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  1. If anyone is that serious to have a extreme off road trailer. Do as Raspy did buy a Black series trailer.
  2. Overland you are correct my vin is different than my hull #484 Does anyone know if Oliver stamps a hidden vin # on the frame. If in the event an Ollie is stolen to prevent re tagging the trailer with a new vin#.?
  3. Since most of us are stuck inside due to the rain today at Guntersville state park. And hey no leaks anywhere Ollie is solid 🤞How about a shoutout to those who are here. And what site everyone is in. Hopefully will get some sunshine soon. Grant E-27
  4. The 2020 2500 HD Chevys have more tow features. On my 2017 Chevy HD I had some trailer connection problems. The display was showing no brake controller connections, service trailer brakes. Or no connection at all. It was a simple fix. Dielectric Grease on the trailer plug And the problem was solved solved for me,
  5. If anyone gets Harvest Host news letter take a look at the section for Rv recall list. They all need extended warranties long list.
  6. I just picked these up flash light rechargeable $13.00 key holder $15.00
  7. I thought the most requested item was a bigger Ollie.🧐
  8. Unless they stopped giving them out Oliver gave you a emergency pin for the coupler. It was a bent cotter pin on a key ring. In case you lost your pin. I have mine somewhere placed where I’ll remember where it is. I forgot where.
  9. I use the bed topper /cap. It has its advantages and disadvantages. I found something interesting made for toppers. A topper lift. 4 electric post lifts, that lifts the topper to be able to put larger item in the truck bed. The other nice idea is the company sells a kit to convert the topper to a tent camper when lifted. The web site is topperezlift.com
  10. The rack itself may stay in place while traveling. Definitely have it empty before hitting the road. Thanks
  11. ScubaRX ill be at your table for the high class junk should be good stuff.🛠⛓🔩🗝🔌📡
  12. A great use of space. Could you post the link from amazon if possible?
  13. For those Ollie owners who will still be camping at lake Guntersville at the end of the month. Wondering if anyone would be interested in a raffle? Pick a item new or old that you might have and don’t need for your Ollie. All items will be numbered. Everyone who participates Will draw a number and get someone else’s junk or treasure. All in good fun. Thoughts?
  14. It’s just the fast pace of modern technology. It’s the most advanced when it comes out. 6 months later it’s obsolete.
  15. I agree. Renting is the best place to start for new to RVing. Suggested this to my older brother of course, I didn’t know what I was talking about. After 160 k on a class B waiting 10 months for it to be built. After three months In the Rv decided Rving was not for him and his wife. He lost big money on resale. Try before you buy, it will save you Headaches and money.
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