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  1. John It may be in your best interest not to try to preach putting a inline fuse between the brake away. If you chose to do it, that is your choice. Some things are better left alone.
  2. I would think it should not be fused.If the fuse popped and you needed the emergency break away it won’t do its job. It needs constant 12v power while hooked to the TV.
  3. The large awning i did not like they worked great but had a cheep feel to them. The window awnings less bulky strong feel worked great.
  4. I remembered airstream uses Zip DEE for the window awnings. If someone would be able to post the link I can’t.
  5. Sorry to everyone for referring back to the Airstream again. They have it as an option pkg. you can have a separate awning for each window. They withstand high winds easy to open just pull down the strap and attach it to the hooked bracket. It provided much cooling with all the windows. I preferred these awnings over the large 16’ awning I never had to worry about these window awnings when I was away from camp, If Oliver offered individual awnings for the windows I’d prefer that over the full-size awning.
  6. Another way to wash cloths on the road. Shower with your cloths on. Soap up rinse off remove cloths ring out, finish taking your normal shower. Put on a set of dry cloths. Lots of ways to wash clothes.
  7. I had the small portable washer machine in our airstream. We got more use out of it moving it in and out of the shower stall than we actually washed cloths. Forget it for boondocking uses to much water you have to use little or no soap or it takes to much water for rinsing it also only spin dries they still come out wet. Hanging wet cloths takes a while to dry. Don’t get me wrong it works. So does a wash board in a creek.
  8. So the best idea is to get a 3400 watt with the thirty amp rv plug. Go to the gym for awhile so you can pick up the little extra weight or get a portable lift hoist to put it the Tv. And call it a day. I’ll take my champion 3400 duel fuel with 30 amp Rv plug all day long never worry and not expensive to buy.
  9. I hope after 5 pages of posts making a comparison Oliver vs airstream its easy to see there is none. Wonder what would happen if these posts went on the airstream forum. 😬🤯
  10. John I get what your saying. But if someone wants to take the time with tumbler pick tools or power cut off tool they are on a mission to steal certain items if they want it they will get it, I’ve said this on several posts Locks are a deterrent only. There are several ways if it was me I’d simply unbolt the basket and take the whole enchilada. 😳 You do the best you can and hope for the best.
  11. Here is a simple mod I made to hold my hitch when I park for any length of time. Better than having your shin whacked every time you walk by the rear of the truck and having it roll around in the truck bed. Pictured is a two inch rear bumper hitch for Rvs cost about $25.00 bolt on to the bottom of the storage basket. The lock is keyed to your Tv ignition key no need for extra keys. There are many uses and options you can use this hitch for. I plan on making a work cook table for the grill which will slide into the receiver. Or a seat to be able to work off the tailgate of the truck.
  12. Wider? Yes you will need extension mirrors to help with the added blind spot. Lower? Very low don’t hit speed bumps damage to metal enclosure for black tank. You have to be selective with fuel stops will scrape the under carriage entering some fuel stops. Will bottom out entering most state parks with any type of ruts, longer? Maybe you’ll never notice the difference. Some it up buy an airstream park it an enjoy.
  13. Loose connection most likely. You are winterizing has it been very cold for a long time? Make sure the pump itself did not freeze. Check the site bowl. Good luck
  14. I can agree with the champion 2k inverter generator it is a great generator for the cost and reliability. As stated you do need the Easy start option for your Ac unit 2-2200 watt generator works fine.
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