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  1. Trainman let me know how the 21gal works out for you. Let’s hope it’s large enough 😳🤢
  2. You could also disconnect the inlet side of the water pump. Connect a hose to the inlet side of the pump then into your antifreeze direct feed.
  3. I think the 21gal size will work ok. The next size is 28gal too big to lug around. The best way to know will be a dry run with filling the black tank with plain water. And monitor that way if over filled no nasty mess just water.
  4. I also like the rhino. My question would be size, Ollie has an 18 gal back tank. Would a 21 gal be a good size. But still small. I don’t think anyone would go to the 18 gal back tank capacity before dumping. But the extra 2-3 gals would be for quick rinse and anything left in the black piping?
  5. Santa’s elf’s were still on vacation in Florida, they agreed to help build a home for Peanut before they headed back north.
  6. It’s legal till you get caught. Seriously I don’t know about out west. East coast some tunnels have signs no propane if you are able to see them they are so small. I haven’t ever seen inspections before entering, or anyone being stoped for it. If you happen to be in an accident in the tunnel then the legal part of it kicks in, in short there are laws pertaining to propane on highways like a lot of other laws out there that aren’t really enforced unless something bad happens. Still doesn’t hurt to know basic traffic laws for different states you travel in. Each state is different.
  7. I would use my furnace at a low setting. You will use some propane, but won’t have any battery drain the TV should keep the battery’s charged while traveling and you’ll have a warm cabin when you arrive at your destination.
  8. I like this unit. It appears very rugged my only question would be most of these off road units have pull out outside kitchens. They should do a video of them being used in the rain or wind storms you may go hungry that day or be very wet. Food included. I still would bet that there is a fabrication company out there that could make the Ollie a independent suspension. It would just be a mater of replacing the sub frame that’s attached to the main frame. And to spend a lot of cash.
  9. Honestly I can’t answer that. I’ve never been to Alaska it’s my understanding that some of the roads are ruff I’m sure no matter what you put on if you travel miles on gravel roads there’s going to be some damage. I read some have used home made mats not pretty but worked. John Davies has a good mud rock guard design. The graphic installer can answer your question. In My opinion it won’t protect from a Alaska trip. Under normal road conditions I would say yes. Hope you find the right combination.
  10. Check in your area for company’s that do vehicle graphic wraps. They can wrap any area you like with a clear vinyl wrap that is used mostly for the front of vehicles. It will keep the areas you want protected. Then after time it can be easily removed and replaced. They use heat guns to conform to all curves. I had a Freind who did the clear wrap on the front of his trucks bumper hood and fenders its very hard to tell that it was even done. I think others have posted different ways to protect the front you should be able to search them
  11. My guess would be side swiped by tractor trailer. Or trailer fish tailed side swiping the same or a wall. If it fell on its side you’d see damage along the entire side. This appears to be hit twice as if it bounced off as it was the hit. The damage to the front appears to be from when it fish tailed the rear of the tow vehicle Damaged the front.
  12. Since our Oliver was taken home hull # 484 my wife and i wanted to name our Oliver. Boats have some very interesting names. I’m not sure why Rvs in general aren’t named. Since our Oliver shares some boat quality’s. Naming the Oliver seemed appropriate. The other day a name came to us. We were at the local rv shop having some warranty work done. When we went to pick up the trailer it was parked among some very large fifth wheels and travel trailers. My wife and I had the same thought. It looks like a little peanut. Our name was chosen. We now call our Oliver PEANUT. There are some interesting names out there for the Oliver’s it would be interesting to hear how you all came up with the names for your Oliver.
  13. A Freind of mine is retired but still does graphics. He can make what ever you want color size etc. then have the item mailed directly to your home. Very inexpensive but high quality 3m material. Putting the graphic on is very easy. The attached photos gives his info. Hope this helps. Oliver service may do the install if asked. Not sure. Tell Bob you saw the compass graphic on the Oliver (Grant)
  14. I think its safe to say, that most of the low flow water is when the water pump is first put to use when that happens its due to a good amount of plastic chips coming out of the fresh water tank. Most of the chips get stuck in the inlet waterline to the pump also clogging the water pump filter screen. whatever by passes the pump goes through the system when that happens both city hookup and use of the water pump will show the same condition. Looking at past posts suggest its a common problem and that every time this happens service should be notified. They are aware of the problem. And hopefully are trying to correct it.
  15. Nice work it is nerve racking when you want everything to go just right. You did things right it just takes time to get a routine down the more you travel the easier it gets. You’ll make many changes as you come more adapt to Ollie. It will get easier from here on out. All the mistakes you’ll make, which we all have done make for good fire side stories later, Good luck and safe travels.
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