue with your generator. Honda EU2000i generators can sustain 16.7A (2000W) at best. Something else is going on with your trailer. Either the A/C is drawing more than expected, or another auxiliary load was on in your trailer. Turning off the battery charger (converter) is sometimes hard to do since it is out of sight and out of mind. Do you know for certain that all other loads in the trailer were eliminated as a cause? If so, then yes, something isn't quite right with your A
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