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  1. I like what i have, but a 26’ 7.5 wide with Oliver’s walk-in tub with shower and sink combo would be nice.
  2. Overland I’m not surprised you said this you always seem to be on the defensive for Oliver. I’m content that My issues were resolved. And there were many. What has irked me the most, my decision to buy was based on the Oliver video claiming several QC checks at each step of the process. And then a final QC inspection at the end before its released for delivery. They also claimed the same at the factory tour showing the inspection sheets they use. If this was half true major problems should have been avoided. I’m sure some of the problem is there under the gun pumping out more units than ever before but still not a valid excuse.
  3. Im hull #484 delivered last June way before for the COVID-19 many items quality control missed, obvious errors. At delivery one major. Then many after i got the unit home. But in there defense I will say they were right on the problems on got them fixed promptly and made things right. Maybe Oliver can weigh in on this. I relayed my concerns strongly. I think communication with in the company is the other problem.
  4. Back of Beyond you type faster than me. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way.
  5. Very discouraging. Oliver raised prices, discontinuing many items and quality control in the production line is close to none. Those who may want to argue the fact. Just look at the posts of new delivery’s
  6. Nan don’t get discouraged with your used Oliver. New off the line Oliver’s can have many issues, that need to be addressed. Unfortunately this is normal for the rv industry. Just like you home its constant maintenance. I actually learned a lot about my Oliver through repairs. I’m now more comfortable with the Oliver knowing how things work. It’s not fun making constant repairs. Let’s hope this will be the last for awhile. Good luck
  7. All good points. I read the same. Only if that suspension could be mod to fit the Oliver that would be one bad A trailer.
  8. Thanks for the info. Nice pics, it doesn’t look much bigger than the Oliver.
  9. Awhile back there was some discussion on off road trailers. A Freind asked Black series HQ 19 vs Oliver. I remember Raspy purchased one. Has any one heard how he likes it verses the Oliver? I am also interested in how the black series is holding up?
  10. I had the same choice to make. I looked at a two year old Oliver, used prices are still up since there is no book value on them. People can ask what they want. Which is a good thing for selling used. My thought was i would probably put in money to change things upgrades etc. for the price difference I chose new. Order what you want from the start. It worked out great for me. #484
  11. I’m not an electrician. I have noticed the the progressive management system is very sensitive. Could the system sense the power surge of a space heater which is causing the gfi to trip more easy. I have never had this system in past RVS and never had the number of things tripping or shutting down with error codes. Possible another thing to look at? Going back to simple sounds better.
  12. I have a thought. No rally needs to be cancelled. Everyone set up they Oliver’s in there driveway turn on face time and enjoy the camping experience. The new Norm.
  13. Overland you can merge my posts onto this one. Unless some facts may not sit right on this post according to you.
  14. Yes just trying to make a point there are many diseases out there that are claiming hundreds if not thousands of lives every day some like cancer have been with us for decades. Yes it is fast spreading. So were many others. This will pass. If anything maybe this will bring back common sense that somehow has been lost.
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