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  1. This posting is in response to a PM which I received from David Thompson (aka – thompsonkd). He mentioned some of my previous attachments may not have transitioned to our new and improved Forum. I thought this posting might be helpful. David, first off congratulations on the purchase of your new Ollie. Oliver travel trailers are the best! I have attached three files. The Campsite Arrival Checklist, The Campsite Departure Checklist and The Core Competencies for Travel Trailer. I picked up my Ollie back in June of 2016 and developed these documents prior to my drive to the factory. I should note, the Arrival and Departure Checklists are scanned documents. I maintain a color laminated card, 5.5”X7.0”, with a checklist on each side. I keep it in the center console of my truck and refer to it all the time. I use several abbreviations which may need clarification: TV=Tow Vehicle, TT=Travel Trailer, PTBA= Pro Trailer Backup Assist (an optional feature on my F-150), Hitch Evolution=A series of steps to connect the trailer which includes an Andersen hitch. When I purchased Ollie, it was my first time owning and operating an RV. I knew less than nothing and felt checklists would be helpful. Keep in mind, my lists do not pretend to be best practice. They are also customized to how I think and progress through a series of operations. For the most part, they have stood the test of time, but could use some updating. As a case in point, I became a widower in 2017 so I no longer have anyone to operation the Walkie Talkies with me. A will add, being a solo camper, makes the lists more essential. David, so there you have it! Please note, I am off again tomorrow morning camping in a state park in Vermont with my dog, Buddy. He loves camping, so we head out all the time and may be off the grid for a while. Buzzy [attachment file=Campsite Arrival Checklist 1.pdf] [attachment file=Campsite Departure Checklist 1.pdf] [attachment file=Core Competencies for Travel Trailer.docx] Campsite-Arrival-Checklist-1.pdf Campsite-Departure-Checklist-1.pdf Core-Competencies-for-Travel-Trailer.docx
  2. This evening I had the great pleasure of reading “The Oliver Standard”, Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2017 written by our new editor Jason K. Walmsley. I was literally blown away by his beautifully written “Letter from the Editor”. I encourage everyone to find his publication and read it. Maybe Jason will see this and post his work to our Forum. Now I want to go bake some Christmas cookies with my daughter. Thank you, Jason! Buzzy
  3. Matt, Thank you for the video on winterizing. It is that time of the year, here in New Hampshire, when I need to consider winterizing Ollie. Upon review of the video, and a comparison with my notes from last year, I do have one question. Last year I performed one additional step. I removed the strainer bowl on the inlet side of the water pump, emptied water from the bowl, cleaned any debris from the metal screen, and reinstalled. At the time, I did not notice the replacement of water with RV antifreeze within the bowl. I assumed the bowl might freeze. This past spring all was good from my winterizing and I assumed my actions did no harm. Was that an unnecessary step in the process? Thank you, Buzzy
  4. Overland, I really like the light blue background! Try not to eliminate that color. I also really like the snow covered peaks. With the white fiberglass body, the black frame will be great. So....there are three colors! I understand your logic regarding shying away from black snowflakes. Not sure adding a fourth color is the way to go. Think about how it will appear from a distance, say on the interstate. That was one reason I thought it might be difficult to read the word "snowflake" in the logo. Probably more info than you need, but this is fun! Buzzy
  5. Overland, Nice work. Great logos. I especially like the ones with the “4-seasons” logo. I agree the Lone Star logo is a perfect size for the front. Coming from the school of thought that “less is more”, I might go in the direction of a small logo in the back. If we carry that approach further, I might place the name “Snowball” near the door and hold off incorporating it into the logo. I do like either white or black snowflakes in the interest of holding to a maximum of three colors within the logo. With the body of Ollie being white, it is possible the black snowflakes would “pop” more than the white. Not sure. Buzzy
  6. When Steve began this thread, I thought fantastic! However, I took the concept in a different direction. It is true an Ollie is nice and multiple Ollies camping together is very nice, but an Ollie is a possession. I believe Ollies are special due to the owners! I sense we are very different from the average travel trailer owner. With that thought in mind, I began to think about how we would describe a collection of Ollie owners. Thoughts? Buzzy
  7. Bill, Thank you for reminding me the picture of Buddy is out of date. He has turned into a true rascal of a boy. He goes to Doggie Day Care each week so he can play with his doggie friends. I am way too boring for the little guy seven days a week. At Day Care he is known as Muddy Buddy since he absolutely loves rolling in mud puddles! I support his activities as long as he understands a bath will follow each day care day. He understands and perhaps he is too tired to complain. The pics below capture the transition. This is prior to his haircut. I naively thought maybe a haircut would help him stay clean. Here we have Muddy Buddy after his haircut. He just seemed to get dirtier! Buddy in his bath. Buddy after his bath and a good brushing. He cleans up well. Here he is looking at me with the question, "So Dad, when do I go back to Doggie Day Care?" The little rascal!! Buzzy
  8. A few more ideas to consider. Gang or Posse. Do we see ourselves as an "Ollie Gang" or an "Oliver Posse"? Very different images?! Buzzy
  9. Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. It is true, time heals all wounds however the journey is forever changed. My goal in returning to our community now is to learn from those among us who enjoy solo RV camping. A wise person once told me, “If you make good decisions in life, you will be happy, healthy and successful.” Since I adopted that philosophy, it has been valuable to have a “copilot” in life to gain deeper insights into my decision making. My new dog, Buddy, is a good listener, but is one of those strong and silent types. For the first time, I sense vulnerability. I have always believed RV camping is very much a series of decision making actions. For me, those actions translate into a feeling of accomplishment resulting in relaxation and joy. How do solo campers deal with the decision-making aspects? I do see value in utilizing checklists, keeping the scope of the travels manageable. I also like the idea of having numerous “safety net” supports, whether they be AAA towing, friend/family who are aware of my travels, etc. Despite those logical actions it still feels like flying a 747 from New York to Paris with no copilot. Spooky at best! Do those feelings change with time? Although this discussion thread may not have any immediate value to those who have a “copilot” for your RV camping, you never know when your journey may change. What would you do? Hopefully many would continue your camping. Would your camping style change? Perhaps a seasonal camp site, so you have less traveling alone? I welcome all insights. My goal is to utilize the next three months to craft the plan so 2018 is an outstanding year to be an Ollie camper! Buzzy
  10. I know I am stealing a line from a Nick Jonas album, but it best describes 2017 for me. 2017 has been challenging, so I have not been able to stay connected with the Oliver Forum community. In February, my beloved dog Buzzy died. In June, my spouse died. So, 2017 has been a year with no camping. Sad, but those things happen. Fortunately, my new dog Buddy and I plan to help each other as we camp in Ollie in 2018. He is not yet a camper, but will be! I still have many estate issues to resolve, but should be able to reconnect with our community toward the end of the year. Meanwhile, I hope everyone continues to enjoy camping in the best camper on the market, an Oliver Travel Trailer! Buzzy
  11. Overland, Tell us more about the truck? Buzzy
  12. Although I will have room in the bed of the F150, I am thinking about placing it in the main cabin of Ollie. I do not currently store anything on the floor and I thought it might be one of the first things I work on as I set up camp. I guess it will be a work in progress until I settle on a system of where I store each item. I realize the entire "kit" will be around 50 pounds. Buzzy
  13. Carbon, If you go to my profile, Buzzy, and click on the videos section you will find all the other videos. By the way, I have a Fiamma Privacy Room on order which is due to arrive this month. After I learn how to assemble it, I will create a video for those who might have an interest. Buzzy
  14. I have the Truma AquaGo and I also have a shower curtain rod on the wall with the bathroom door. I have opened the bathroom door somewhat to allow AC air into the bath. The vent fan does a nice job of pulling the AC air in to the bath. The show curtain keeps. the main cabin dry. I can not say I linger in the shower, but the concept works for me. Might not work for others. Buzzy
  15. John, At the time of purchase (Feb 2016), OTT offered two optional choices for twin bed mattresses. The Serenity or the Escape. I chose the Escape since it provided a firmer level of support. Please see link below. http://mobilesleepcomponents.com/mattresses-2/ Buzzy
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