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  1. I had a bad experience at Loves Truck Stop. This is a word of caution to watch your surroundings at these big truck stops. I was at Loves truck stop at the Florida, GA, line. All the pumps were full, very busy. I used my credit card and started fueling. There was what appeared to be an employee at the pump with a bucket and cleaning supplies. Like most, you want to fuel and get back on the road quickly. Which i did no problems. After many hours of driving it was time to refuel. Using my card again it was declined. Calling the card company they informed me that another $500.00 fuel purchase was put on my card at the Loves truck stop at Fl Ga. I called the manager of that loves, and explained what happened. He explained that there employees must wear reflective vests that say loves. And when they clean the area, the pump section is closed off. The manager contacted the State Police who then contacted me. The State Police was able to make an arrest based on video recordings. I was told that Five other Truck stops were hit the same way. I was also told this is a common practice that the bad guys go to the busiest truck stops, blend in and are able to get your card info. They said this guy read my card as i put it in the pump. I am still amazed this guy was not that close to me. And the State police said no electronic card reader was used. Beware. Lesson learned.
  2. Oliver Serv. Dept. referred me to Tri am Rv center located in Ocala, Florida. They are a small family operated Rv dealership. I was skeptical about bringing my Oliver to any Rv dealer for warranty repair. Oliver service dept. nailed it. This dealership provided Great Service, Big thanks to Oliver serv dept. Call the service dept. first they are a great help finding the right Rv dealerships for repairing your Ollie.
  3. Welcome Moving into your new Oliver is tent camping on steroids. As with tent camping you bring certain things to make camping comfortable. Oliver supplies you a great starter kit. Bring things that you would use at home. Not to much. You’ll start up loading everything then with experience you’ll use and take less. Lately i have been going to Gander outdoor for rv supplies. There are many Rv supply stores, even Walmart. As with everyone who first starts out its a learning experience. It’s all part of the fun of camping. Good luck with your new Oliver the most important part, have safe travels and enjoy.
  4. Sounds very interesting. Wait a couple weeks, YouTube will have many reviews I’m sure.
  5. Thanks for the reply's going to take it off. It’s a mess up there. And very hard to keep clean. Thanks
  6. Would that gutter material work if it went a few inches under the awning and the length of the awning? That way channeling the water and also still be able to clean the area.
  7. Some time ago there was a post regarding the awning whether stripping. Some members remove the weather stripping because of dirt, debris and water pooling on the roof. Wondering if it was a good choice? Thanks
  8. I got my 2017 Chevy duramax highcountry for one main reason, I like it. Specs aren’t that important to me. I do look at them. My decision is base on, am I comfortable in it and do I truly like it. I guess my expectations are simple. It’s worked best for me for many years.
  9. Happy New year to all in the Oliver family. Everyone have safe and happy travels.
  10. I’m a Chevy guy. I have to admit that is a good looking truck. For a dodge. Seriously nice truck good luck with it.
  11. Seems a little strange torque setting between 45- 70lbs what just pick a number? It should be one setting. If anyone wants to do this themselves that’s ok. That will get dexter off the hook if you have any further problems. I haven’t checked these bolts yet. If they are loose. Can i fix it? Yes, will I? no. It will go to a service center. Unless dexter will put it in writing they will care for this problem down the road if the owner makes the repair. I’ll have the service center put it in writing that the repair was made. It may be a minor issue but it is a big safety concern.CYA.
  12. My 2017 Duramax has those ranges 15mpg towing and 22 mpg non towing. No performance upgrades.
  13. Not to make it a sore subject. Oliver does the same thing they claim (approximate) dry weight of 4600lbs my LE II unit came in at 5200lbs with options. 4600lbs may be a true statement. I don’t think they have had one come off the line. Weighing 4600lbs. Same With the trucks, what is claimed and real world are two different things its all in what the Consumers wants to see, so the factory/ dealers can make more sales. It’s all about the money.
  14. Has anyone done simple things while camping? Then say that works pretty well. My wife and I were camping in Port Canaveral the weather turned bad, rain and wind. So morning coffee was inside. While watching the news at the dinette, I took the wrong side so I couldn’t see the TV. So I opened the bathroom door about an inch. I got a perfect view of the Tv in the mirror It worked good, we both were able to watch the morning news. Except for any captions, they were backwards. The little things that make it fun.
  15. I don’t think the interior size would be a hard adjustment coming from a 25’ the one thing i missed when having a 24’ class C was turning the cab seats into the living area. I did a step down from a 40’ fifth wheel to 30’ airstream, then the 24’ class C. And honestly I miss some of the room, but still feel more comfortable in the Oliver. Just me.
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