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  1. Nice pictures HH should use them for the photo of the week👍🏼
  2. I always travel with the refrig on propane. The only risk of this is different state laws mostly states with bridges and long tunnels. Some are clearly marked and some have detours others don’t have anything until you see the flashing lights behind you because you have propane on board and you disobey the signs. All the years I’ve traveled with the propane on I never had a problem. But these days never say never. 😳
  3. Mostly stay in the middle lane at those speeds 15mpg most of the time Duramax diesel never works too hard. Rarely goes over 2000 rpms on incline.
  4. You will truly enjoy the factory tour, you can also watch it over and over again on YouTube and on the video section of Olivers web site. Good luck
  5. Sorry folks I have to chuckle about this post, kinda crazy. Big tech battery’s big bucks configure and reconfigure now you have to take out the battery’s because they get too hot? I like my generator better. Camping fun at its best i guess this is the new enjoyment of camping. I’ll stick with a good book fishing nice fire and a couple of beers. To technical for me. 🤯😜
  6. I think I’ll keep my key lock and a spare key hidden seems simpler and less costly 🧐
  7. Many years ago we tried to run old route 1 from Maine along the East Coast south to Florida most of it has been rerouted and not easy to follow, like Route 66 it had some nice areas to travel. May be now with GPS it might be a better trek.
  8. While stoped at a Bass Pro Shop. A couple asked to see my Oliver Elite II they pulled along side of me. They were towing a TAB 400 boondock addition with a ford ranger newer model. They were impressed by the Oliver, and I was very impressed with the Tab 400 I believe its mfg by Nu Camp. The tab is a little smaller than Ollie 1 and much lighter but the build quality looked great. This couple was going to look at the Ollie 1 but thought it might be a little to much for there vehicle. Once they out lived the Tab they would consider a larger TV with The Elite II just another option to look at,
  9. Looks like one of those storm troopers from Battle Star galactic Yea you know the movie. Lol
  10. Has anyone seen The Dometic RTX 2000 12volt ac unit? Any thoughts reviews I watched some You tube on them not much info just on installation. Although checking the price $2.700 yikes.
  11. You tube it I’m sure someone has reviewed it by now.
  12. Right down the road from the plant. Tractor supply they will have what you need.
  13. I always get notifications from the web site Roadtrippers. They have planed trips that expand across the country with stops along the way campgrounds places to visit. I personally have not done this but some of the trip planing looks very interesting. When the wife and I made a cross country trip there was no real planning head west back east down south. Most of the scenic ventures were by word of mouth, by the locals or by people you meet at the campgrounds. What ever way you do it its all good.
  14. I will put my Champion duel fuel gen up against the honda all day. 5 plus years several hurricanes running 24/7 for more than a week. If I purchase another champion to replace this one I’m still head of the game by several years and$$$.
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