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  1. Help please. I am having the same issue but I have a Blue Rhino griddle. I ordered the Mensi hose but I am confused as to what the other part is that it shows you need. Thanks!
  2. My husband and I bought a used 2017 Legacy Elite II (Hull 166) in June of 2018 for 60k. It is loaded. It was and "is" still in excellent condition. I called USAA today to see if I could get a better interest rate since we have made a full year of payments. Since our Ollies are not in the NADA, I had to go over with the fiance person all the upgrades on our Ollie, and then she would find something comparable in NADA to add to the used price of $47,000. After all was said and done, we were able to get the value up a little over $62,000. So we are refinancing to get that lower interest rate. It wasn't a rate I wanted -- I STILL wanted a lower one, but it is better. I will try a couple of other avenues to see if we can find a better refinance rate, but I know it is slim pickings out there. I just got on here tonight to search FINANCING to see what I could find. I saw this post about people wishing sellers would put what their used units really sold for, so I thought I'd post our story. We were the buyers, and we feel we came out well, and our Ollie is still worth more than what we paid for it a year ago; so we are happy to hear that!!
  3. My husband and I found an indoor storage that we used until we bought a new house for the Ollie! And we LOVED them!! Our new house is out in Hudson, CO, and most houses out in this subdivision have RV garages. If you are close to Wheat Ridge, CO, check out The RV Garage at 303-484-9528. Tell them Rob and Rolayne Volpe sent you. But I vote -- keep 'er inside!!
  4. My hubby and I are trying to flush and clean out the black tank before winterizing. We found the open valve under the table, turned it the way the pic in Oliver book shows, but water is NOT coming in and filling the tank. What are we doing wrong?? And is there any video someone has posted of an Oliver? We can't find anything on the forum. No luck yet, anyway. I have noticed when looking at old posts, the pics or video links are missing. TIA!! Rolayne and Rob Volpe, Hull #166
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