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  1. Here is one more option to consider. It works very well for us. Lifetime cooler from Walmart it serves multi purposes, takes up all the space in the basket just enough room on the back side to store two 2x6 wood blocks water tight, can be used for extra dry food or put food on ice which lasts about 4 days or just use as a anything storage. I also added a theft deterrent chain and lock on the back side. i also plan on getting another fuel pack for the other side of the basket. 4gals of fuel plus all the onboard propane I’m set for hurricane season.💨💦⚡️
  2. Great price. At that rate you can buy about 22 of them and still be cheaper than the new battery solar option Oliver offers🤪
  3. Not sure? Aren’t the Ollie battery’s (4) 6volt AGMs your chart is for 12volt Single? would it be the same results?
  4. Using the Sea level II monitoring system on the Elite II for battery monitoring of the 4 AGM battery’s it appears that a full charge shows 13.2 volts what should those numbers look like in different stages of discharge. Full charge 13.2 to discharge volts? to the lowest voltage rate before recharge is needed or completely dead battery ? these voltage numbers can help if no elect hook up, and no Solar panel for recharging. Thoughts Thanks
  5. I have looked at the suspension many times and thought. If you were to unbolt the sub frame from the main frame. Use the subframe to recreate a new sub frame with the desired suspension then re bolt it back into place it should work. I would go with the setup of a black series trailer I think it is also a sub frame attached to the main frame. Ok i need a nap to much work already just thinking about it. 😫
  6. John You can make your Oliver to an Overland trailer fairly easy. You just need to find the right Company and a lot of Cash . It can be done. If it can be done to a Casita the Oliver should be no problem. Check out youtube The toughest Casita travel Trailer on earth. You have had a lot of good thoughts on the subject it can be accomplished on a after market basis. Just like taking a tow vehicle adding a lift kit, wheels and tires winch, racks etc. convert factory to whatever you can dream of. 💸💸💳
  7. There is a reason for that statement. Antifreeze? I guess that one will work. That black rubber hose that’s been sitting outside for a year I'll run some water through it it will be fine to fill my water tank. It was clean water in my tank when I put it in there six month ago. I heard you can back up to a pond and suck up water to your fresh water tank. Water filter? For what who need that. I’m sure the list could go on. People who actually don’t know any better would think the above is ok. A lot of the reason you see those statements in writing. These things actually happen. Common
  8. A simple click modern technology love it . It’s back. Thank you
  9. This is now what is showing. It has been this way for a couple of weeks. Not concerned just interested why?
  10. Overland i use an I pad since the start. The Activity area as you show is no longer there? Any suggestions
  11. I’m not sure if things are changing with in the forum. I noticed when I log in, the activity button is not there? It just shows Home, Forums, Service. No more activity. When your not logged in there is a area to the right to click Show all activity?
  12. What gets me when they had the non rally rally a short time ago in the middle of every thing Scott Oliver was there showing off the new Ollie. They had several get togethers one was a QA for newbies with Scott Oliver at the main club house. Seemed like a rally to me. May not have been a full blown rally as in the past but still a rally.
  13. Another good setup. The only problem with this is you have to disconnect and reconnect the tee to the propane tank every time. Unless you have a separate propane tank.
  14. Here is the set up I use instead of the propane quick connect. Simple easy to install . With a 20ft hose reaches just about anywhere. Works with all appliances and only cost about $35.00 minus the hose.
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