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  1. Overland maybe if you Decide to re caulk the widow skip a space or two at the bottom then see if you still get water from the window frame.
  2. Interesting my unit made the same popping noise once in a while. I believe it coming from the ac unit or the fiberglass around the AC We had some very hot humid days once the interior gets cooled down you can still feel the heat between the hull. I think the popping came when the sun was setting and the hull cooled. Ill pay more attention next time to try to narrow it down,
  3. I did this simple mod Access port only for the grey valve to keep open while parked instead of having the entire basement door open. I thought of a small access door for both valves. So far this set up is working great. Sorry i deleted the photos from my phone. I believe they are still posted under mods. Somewhere?
  4. The nice thing about the Oliver, if there is something you don’t like on the trailer, change it. Most of the mods are simple, and there are a lot of mod suggestions and changes to the Oliver on the forum.
  5. I think I’ll keep my dual fuel 3500 watt generator @ $1000,00 and add to that I had my generator for over 3years still like new. So i guess i can buy new every three years for the next 27 years to catch up to that cost.
  6. If you like breweries and wineries look into harvest host membership. Went to a moonshine distillery and was glad we stayed over night. The moon shine taste testing had me sleep Very good that night.🤪
  7. Patriot Hope these poles work well for the cover, if not you can always use them for your awning prop rods.
  8. On the 2019 all outlets work off the inverter even the outside outlet. I wanted to see if a portable 110 air compressor worked off the outlet using the inverter. It worked great filled all the tires and used minimal battery usage.
  9. The light switch for the cabinets is in the panel located above the bed area it has a blue light in the switch when on. Not sure if Oliver puts in a light if you have a cabinet in replace of the microwave, I’m sure they can install one. I don’t think you’ll need stick up lights anywhere. There are so many lights in the Oliver its hard to keep track of them all.
  10. I prefer the black doors, It breaks up the white. You cant see into the cabinet’s. With the lights on you only see the light ring around the doors. Just my preference.
  11. Awhile back there was some discussion about the rhino 21gal waste tote. Any likes or dislikes? Doing some crude math 8lbs per gal of water x 21gal + poo 168+ lbs full. Definitely not putting it in the truck bed even with wheels heavy to haul by hand over ruff roads, I’m not sure how towing it over ruff areas will work? The dometic toilet in the Oliver works well but is small can’t do much thinking on it. 🤔 I have some reserves about the compositing toilet fan running exhausting to the outside adding compost stuff etc. I took an overnight trip and used a portable toilet only three gals cap. It sat in the shower stall, it worked great except no privacy with the door open, but i was alone so no big deal. My thought was to replace the OEM toilet with a self contained 5 gal Close off the opening only to be able to put back to orig if needed. Having the portable would also create more area for showering if removed. There are a many different styles and shapes to choose from and most are inexpensive. The one I have now was from Sears 25 yrs ago and still works great. Thoughts? Thanks
  12. I would appreciate your final out come on the matter. I have followed your posts and agree with you. I shared similar issues and posts. Some may not like the bad press on the forum, but i think it is important. We are all Oliver owners this forum should be for the good bad and sometimes ugly. If pressure isn’t put on the company by these issues. Then no change will be accomplished. Thank you.
  13. To all those who sacrificed their lives, and those who have served. Thank you. You will always be remembered and never forgotten 🇺🇸
  14. There are some videos out that also show that air flow Restrictions causes some of the noise in the ac unit.
  15. Nice cover. As Topgun said a little pricey, I think you would have a problem hooking up the safety cables to the cover, Being coiled And having to go around the storage box. A simple cover would work better.
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